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Chapter 2

We waited for the management team for what felt like a life time. I was so anxious to get home and they were taking all the time in the world! Classic management! I looked at the time on my phone, it's 6:30,what a waste! I looked up and locked eyes with the white shirt guy. He smiled and got back to scrolling his phone. I looked over the room and there were no juniors around, a couple of seniors were sitting on the opposite side looking at me like I am mad. I felt like I don't belong. Just then Mr Williams showed up and said,

"alright everyone, thank you for your patience. As we all know the annual retreat is going take place within the next few weeks and this time, we will be including the juniors as well." the room went quiet for a while and he goes on "so as always we did the raffle sat back office with the HR representatives and we will be reading out the lucky names from the raffle draw."

I have to admit that I am not very exited since I have no clue about the retreat. I heard that they have good food, hotel conferences and as such. I hate the fact that I have to talk about work, get to know people from work and take long hours of training. I heard my name being called and I shook my self back to reality and wonder if I am imagening this. I looked up and saw him slowly nodd his head in answer to my silent question. I immediately looked down at my phone and thought thank goodness for phones! What do women in the old days, before phones, stare at when things got awkward? Their brooches may be!

I looked up to the group of women sitting on the far side, one of them gave me a stink eye. I shrugged and scroll down my phone checking particularly nothing at all. Mr Williams thanked us for our time and everyone got up and start to leave. I stood up and joined the rest of the employees and on my way out I heard Mr Williams call out,

"hey Sam, come over to my office for a second will ya." with that the white shirt guy, also known as Sam got up and walked with mr Williams.

I went outside and realized that it's getting darker and colder. I gathered my oversized sweater around me and started to walk in a hurry to the bus stop which is about 15 minutes from the office. Now it's getting really cold and the wind is pissing me off messing my hair in to a giant mess. It took me an hour to get my curly hair straightened up and now I have to do it all over again. I reached the bus stop and checked the time it's 7:10, oh great! I missed the previous bus by 10 minutes and now I have to wait for the next one for another 20 minutes. Just then a drop of water landed on my hand, I looked up and it was beginning to rain. I looked around and there is nowhere to take shelter. I just hope and pray that it wouldn't rain before the bus came.

The rain is getting stronger by minute and I was torn between just standing in the rain and wait for the bus or just run back to the office and take shelter. How rediculous!the way back will be 15 minutes or 10 minutes top if I run. The latter is not possible since I'm not fit to run for 2 minutes let alone 10. 10 minutes run in the rain?I might faint. I may be skinny and I may even look fit but looks can be deceiving. So I stood there socked all the way to my panties not giving a care in the world and said to my self 10 more minutes and the bus will come! The rain is pouring hard, I couldn't see properly, my hair sticking on my face, neck and everywhere. I saw a black car parked in front of me and the window slide down.

"come on in from the rain" I squinted the rain from my eyes and saw Sam. I hesitated and said

"the bus will be here in 5 minutes."

"will you just hop in please, so we could hear each other." he said irritated.

I opened the car door and got in. As soon as I m in I regretted ever accepting the offer. I was already socked, couldn't get any more worse plus I got his car all wet. The seat and the carpet are now wet. I looked up at him apologetically and said "I'm so sorry I soaked your car!" he just stared at me in disbelief and is he going to laugh? He threw his head back like he has no care in the world and laughed. My face immediately turn to crimson red, I'm not sure if I am embarrassed or angry. He composed himself and said

"im sorry I laughed didn't mean to, it just came out, so where are you going?"

"home" I said and gave him the address. We drove for about 5 minutes in silence. I calmed down and my breathing is now normal so I started to pull back strands of hair from my face and tie them back to at least look normal. I stared out the window for sometime and looked to the side to sneak a peek at Sam. He was concentrating on driving, with the rain pouring like that, he should be extra careful. This gave me a chance to study his face and features. Jet black hair, sharp square jaws and a perfect nose. His flawless white shirt was still folded neatly revealing his arm. His shirt was wet around his shoulders making them see through. The rain must have got to him on his way to his car. I was lost deep in my thoughts and staring when he suddenly turned side ways and cought me staring and smirked in 'gotcha' kind of way and looked away. I'm busted!

"whenever it rains the traffic goes crazy here, I wonder why?" he said

"may be everyone is driving slow to avoid accidents."

"may be!" he said and nodd his head encouraging me to speak but the awkward silence followed.

"so.. Are you excited about the retreat?"

"I don't know, I ve never been to a retreat before but it sounds fun."

"yes, it is."

"are you with the management team?"

"nope, I'm just here regarding the retreat."

A relief washed over me and I could feel my self relax. I sighed and said

"oh thank goodness, I thought you are on the management team. You look the part."

"you sound relieved! And I looked the part?" he smiled.

"yeah, the office is a bit tight and management is always pissed off about something we did or we didn't do. It's really frustrating."

"I agree, they can be a handful sometimes."

"sooo,what can you tell me about the retreat."

"this year they are making it special, it will be held abroad all expenses covered for the employees."

"oh wow this is a big deal, no wonder the seniors were acting like high school mean girls. So where exactly is abroad?"

"it's a surprise." he said and smirked.

"oh come on! I won't tell anyone."

"we are not confirmed yet but we are planning in Thailand, Bangkok."

"that's nice!" what I really wanted to say was awesome!

He looked at me and said,

"is that a smile I see on your face? I nodded and kept smiling.

" which turn should I take next? "

" take the right one and here we are." he parked in front of my apartment, turned off the engine and turned to look at me.

"umm thanks for the ride and sorry for soaking up your car."

"don't worry about it, it's a bit dark so I will wait for you untill you get inside." he smiled and looked at me.

I opened the car door, grabbed my purse and head out. When I reached at the apartment gate I looked back and saw him still in his car waiting for me to get inside. I waived my hand with my key as a good bye and went inside.

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