Senior, Me & Beer

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A short story about a young couple who always had an ambiguous relationship, never committing to each other. Before they got the chance to do that, their paths diverged. Now, they have met again by chance, after many years, let’s see how love unfolds their hearts. Senior, Me & Beer is a project under the company ‘NEW LEAF DIGITAL WORKS’ written by author who goes by pen name ‘Priyank Porwal’ and Edited by ‘Jeevesh Sharma’. Poster concept by ‘Piyush Gupta’ and it is created by ‘Kratika Gupta’. English is not my first language so pardon me for it.

Romance / Drama
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Let’s Have some Beer

The early winter breeze was in full form in the city of California as it was the start of the November, things on the streets started to freeze or grew cold, and on the contrary the people on the street didn’t feel much cold as it was just starting of winter season. On one of the busy crossroads where millions of people were in hurry to reach the other side, two people of opposite sex suddenly noticed each other and as everything for them had frozen in that instant as recognition set in and their hearts grew warm as certain emotions that were held somewhere in depths of their hearts made both of them smile.

They would like to continue this little play of their eyes and heart for hours silently on the crowded and loud crossroad if the signal had not turn red for cars and green for the pedestrians.

The man noticed that the crowd has started to move and signaled with his left to the woman on the other side to wait for him.

The woman who was also lost in the river of memories after she noticed the man and lost the connection to the world entering a reverie, when the crowd started to move and someone walking by gave her a little push which made her return to the reality, she noticed the signal that the man gave and nodded.

The man crossed the road with the sea of people and came to stand in front of her and watched her with eyes full of longing and emotions, he wanted to say a million of things but in the end he chose to stay silent and smiled.

The woman noticed the looks in the eyes of man who was a head taller than her, wore a creased white shirt and black trouser, with the matching formal leather black shoes and belt. He had a messy black hair on his oval shaped faced with well-maintained beard which signifies that he slept in official attire and walked out after he woke up without caring a thing about world.

She was also tongue tied as she also had many things she would have liked to ask but she also chose to stay silent as she couldn’t decide on anything, but more than that she was amused as the person standing in front of her hadn’t changed since college year roaming outside in the sleeping clothes, she couldn’t help but smile.

The way that these two were reacting, anybody could tell that they had a history together. Noticing this silence and awkward mood the boy finally took notice of the girl in front of him who was a little shorter than him wearing a green sweatshirt with the picture of “Queens Band” and charcoal black jeans, had long dark black unkempt hair coming almost to her waist, which was flailing with sweet winter winds perfectly covering the sides of her almond like face and cheeks which had a tinge of pinkness to them due to the cold.

She was carrying a bag with two beers and chips which was almost similar to the contents of the bag he was carrying just that he had more snacks than her.

After noticing the beers, he picked his bag a little high and suggested in the little quaint voice “Senior, let’s drink some beer”, Senior was something he likes to call the girl in front of him and she was his senior in college too.

By his words Senior came to the realization of awkwardness and after a moment of thought she asked in a cheerful tone “Where?”

The man was a bit surprised by the quick agreement of his senior, after thinking a little he asked her “How about my apartment, it is across the street if you are comfortable?”

Now it was her turn to be surprised at his invitation to his apartment and asked teasingly with a playful smile “What are you planning other than drinking, huh?”

Man smiled wryly and retorted “What can I do other than following your commands, your highness?”

“Hmmm, that’s true” the girl replied proudly, as it should be this way.

Boy doesn’t reply to this as he knows her personality well so he asked rather dejectedly “Senior, when will you stop pulling my leg?”

The girl replied disheartened with a wry smile on her face “Raj, when will you start calling me Meera?”

Raj smiled wryly and replied with a low tone after some thought “I guess not for now. Shall we go? Senior”

The girl smiled with a little blush on her face as she knows he can’t counter her and will change the topic. She never knew why he does this but she liked him nevertheless. She nodded and they started walking in the direction of his apartment silently.

They walked side by side, both nervous, stealing glances at one another from time to time, both were blushing and smiling from their hearts as they were happy with this unexpected reunion of theirs, they continued like this until they reached his apartment.

Both remained silent even though they had thousands of things to say and to ask each other but they know in this moment their silence was more than enough to convey their feeling.
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