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Riley Knowles I never thought I would ever get stuck with him, Jack Hunter, the town’s good boy. I know hilarious Note the sarcasm. Jack Hunter I never thought I would ever cross paths with the town’s most outcasted human being I have ever known more so fall for her. No one saw their love coming and to say that their story was not like any other is an understatement from bus neighbors, to camp mates, well to falling in love.

Romance / Humor
Rosie Nico
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Chapter one

“ Riley better get down here, or else you will have to find another way out. I am tired of doing this every single morning”, mom angrily said.

“ Coming mom”, I replied as I rolled my eyes. It was already a Monday, the worst day of the week and she still couldn’t help herself. I grabbed my back pack and sweater or you can say gigantic jacket. I loved my clothes baggy.

“ Better hurry up then”, she shouted back. Couldn’t this woman give me a break. “ Here I am” I replied as I reached down the stairs trying to catch my breath.

“ Great, now let’s go”, “ Can’t I have some breakfast, an apple at least”, I whined.

I looked into those sea blue eyes hoping that she would accept but well it wasn’t my lucky day just as usual.

My mom had sea blue eyes that weren’t big enough but would widen whenever she got angry, brown hair, a curvaceous body that was literally perfect in all perspectives. Well I guess that’s the only similarity I had with that’s if I didn’t mention the tanned skin too.

I had brown eyes like no hint of black, charcoal black hair, a tanned skin and curvaceous body that I was definitely proud of but never flaunted off. I wasn’t short nor tall just about 5”5 and my mom was like 5”6. I had a oval like face with big eyes and full heart shaped lips.

I could say I was kinda pretty but I guess I never really felt like it since I was like bad luck to my family or that’s how people believed it to be.

I do love my curves but sometimes I felt like I was just fat, I didn’t have the perfect flat stomach but it wasn’t big either and had full round boobs but well I just would feel fat even though my mom would keep on reminding how beautiful and perfect I am.

So back to today, where my mom was still going on and on. Note the sarcasm.

Unless you are to find another ride that ain’t me, better get that ass of yours into the damn car” she said. “Am so tired of this every single morning”, she continued looking more frustrated as she moved her hands through her hair, grabbing her keys and bag.

I know I had always felt as an outcast but it was really irritating if my mom made me feel the same way. Bad things happened after I was born and well the whole damn town put it on me hence my mom’s attitude towards me.

I know she loves me because her love for me out ways her hate that only came along because of the continuous talks of this small town.

“ Honey, you know I love you”, mom started talking. I was about to reply but she continued. “ But sometimes you tend to rally me, you know I can get fired if I get late again,” she paused. “ I hope you understand because.....” before she could continue I interrupted.

“ Mom, I understand where you’re coming from. I know you love me and I love you. I know I have troubled you and am sorry once again”. I said and looked outside the car window.

I always hated these talks with my mom, every single day just because she was my only ride and she made sure that every morning she had something or literally said the same thing to me every single day.

I had no friends, I tried making some but well my reputation was already ruined and so no one wanted to associate with me. So my only friend was my mom who tried to be less hatefully and more loving though sometimes she would just forget to love.

As we rounded the corner to my school, I was more than grateful to get out of another morning lecture and getting into the environment in which everybody hated or feared me am not even sure of what it was. It was always a fifteen minute drive to school but they would be the longest.

“ Bye mom”, I said as I got out of the car. “ Bye love. Be good and take care”. As I was about to leave she called out to me and continued “I maybe late tonight so just walk home or do something, anyway bye”.

I continued my way to the lockers. I got used to the eyes people never stopped giving me. I went down the hall and eventually reached my locker. Inserting my combination it opened. It wasn’t surprising me finding trash like papers in my locker.

I would have called this bullying but personally I didn’t even care. It was irritating the first times but now am used. Somethings will never change. Grabbing my biology book, I put my back pack in , closed the damn locker and took my path to doom, that is first period but I got to say Biology was one of my favorites.

As each day and each week this day wasn’t any different. Nothing interesting ever happened to me . One I was an outcast, a nobody hence no friends.. two, my fashion sense was unique, just the cliche baggy stuff and sneakers that I would die for and third, people just didn’t find me not interesting.

It used to be irritating but with time the loneliness was soothing and I didn’t have anyone or anything to worry about.

Lunch period arrived and I went to my usual spot outside the cafeteria and enjoyed my home made sandwich and apple that I was able to grab on my way out of the house.

As I continued aimlessly looking around and enjoying my healthy meal I over heard a couple of guys moving towards my direction. I guess they used the exit of the cafeteria.

As they made their presence into eye distance, I was able to figure out who they were. It were how can I say it the geeks and jokeys of the school.

Known for not just their looks but also brains and well everything else these guys were perfect. Good boys that every parent would love their daughters to date and boys to hang out with. Well their list of perfection was endless.

But wait a minute, what the hell were they doing at this end of the school. No one ever passed these ends. Oh well maybe they were just using the short cut to whatever. I chose to ignore them and continue with my lunch knowing, just like everyone else they too would give me the weird eyes and ignore me.

As they reached me, I noticed that they had stopped talking, actually they had stopped moving and were starring at something. What was it, I chose that moment to look up and saw what they were looking at.

The most handsome guys I had ever seen were all staring at me and I couldn’t help how my heart couldn’t stop throbbing through my throat.

Was it just embarrassment or excitement to actually be noticed by someone in a good way and not just someone but them.
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