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Scarlett Hemsworth the rich, extremely confident and perfectly enchanting 17 year old girl believes her senior year will end quickly with no drama and problems and that soon she will be off to college. She has everything in life to keep her happy, a caring family and loving friends but all she lacks is her bestfriend Aaron besides her. Aaron Clark is the devilishly handsome boy who has every girl throwing themselves at him but has his eyes on His best friend, Scarlett, that he lost by making a mistake he will regret for the rest of his life. He will do anything to make her forgive him and to have the only girl that matters by his side. Loving someone who doesn't love going back isn't easy and what makes it harder is if the person is your bestfriend...

Romance / Humor
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Chapter 1


The golden light of the morning from outside my sleek glass windows illuminates every single corner of my room.

My eyes greet the day shine, my heart and lungs expand. There are times that I feel that I must have been so blessed to live the same day over and over, even though I age, for those first few moments are so identical. At first, there are the dreams, then the sense of welcoming a new day, and the anticipation of whatever comes.

I bury my face deep in my pillows and sigh.

Slowly and reluctantly, I uncover my face. I blink, close my eyes, and blink again. I finally sit up, drag my feet off the bed, and rub my knuckles into my eyes. I stretch my arms above my head and yawn. I watch my legs dangle above the off-white fur rug.

It is Monday morning, sad, I know.

Today is going to be just another day in the life of a high school senior student.

Scarlett Ace Hemsworth

The door shoots open and a gorgeous boy, with freckles and exceptional light brown hair, enters the room.

“You came?” I ask him, surprise written all over my face. “That’s what she said!” he smirks at me and I shake my head.

This is Bryce, literally the sweetest person on earth, and my very very special friend.

He is one of the boys at school that every girl wants, I’ve had girls come up to me and it later turns out that they are trying to be my friends only to grow closer to my male friends.

When I moved states during my junior year of high school here in Bavil, he became my friend. Bavil is one of the most modernized cities in this country, but at the same time, it’s a small beach town surrounded by the beautiful and ever-lively sea. With huge houses(almost castles) of rich businessmen.

This town definitely has a great enthusiasm for architecture. Every building is different, borrowing this and that from every era. It makes this place very uniquely illustrious and distinguished, every corner of it immensely noteworthy and eye-catching.

I love it here, I love how calm everything here always is.

I love that my brother and I had made many amazing friends here.

I love that whenever I need a break from all my problems I can always go to the beach and relax.

I love how everyone here knows each other and acts like family anytime you wanted them to.

“Hello.....girl you spaced outagain,”Bryce brings me out of my thoughts. “Get ready or we will be late on the first day”, he shakes her head. I rush to the washroom, quickly get dressed, and put on very light and fresh makeup finishing it with a light pink lip and highlighter.

I decide to let my brown hair in its usual straight parted in the middle. I put on a small pair of golden loop earrings and my favorite small and cute diamond pendent. I glance at myself one last time in the full-length mirror in my room. I am wearing a white bodysuit that is tucked into my high waisted denim shorts and classic white Nike airs with a denim jacket.

I step foot in my room expecting Byce to already be there but when I don’t see her there I immediately know that he must have gone downstairs to join my family for breakfast. So I grab my black backpack and take out my new round sunglasses from my drawer.

I walk down to my dining room and am greeted by my whole family “Hello guys.” I say with a big grin playing on my lips. They are sitting on our dining table and are being served delicious smelling food by our cook Juana.

They all look up at me and greet me back.

I look at Juana “Hello Juana.” she smiles at me kindly with a plate of freshly made pancakes in her hand and sauce in the other. “Hello miss Hemsworth.”

She put the pancakes in front of me that instantly make my mouth water. And I don’t wait for another second before devouring them.

“Ready for a new day of school, kids?” my dad speaks. I, Bryce, and Justin nod and innocently agree, Payton being Payton groans and says “No.” and instantly puts his head down on the table, irritation, and annoyance dripping from his actions and words.

My mother slightly chuckles looking at my now annoyed father.

“Bryce, dear how is your mom doing?” My mom asks carefully.

“Thankfully, better than the last time you saw her.” Bryce smiles sadly at my mom and then looks down as he pours syrup on her pancakes.

When I first met Bryce, his parents used to have serious fights all night long, and he would usually stay at my house to escape it.

Everyone else could see how much their fights bothered him except his own parents, and then one day Bryce came to my house drunk off his mind and told me that his father had got into an accident and was admitted to the hospital. Payton and I tried my best to comfort him by doing everything we possibly could.

His father died the next day..... although according to Bryce her mother and father fought a lot, but after his death, Bryce’s mother became devastated and depressed.

His mother stopped focusing on what Bryce was up to and apparently stopped caring about him at all.

I shake out of my thoughts and look up to see how happy Justin looks.

“Why are you constantly smiling Justin?” I ask him.

“It’s a school day, Scarlett, obviously I will smile, and I don’t understand why Payton is acting like this”

“He is just being dramatic” I whisper to him and he chuckles.

I have 2 brothers, Justin and Payton.

Payton Bree Hemsworth

Payton is my twin and to be exact- he is exactly 8 minutes older than me, he uses that excuse to get away with many things many times.

It’s no coincidence that brother and bother are just one letter apart.

Payton calls for trouble where ever he goes. And annoys the hell out of me. He has pranked me countless times. And when I say “pranked” I don’t mean small jokes... I mean spilling green slime all over me and putting itching powder in my shirt.

Although I have to admit that He has never been alone whenever he does those pranks... and to be honest I know that he just helped in pranking me because I know that the main ideas were always of Aaron.

But I was and always am ready to fight who would do as much raise a finger at my brother, I mean he was my twin brother after all.

We actually do look quite alike, we both have brown hair and the same eyes. But he is a lot taller than me and I am quite tanner than him.

We are both kinda famous in high school .... but for very different reasons.

Where Payton is the famous soccer player and is known for his abs and player ways, I, on the other hand, am known for being who I am....... I guess. To be honest I don’t know why the whole school knows my name or why girls want to be my friends but fame and popularity were just always there you know.

Justin is my innocent young brother, he is 7 and shows me and my family love and affection in all possible ways. It is a normal habit of his to, come sleep next to me or sit on my lap or look up me adoringly and asking for candy or chocolate. I absolutely love him with all my heart.

I, Bryce, and Payton finish our breakfast. I go to my parent kissed them on the cheek and say my goodbyes, I smiled at Juana and do my signature handshake with Justin to which he chucks when I pinched his cheek softly at the end.

We step outside and Payton says that we should take his car. Bryce calls shotgun and we drive to Amelia’s house to pick her up.

“Ugghh no no I can’t do this for another week.” Those are the first words Amelia says as she sits right next to me.

“Hello to you too Amelia,” Payton says sarcastically. “Yeah, hi guys,” Amelia replies, not actually paying attention to them as she keeps looking directly at me “Hey Scarlett.” I mirror the huge smile she has plastered on her lips.

She is wearing her signature black lacy top and denim shorts that are ripped at the ends.

This is my very good friend, Amelia. Her red hair has been straightened to perfection around her face, she has a fresh black smokey eye done with bold red lips.

We have known each other for almost over a year now.

She can be very flirty towards boys sometimes and has changed tonnes of boyfriends the past year, but she surprisingly had very good grades which would absolutely help her in getting accepted by any college she would like.

She has been a very nice and understanding friend to me over the year. Every day I spend with her is more exciting than the last, wild late-night parties and never-ending shopping sprees are a huge part of her lifestyle.

I am so deep in my thoughts that I didn’t notice that my brother’s black Lamborghini has pulled up in our school’s parking lot.

I look up at the huge building of our high school and see the hundreds of high school students properly dressed up and getting ready for the upcoming day alongside their friends.

I already have this feeling that these last senior year days would bring a lot of changes in my life. I can feel the rush of excitement and adrenaline in my body.

We would graduate in a few months and I knew it would be very different and special in many many unique ways...I knew it.

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