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Chapter 3

These days I'm getting all the information I need from the ladies bathroom, even the ones about me. Now I am sitting inside one of the bathrooms and thinking what I should have for lunch. It was either falafel sandwich or shawarma. I'm craving for middle eastern special today. I heard familiar female voices talking.
"you know what pisses me off the most? The fact that she wanted to came off like she doesn't care about the retreat and pretend she has no clue."
Oh my! Could they be talking about me? I slap myself mentally and thought oh shut up! You are so full of your self. There are like five other juniors from our department traveling for the retreat. Just then the other woman said,
"I remember when we were juniors, all we could talk about was going for the retreat with all the seniors and the hot management team from HQ and HR." they giggled.
"oh and lena told me that she saw her getting in to Sam's car the other day, what a slut!"
Oh shit! They are defenately talking about me,what do I do? I can't go out now, I just have to sit and listen. I feel like I'm stuck in a teen movie where the mean girls are trashing a girl while she cries in the bathroom,only I'm not crying.They continued,
"if that mousy little girl thinks that she can get away with this, we will teach her a lesson at the retreat."
Wow, that is one determined teacher, I said to my self. When I was about to learn more from my newly appointed teacher I heard my name called out.
" zoey, it's an urgent call. Hurry! "
That was my supervisor, Cathy! I have no choice but to face the women who despise me. I got up, flushed just to signal that I was coming out. If I could have it my way I would have waived a white tissue as a sign for peace and held my hands up as a surrender,but that would draw more attention and thus more lessons will follow.
So I walked right through them, wash my hands, dried them with paper towel and sneaked a peek at them. They were all folding their arms in disapproval and giving me the 'she knows to much let's kill her' look. I threw the tissue in the trash and left without saying a word.
The next couple of days were just miserable. I can't tell whether it's the load of work, the complaining customers, the shitty cafeteria meals or the sneaky women trying to prove their undying hate for me. Everything is messed up. One thing I like about Northons is the huge library set up for the employees in the compound. They let us rent three books at once. I used to ask Cathy's permission to go and get some books and she gave me 10 minutes. 10 minutes to pick out three books from hundreds of choices, impossible! So what I normally do is finish my lunch early and head out to the library to get my books. I love to go through dozens of books, touching the feel of their covers and staring at the illustrations on the books. It's a magical experience! I took three books every Friday and finish all three by the next Friday and return them. Repeat! The librarian and I are very familiar with eachother but we only communicate in nodds and smiles as it is a strictly no talking zone. He smiles brightly when he noticed me taking the steps to the library. I guess librarians like bookworms. After I pick out my choice of books, I put them at the counter and smiled at the Liberian. He registered them and hand them back in a brown paper bag smiling.
At my tiny apartment every cleaning up and chore apparently leads to reading a book. On firday nights I get very excited to dig in to my new books. So I sat on my old red couch and list chores I should get to before I start reading my books. If I read through the whole weekends and don't get to do my chores, I had to do them on weekdays so i changed in to my gray yoga pants and oversized black t- shirt I has since collage. I tied my hair up and started by cooking dinner while doing the dishes. I ate my meatball and spaghetti while standing at the kitchen counter and get to tidying up the whole house. My mom always praises me for my cleanness and how fast I could get a place look decent in a short time. I'm more about placing things in order and making them look neat. My mom on the other hand is all about cleaning. Ask her to tidy up the living room and you will find cushions with out covers and windows with out blinds and her washing them.
I took a quick shower, sat at my old one seater red couch with my huge mug full of mint tea and a blanket wrapped around me. I sighed and sipped my tea and picked one of the books from the coffee table and start to read. I was on my third chapter when the door knocks softly

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