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Chapter 8

The following day schedule, training from 8am-5pm at the same room as yesterday. So I got up early, took my vitamin, ate a good breakfast and head to the conference room. It's Lena again, this time her assistant is Ilene,birds of the same feather..they are training us on how to excel our customer service. They played out a scenario and ask what we would do. Silly questions from customers and simple answers from eager to please juniors . I kept quite the whole time and pray they don't call me out. I thought a lot about Sam. I even made a list.

1.saved me from pouring rain
2.brought me soup when I am sick
3.saved me from the guy at the motel
4.saved me from gastrointestinal illness
This guy is my hero!!"
Right about lunch break "Zoey, what do you say when you need to hold customer on the phone." lena asked. I looked up and carelessly say
"please hold." some juniors in the room giggled, though it wasn't funny.
"no, the customer called us, they sacrifice their time to get a hold of us so what you should say is" sir/madame is it okay if I put you on hold while I check? "and wait for their replies okay?"
"that will take more time." I said, the room is now filled with laughter and some even turned to look at me. I might as well say whatever I want. I'm leaving anyways.
"I don't think you are taking this training seriously" she was blushing in anger." It's better if you take the afternoon off." Don't mind if I do!
" And I will make sure you talk to you department manager about this." ohh boo hoo! I collected my notebook and head out. I have nothing to do so I walked around the corner to the Cafe with books. I sat sipping my ice tea and my phone buzzed, it was Sam
" where are you? I am at the training. "
" I was expelled from the training by Lena 'eye rolling imoj 'i am at a Cafe around the corner with books."
"I'm on my way"
I suspect that the Cafe was a bookstore. It has wide range of best sellers and hard copies. Classic books too. Sam walked in and sat across my table, looked around and said "is this a Cafe or a bookstore?"
" they have books and tea...I love this place." I smiled and got back to my reading.
"you are just going to ignore me and read?"
"okay I will go get myself a book." he stood up and scan the books at the nearby shelves and came back with a tiny book. I snatched the book from his hand. It's christmas carol by Charles dickens.
"hey, why did you do that for?"
"this is one tiny book, although I enjoyed reading every bit of it." I said and laughed. "Let me help you pick another one"
We scanned the shelves together, he got a black book and said
"aha this one! " I took it from him and said
" I didn't know you are in to vampires and wolves?! " he frowned and put the book back.
" found one "he announced.I looked up and said
" and this one is about a multi billionaire who is into this innocent little collage girl. "
" it sounds like a good story, I will take it. "
" not so fast, let me retell you the story, the guy is not only a billionaire he is a dominanat. " he frowned in confusion.
" you know like OCD, sadism and masochism. There is a part where he took her to his home and showed her his play room which looked like a dungeon and.. "
" okay, I get it. "he put his hand out for me to be quiet.
" I don't know what is wrong with people these days. These cases are serious and fantasizing about it is not normal. These are treatable with proper medical help and are not at all romantic." I said flipping through a book.
" hmm.. but the part about a billionaire falling for a simple collage girl must be enticing to readers! "
" it's unrealistic. A billionaire won't even glance once at those types of girls. Whatever happened to dating supermodels and all. The more you have the better your life standard and the better woman you look for. That's reality. "
" not always. There might be some exceptional cases. "
" hmm.. may be! he might do it for the experience.he might wonder what it will be like to be with a simple naive collage girl for a one night stand. "
" you are energetic and pessimist today. "
" and I have never felt more like my self" I smiled.
I told him about the back and forth conversation I had with Lena on the training and he laughed in disbelief. I picked the 'godfather' for him and we start reading. After 10 minutes he put the book down and sighed. I looked up and he said"lets get outta here."
I stood up as soon as he said that. he smiled, nodded and we walked out together.
" So where do you want to go? " I asked.
" how about luch at the restaurant? "
" you mean the five start restaurant with pool view? " he nodded.
" okay" to my surprise I was starving. We ate the luxurious cuisine, and my favorite part of the meal.. Dessert! we agreed that both desserts should be served at the center of the table and we will eat from both and there won't be such a thing as 'mine'. creme brulee and teramisu were served at the center of the table. And we ate from both, although I liked the creme brulee more. We sat there sipping on orange juice and looking over the pool.
"Let's go swimming" he announced.
"we should wait at least two hours after a meal!"
"that's a myth."
" its true! it messes with your digesion. Plus I ate too much, I was starving I don't know what has gotten in to me?"
"I need to tell you something, right after you left the doctors office I stayed and told her that you don't eat at all. So she prescribed a special vitamin. It will give you a huge appetite."
"that's sneaky but thank you."
"your welcome"
"what else did she say?"
"she said we make a very cute couple." my heart jumped.
"and what did you say?"
"I told her we are only friends." friends!! is that how he sees me? But he was about to kiss me yesterday.. Friends don't... eskimo kiss. He waived his hand "zoeyyyy.. What in the world are you thinking?"
"hmm nothing, let's just go swimming and see if the 'wait after you eat' thing is myth or real."
"okay, I will see you in 15 minutes at the pool" I nodded and left the restaurant.
Once I am at my room, I scoffed "friend huh??" I was always the shy one ever since highschool. I don't go out much, dress up in sexy clothes and as such. A classmate once told me I was beautiful and had a great body but I lack the confidence to show it off. And I will never forget what she said as a matter of factly..that I am a turn off to guys and confidence is everything and not looks. I decided to take a risk for the fist time in my life, so I went through my suitcase and find a black bikini. I bought it on discount, tried it at home and thought it was too much for my taste. Well today is a special case I am trying to prove a point. so I put it on, wear my sun glasses , put on a white see through beach shirt and flip-flops. I saw Sam laying on the poolside chair wearing blue swim shorts. I walked to the next chair, took off the shirt and start to rub sunscreen on my skin. He looked at me and his face fell. That's more like it! Who's your friend now? He stared at me in disbelief for a while and I smiled. After I am done with the sunscreen I layed back and start to enjoy the sun. A guy passed by us and whistled at me. Sam sat up on the chair and said
"is that the only bathing suit you have?"
"no. I have a one piece at my room."
"you need to change..come on let's go... now."
I looked up confused. Is he.. mad?
I stood up embarrassed and a tear burning in my eyes. I wore my shirt and followed. We got to my room and he pointed to the bedroom and sat on the couch. I went to my bedroom, closed the door, leaned on it and breathed. I'm not gonna cry like a baby because I am told to change my bathing suit. So I ignored the urge to cry and changed. I went out and grab a bottle of water from the kitchen. Sam came up to me and said
"that's better." I tried to smile but tears burn in my eyes. I should've cried at the privacy of my bedroom and let it all out. I felt a tightening on my throat and a tear escapes my eye and I wiped it and turned around making my self busy with ice cubes for my water bottle.
"are you alright?"
"uh huh" he came right behind and turned me around and searched my face. I couldn't hold back my tears anymore,my lips quiver and I started to cry. He hold me tight and waited untill I stopped. "tell me.. did I do something wrong?"
"no, its not you..its just.. what's wrong with me?" I blurted out.
"sweetheart there's nothing wrong with you. You are beautiful . But that bathing suit is not you at all."
I nodded in understanding and looked up at him. "I'm sorry ! "
"don't apologize, it's okay to cry." he said. He brought both his hands, cupped my face and looked at me . His beautiful brown eyes getting darker by seconds. I was busy looking in to his eyes wondering how a brown could change to darker shed by seconds when he closed my lips with his for a short yet lingering kiss and stopped to look at me. His lips felt so light against mine. "I wanted to do that for a long time." he said. I opened my eyes and looked at his lips. "you want more?"he teased. I closed my eyes and leaned in" I think you do! "he said and slid his arm around my waist and cupped my face with the other and start to kiss me. I could feel every inch of his skin against mine since we are only clothed for the swim. He start to deepen the kiss drawing me closer, his lips asking and begging to deepen it more. I opened my mouth slightly to take him in and his tongue start to move in a rhythm against my mouth, wave of pleasure washed over me and a moan escapes my throat. He started to slowly pull away and we gazed at each other in hooded eyes breathing hard to catch our breath. He leaned in and I closed my eyes for more but instead he planted a kiss on my forehead and said
"you are so beautiful, the fact that you are oblivious to it makes you even more beautiful. Now let's go have fun. " with that he let go of my waist and head to the door. I followed him feeling light headed.
By the time we get to the pool, no one was around. We have the pool to ourselves. We dived right in. There's Something about water that gets your inner child mode activated. We splashed, did a 'juranamo' and race with each other. I now know that Sam could swim like an olympian,he has a birth mark on his back and he's a great underwater kisser.we found a 'doughnut' floating device, may be a child forgot it there, I lay on it to get some tan while Sam was swimming. He went below me and flipped me over. I was screaming and gasping for air while he laughed his famous roaring laugh. I looked up and to my dismay, saw Ilene and Lena gawking at us in disbelief from the restaurant balcony. I almost forgot about those two. I shrugged and turned back to have my revange on Sam who is now comfortably laying on the doughnut after he successfully got rid of me. I challanged Sam to float on his back like I do. I lay on my back on the water floating above it.
"men don't float".
"try it. you never know! You might be an exception." he splashed out of the doughnut and try to float on his back and failed as the water covered him slowly drawning him. He squeezed the water from his eyes and said "see, men don't float. "
I showed off by floating around him waving my arms and legs like I am making a snow angel while he scoffed and lay on the doughnut watching me. After minutes, we are out of the pool sitting on the poolside chair side by side in silence. He sat up and said
" let me take you out to dinner tonight. "
" are you asking me out? "
" yes, it's a date.. What do you say? "
I smiled and nodded" yeah! I would love that. "
" it's 6:45 now, I Will meet you at the lobby around 7:30?"
"nope ,make that 8:30" he looked at me confused. I raised my eyebrow. He sighed and said"okay, 8:30 it is "
I head to my room, took a quick shower and my hair took me full 45 minutes. I sometimes hate how long and wild it is. I blow dry it and use a curler to give it a long weavy curl. I put my makeup on, going for simple yet amazing look. Pink light lipstick, a little touch of maskara, eye liner and a dab of foundation. My full brown eyebrows were messed up so I use a tiny brush to make them straight and pluck some wild ones out to give them a clean look. Looking for something to wear took me another 10 minutes. I decided to wear a beige body fitting knee length dress and a black high-heeled pump with matching black purse. I accessorized with simple set of earrings. At last I sprayed Versace perfume all over my self and my hair too. And I head to the lobby. Sam was sitting on one of the sofas lost in deep thought. I leaned from the back and whispered "I dare you to tell me what you are thinking" he looked up, smiled and said "you!" my heart sank and I felt a knot on my stomach. A date with Sam and he was thinking about me? He stood up and we left for the parking, I don't wear high heels often so I stumble a little, he took my hand and we walked together. We got inside the car and start to drive, I turned on the radio switched several stations and stopped at a beautiful song. We both listened as the song played on. It was about wanting to go home to his loved one, even if he feels lucky touring the world, he wants to go home.
I sighed when the song ended. He looked at me said "I dare you to tell me why you sighed? "
" this dare game has to stop! "
" did you just chicken out from the dare game? " he raised his eye brow.
" I'm in. I was thinking about my parents. I haven't called them in a while. I was busy with the traveling and changing hotels and stuff. I have to call them later, maybe. "he nodded in understanding and hold my hand. Our fingers lock and I felt warmth traveling from his hand to all over my body. He's strong hand makes me feel safe and protected. He parked and announced
" we are here. "
I opened the car door to reveal a beautiful bright restaurant." what is this place? "
" it's Il Gabbiano."
I mouthed wow, he smiled and led me to our table.
I looked at the menu and said" I'm very impressed Sam but this place is so expensive. We could have done something simple. "
" hmm thanks for the concern but I think I can afford an expensive meal once in a while? "he sounds offended. I shouldn't have said anything. I closed the menu and put it aside.
" have you decided" he asked
"no, surprise me"
The waiter showed up and took his orders. I looked around and see filthy rich people dinning in luxury. I looked straight ahead at a private window table and saw a bald sweaty guy, dressed in an expensive tux and a protruding belly. Opposite him sat a beautiful skinny girl smiling at him sipping from a glass. He looked at her and licked his lips in the most awkward way and smiled a a nervous smile. I frowned.
"what's wrong?"
"ughh.. I hate rich perverts! Check out that bold guy at the corner and the girl he is with." Sam turned around for a second to see and looked at me in question.
"let me guess, he's probably some filthy rich business man, here on some kind of business, probably had a family back at his home. A trophy wife and a couple of spoiled kids. And the girl he is with is a wannabe model who has daddy issues and is money crazed. Typical rich people story. I hate them!" I said in disgust.
"hmmm..may be you are right. But I know some rich people who love and respect their families and actually give back to the community."
"your talking about building Schools, donating to orphanages and hospitals?" he nodded
"that's just for namesake. These people have money and power and they are eager to show it. They open up a school and it's named after them.
They hire employees and they treat them as trash. All because they can do anything."
He sighed "let's just forget about them okay?"
"okay, I shouldn't have brought this up in the first place."
He put his hand over mine and said"tonight is all about you and I, okay? " I nodded and smiled." so you are still planning on extending your trip to three more days?"
"yeah I already did! I paid 50 dollars for the date change fee."

"and you are staying at your parents for...?"

"5 days. They are looking forward to that. My mom said she will dust and clean my old room and dad is taking two days off just so he could take me out for fishing on his boat."

"you like fishing?"

"I hate fishing but I could never tell my dad that.but I like hanging out with him. What about your parents? Are you guys close?"

"yeah, we are pretty close. My father is a very busy man. He traveled a lot while we were growing up and we didn't see him much. But he spends whatever little time he has with us. My mom is sweet and kind. I ve never met anyone more focused and loving as her. "

" they sound nice! "

" they are. And have you decided on resigning from Northons? "

" yes, that's pretty much a done deal. But I need to think it through clearly. That's why I need a time to myself and a serious talk from my parents. "

" what if the situation at the office changed and payment is revised, will you still consider staying"

"that's not gonna happen overnight. The procedure is going to drag on for years and I don't have the patience. Did you report what I tell you to the management?"

"what I reported goes well beyond the management, and they are seriously considering changing the way things were for the past years."

"what did you report?"

"you are anonymous of course, but I told them about the payment not being competitive enough and the work environment being destructive instead of constructive. Which in turn affects our sales and employee retaintion. The number of employees resigning has doubled compared to last year's , so there must be something wrong. That's why they want me to inviatigate and ask a bunch of employees. You helped a lot! " he raised his glass and smiled.

" are you under HR? "

" not exactly, but it's something like that"

I was a bit confused, I never understood the titles and the positions. So many of them. One department called their secretary "administrative assistant" and the guy who runs around and help out with copies and bringing coffee "office support".

"Zoey , you look confused. Let's just leave the work thing out of our minds and enjoy our dinner."

"sounds good to me. I am starving" he smiled and we start to eat. I looked up feeling full. I sighed and said "that was one of the best foods I've had in my life!"

"I'm glad you like it" he smiled and wiped his lips with a napkin. My attention was drawn to his lips. I remember how he kissed me, the feel of his light lips against mine, exploring my mouth with his tounge and the pleasure I felt... now he is smiling. I shook my self and blushed to see him smile knowingly at me.

"what?" I asked raising my eyebrows.

He brought his hand up to my face and playfully said"oh my! I think you are feverish and you are flushed. Are you alright? May be we should go see the doctor? " and he laughed and winked at me.

I removed his hand from my face and felt embarrassed that I was cought. I looked at the table and kept quiet.

" hey, I was just playing with you. You are not mad are you? "I shook my head in no.

" then what's wrong? "

" nothing okay, nothing " it came out a bit louder than I thought. Sam looked around and said" let's get outta here. "

We stood up and start to walk down the street. The beautiful warm weather, the street lights and the music makes it a magical place for vacation.

After walking for a couple of minutes we got to a beach. A group of elderly people were on the other side having a private party with camp fires, music and hola dancers. He led me to the beach and he sat on the sand and invited me to seat next to him. I took off my heels and sat next to him.

"you know after my brother died, leaving a very heartbroken wife and confused two little girls, realization hit me. These things change the way you see things in life. I should say that I am not the same person I was before. I reflected on my life and said to my self'what the hell Sam? ' and changed for the better. " I nodded in understanding and hold his hands and looked at the dark sea. We stayed like that for sometime, the warm breeze ruffling our hair and caressing our faces. I saw the elderly group leaving the beach one by one untill an old couple stayed seating on a chair leaning on each other. I pointed Sam to them and said

"look at them, all those years and still in love."

He looked at them and said" they are cute! "

" I had this crazy feeling that I might end up alone for the rest of my life surrounded by cats. I got one now.. Its a start. "I smiled bitterly

" what gives you that idea, you are only 23?"

"yes that's the point, I'm 23 and I have never dated. I didn't even came close to dating. Psychologist call that 'passive' that's what I am. I might as well die a virgin"

"I will make sure that won't happen" he said and pull me for a sweet lingering kiss. I wrap my hands around his neck while he cupped my face with both hands directing me while he deepen the kiss. I moaned in pleasure wanting more. He stopped and inhaled. I heard music drifting from the party. Even after everyone left the dj stayed playing slow music. Sam took off his shoes and socks, stood up and offered me his hand. I took it and stood up. He hugged me close and we start swaying with the music. Then he start to sing the song closer to my ear. "your beautiful it's true I saw your face in a crowded place .."I smiled and joined in " and I don't know what to do cause I will never be with you.. "

I stepped on his bare feet on purpose and he cleared his throat and said

" you are the worst dance partner ever." I laughed and pecked on his lips. He held me very close to him and start to kiss me. Exploring my mouth with his tounge and trailing kisses on my face and neck. I moaned with pleasure as he buried his face in my neck and suck on a sweet spot and smelled my hair . His hands travel up and down my back sending shivers and goosebumps all over my body. Suddenly the music stops and Sam raised his head to look at me "let's get out of here" he whispered. The car ride was pure torture. I was anticipating what's going to happen next. I was a nervous wreak, biting my lip as I played out what's going to happen within few minutes in my head. As if on cue, Sam take a hold of my hand and said

"relax! okay? " I nodded and managed a smile.

We reached my room, I stood feeling out of place and not knowing what to do next.

"you need something to drink?" he offered.

"tea please?" he was busy at the kitchen making tea while I sat on the edge of the couch waiting.

He returned with the tea and a glass of water for him. He sat next to me and we start to sip quietly. I put the mug at the coffee table. He brought his hand and rubbed my back to help me relax. "sit back and relax Zoey!" I sat back and leaned my head on his shoulder while he put his arm over my shoulder and caresses my arm. I thought I could stay like this forever! Its so comforting and I felt safe and warm. I moved closer and kissed his neck. He looked down and lift my chin up and caressed my face while I close my eyes to feel his touch. "you are so special, you know?" I smiled. He started to kiss me. His hands lingering on my waist deepening the kiss. He broke off the kiss and said

"I will only go as far as you would let me go."

I nodded and brought his hand to my breasts and leave them there to do their magic. And boy was it magical! I moaned and withered as he start to feel me up to a point where I couldn't take it anymore but still want more. Does that make sense? His hand was now on my thighs, his fingers caressing my inner tigh . I bury my self in his neck and moan in pleasure as he unzips my dress expertly with the other hand. The door softly knocks startling both of us. I thought it's next door and listened quietly. The second knock confirmes its my door. Sam looked at me and raised his eye brows in question. I shrugged and said

"we could stay quiet and they might think no one is here"

He smiled and whispered back" you have a bad habit of doing that! Go ahead see who it is!" he zipped my dress and I arranged my crazy wild hair and walked to the door. I opened it and peeked my head out. "Ed? What are you doing here late?"

"may I come in?"

"hmm wait here." I said and closed the door to search for Sam. He was inside the bedroom. I opened the door and let him in. He looked around and said "did you have company?"

"Ed? Why are you here?"

"I looked for you at the Cafe and the trainings, you were nowhere to be found."he smiled sweetly" I... I wanted to check if you are OK! "

" thanks Ed,but I am fine. Don't worry about me. " he nodded and looked at me" also I was wondering if you would like to go out with me? You see every since I saw you at the library, looking for books with content written all over your face,tip toeing to reach the top shelf and a small smile creeping on your face when you found something you are interested in...we have so much in common and I had a thing for you for a while now and waiting all this time to get the chance. Now that I have it I don't want to lose it. " he said, exhaled and looked at me, waiting.

" I.. I don't know what to.. To say. "I stuttered." you are kind, funny and good looking, I'm flattered but you see... I'm in love with someone else. Am so sorry but..... " he cut me off." don't worry about it, as long as you are happy . I don't want things to be awkward when we got back to office, so do me a favor and forget I said anything." I nodded. with that he start heading to the door. I followed and held the door for him . He stopped at the door and said" incase you.. need me for anything, know that I am here for you. "I nodded and smiled. He walked to the elevator, his head down. I felt so bad for him. I closed the door and sat on the couch. Sam was at the bedroom listening to everything. He came and sat next to me." so.. Ed huh? " I nodded.

" he sounds nice? " he added.

I turned and searched his face for sarcasm but he looked thoughtful. He stood up and said" I gotta go now. I had an early morning meeting with the ceo, I will call you if you are free in the afternoon. I need to talk to you about something okay? "

My face fell, I had high hopes for tonight. I nodded okay and stood up. He hesitated and walked to the door. I followed feeling like a puppy dog, he turned around and searched my face

" hey.. don't overthink things okay. I will see you tomorrow ? " I nodded again. He kissed my lip and said "goodnight Zoey ". I closed the door and sank down. What happened? is he mad? Sad? Felt sorry for Ed? What is he going to talk to me about? I felt so tired. I checked my time and it's 1am, I am not thinking clearly I need to rest. so I head to the bed room changed and dozed off to sleep.

The next day I was not feeling myself. I sat at the back of the conference room for the overall meeting held for the next two days. The managers sitting on the stage and entertaining questions from employees and briefing us about the company's growth over the years. My mind was elsewhere. I keep searching for Sam with my eyes. He is no where to be found. The meeting was wrapped up at 3pm. I head to my room changed to a simple floral summer dress and waited for Sam's call. After about an hour and half,my phone buzzed, a text from Sam

"im so sorry but I'm tied up, I don't think I could make it." I texted back

"don't worry about it."

The rest of the afternoon I read and watched some shows on TV. Not being able to concentrate on any of them. I got up to go to the Cafe, then I dismissed the idea incase I run in to Ed. It would be weird. So I decided to check out the gym. I changed, grab my water bottle, my I pod and head out. I tried all the machines within 30 minutes and I was panting and gasping for air. I realized I am so unfit. I promised my self I would start to exercise once I'm back to my normal routine. I looked out and a yoga session is beginning out side the gym on the lawn. I asked one of the hotel employees if I could join in. He said OK and even offered me a mat. I layed my mat at the back and start to folow. It was so calming and relaxing. All the breathing and stretching felt so good and the fact that it's outdoors surrounded with fresh warm air was refreshing. The yoga session ended and I head to my room, took a shower and head to the dining area for a buffet. I don't remember ever eating this much. I even went back to the buffet to get more. I had some dessert and head back to my room. I tried to distract my self from thinking about Sam but it didn't work. Every little thing reminds me of him. I changed to my pj's and tried to sleep but I couldn't. I picked up the book 'IT' and start to read. It kept my mind off Sam but kept me wide awake.

I woke up the next morning late and feeling tired. I slept for almost three hours. I quickly changed and head to the conference room . These people don't get tired of repetition! They talk about the same thing as they do yesterday. What a waste! I sat there doddling on my notebook and getting lost in my thoughts. I miss Sam. I miss his smile, his laughter and his kiss. I want to be kissed, by him, now, so desperately.

I looked for him and couldn't find him.

I took my phone and texted "where are you? I am at the conference right now."

"my whole day for today is jam packed, call me when you are done "

"okay!" I put my phone down and got back to my doodling. They start handing out flyers. I take a look at it. It's a firework themed party held tomorrow night as they wrap up the retreat. And the day after that, everyone is flying back to where they came from. The meeting ended and I head back to my room to call Sam. His phone rang and it went to his voice message. I hang up, plugged my charger and start to read the book. About 45 minutes later my phone rang I jumped up and grabbed it. It was Sam. "hey! Sam."

"hey zoey." why are we talking like two strangers who just met?

"sooo.. How's work?"

"it's been pretty crazy. I had to sort some stuff out. They are having a party tomorrow night. I guess I will see you there."

"yeah, okay. You know what the theme of the party is?"


"fireworks!" I announced.

"that's creative! ."

"are you excited?"

"I am only excited to see you sweetheart!" I blushed

"okay I will see you then."

"ya see you tomorrow."

I hang up and wonder how I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon and the whole day tomorrow. That sucks!

The next couple of hours, I read, watched TV, went swimming, do some yoga (yoga is my new favorite thing to do now) and ate.

The next morning, I thought that I might as well spoil my self. so I head to the spa, got a relaxing massage and sauna. I even got my hair and nails done. On my way back I saw a mall and decided to do some shopping. I went through some dresses and a couple of shoes. I tried some on just to pass some time. But I saw a black body fitting classy dress with a slit that starts from the neck and ends right above the chest. I tried it on, looked in the mirror and I had what they call 'a dressgasim'. It's a bit short for my taste but I would take it. It would be perfect for tonight. I head to my room and decided to wait for a couple of hours untill the party starts. When it was time,I do my makeup routine and put on my new dress, my confidence reaching sky-high.

I got to the party, fireworks are displayed on a huge screen behind the DJ. A song about fireworks was playing and everyone was on the dance floor. It was a bit loud and dark for me so I head to the bar and sat on a stool. The bartender came. "apple juice please?" he looked at me confused so I added"im trying to quit " I lied, he nodded in understanding, smiled, poured the drink and passed it to me. I texted Sam" where are you? "

" almost there. " he texted back.

I was sipping my drink when Ilene and Lena walked towards me. Are they drunk? They giggled and said

" oh look it's her." I tried to ignore them. They came and stood next to me. Ilene snatched my drink and took a sip. She scrunched up her face and said

"what the hell are you drinking? "the bartender came to my defense and said

" she's trying to quit " They looked at each other and laughed. I sighed and took my drink from her.

"we were looking everywhere for you. Where have you been hiding?"


"to warn you about Sam!" that was lena

I scoffed "noted, thanks for the warning." I said sarcastically.

"oh little girl you are so naive, Sam has a reputation of picking girls like you, use them and throw them away. How long have you worked here?" asked Lena.

"three years" answered Ilene .

"so you have probably not heard of the infamous Sam. He slept with half the juniors at office his dad had to send him abroad. He probably had his way with you already, he paid for your hotel expenses just so he could toy with you all he wants. While the rest of us stayed at four seasons. "

"his dad?" I asked

"yes Mr Henry Norton." replied Lena. What in the world.. Sam is Mr Northon's son? He lied to me! But I wouldn't lose face with this two bimbos so I smiled and said

"I saw you sucking his face in the elevator, remember? " I raised my eyebrows at Lena and calmly sipped my drink while I am trembling inside with anger.

" oh little girl, he was coming on to me, I was fighting him off. " I remembered how her skirt was pulled up and Sam's hair a mess, I reached my boiling pint. "

" what's your point? "I said a bit louder and angrier this time.

" stay way from him for your own good. And for God's sake, know your place! " Ilene stated and they head to the dance floor and start to dance with each other.

I was trembling with anger and I felt like I've been punched in my stomach. I state the facts to get a clear picture:

1.sam is Mr Henry Northon's son, he lied!

2.sam paid for my hotel stay, he lied,

3.sam is a womanizer and he came on to Lena, he lied!

I felt nauseated and stood up to leave when I felt Sam holding my waist from behind and placing a kiss on my neck.

"You look very sexy today. I hope I will get the last dance."

For a moment I forgot I was mad and closed my eyes and inhaled his scent. I missed him so much! But realization hit me and I said coldly

"I need to get some fresh air" and start to head for the exit. I stood at a balcony looking over the beach from a distant. The fresh air did its magic of calming me down. He came right behind me, hold my waist and said

"are you alright? "

" uh huh "I nodded.

" if it's about the last two days, I'm so sorry! I was really busy with work. They have a branch here, they gave me an office to work in and I've been stranded in there. The CEO was on my neck demanding... "

" you mean your dad? " he looked surprised and said" I'm so sorry, I was about to tell you but.. " I cut him off.

" oh please Mr Northon, don't apologize! I'm only a clerk who works at your company. "

I said sarcastically and did a courtousy. His expression darkened and he shoved his hands in his pocket.

" Mr Northon is my dad. I'm only Sam and I don't own the company, period. Zoey listen I was about to tell you but.. "I cut him off again

" oh but if you did, I wouldn't let you get in to my pants!is that right? "

" no, that's not true! I was honest with you about my feelings and everything. Except for the part about being a Northon. "

" you lied about the hotel being booked for me and you didn't tell me that you slept with half the women at Northon's. You are a liar and a womanizer. Typical spoiled rich guy, aren't you?" by now I'm screaming.

" I couldn't let you stay in that shit hole, specially after what happened. And the part about the women.. It was along time ago. And for the record I don't know your last name too. Please Zoey I love you. I have never felt anything like this in my entire life and I know you love me back. "

" I bet you said that to any girl you hook up with and what gives you the idea that I love you? "

" that night,you told Ed you are in love. I wanted to make love to you so bad, it drove me crazy, but I wanted to tell you first. Zoey please, there must be something I could do to make it up to you. "he begged.

" yes there is! " he looked hopeful for a moment." stay away from me!! " I said coldly. His head dropped in disappointment.

I turn on my heel and start for the door when he said" you haven't told me your last name? "

" it's Hatcher, Zoey Hatcher. " and head for my room.

Once I get to my room I looked at myself in the mirror and wanted to smash it to pieces. I looked like this for him! We were about to have the night of our lives,and he screwed me over. I hate him!

I can't stay here any longer so I called the airline for another date change. A girl picked up the phone and said

" how may I help you?"

"I need to change my travel date for tomorrow." I gave her my booking code and heard her type on her computer. "I'm sorry ma'am but all flights are fully booked."

"please check again its kind of urgent?" another typing.

"I'm so sorry ma'am everything is full.Except for the business class on the early morning flight."

"how much for the business class?" fierce typing

"it's 600 dollars."

"okay change it" I don't care anymore, I just want to get out of here as soon as I can.

"I'm so sorry ma'am," if this girl says I'm so sorry one more time.. So help me God!! "in addition to the 600 dollars you have to pay the date change fee of 50 dollars."

"fine just change it."

"flight departs at 7 am in the morning so be there at 5am, thank you for calling..."

"ya thanks" I hang up and texted my mom "I will be home tomorrow in the afternoon. Lvu"

I packed everything, changed and sat on the couch. My brain feels numb. For the first time I thought about nothing else and just stare blankly. It's like my mind is on time out. I lost track of time. My door knocks. I woke up from my numbness and waited.

"Zoey...i just want to talk." I sat there not moving.

"okay.. Just sleep on it and we will talk tomorrow"

I scoffed. I dozed off on the couch for what felt like 10 minutes and my alarm buzzed. Time for my flight. My Uber arrived just in time and we drove to the airport. I watched the quiet city in the early morning coming alive,the beautiful sunrise, some lights from a distant and a wave of pain washed over me and I started to cry. I felt so empty. Like someone drained all the energy and the will to live from my entire system. The Uber driver checked me out on the rear view mirror and said "you okay ma'am" I nodded and looked down. I cried all the way to the airport.

I can't say I enjoyed the business class, it was a waste of money traveling business class in domestic flight. I just want to get to my parents house, turn my phone off and forget everything. We landed at 12 mid-day and I took a cab to my parents house. My mom opened the door, oh Zoey..honey I'm so glad you are here." she said and hugged me tight. I closed my eyes and thought, this is what I need. My mom pulled me away searched my face and said" I am afraid I have bad news my love. "

My face fell, oh please no more bad news!!

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