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"The way you behave...behave around me, with me it's highly inappropriate. I don't want you think I'll be your little assistant that you fuck on top of your desk or in the break room, if that's your intention I think it's best if you fire me or atleast send me back to work for Mr Caine," I told him after a couple seconds of silence I turned to face him to be greeted with a hard look on his face. "Amelia....I'm sorry if you thought that was my intention, I can see where you would get that idea.. and I apologize for my lack of communication, in what I want," "So what do you want?" I asked my voice sounding strange I cleared my throat, he reached forward taking my ice-cream placing it on the bench his hand moving to my chin making sure I held eye contact. "You..I want you Amelia," he answered his voice soft but held a level of firmness. I sat there looking at him, his eyes filled with emotions and unspoken words that had me melting under his gaze. "What do you mean y-" "Please don't make me repeat myself, I find it quite annoying," he replied his other hand moving from my knee to thigh the grip firm. "Well you're my boss telling me that you...want me, I think I'm going to need some clarification Xavier," I said frustrated and he swallowed hard.Before another thought can pass through my mind, his lips are on mine.

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You're beautiful

You're beautiful

You're beautiful, it's true

I saw your face in a crowded place

And I don't know what to do

'Cause I'll never be with you

James Blunt

You're Beautiful

Amelia's POV

We all gathered in the conference room, none of us really knowing why we were here. I walked over to Samantha who was in the corner pouring coffee. She handed me a cup and I took it saying a small thank you scanning the room.

"Do you know what's going on?" I asked as we walked over to the chairs near the window taking a seat.

"I'm as clueless as you, but I heard people saying, they think they're letting people go," she said sipping her coffee before I could reply the door opened and the room went quiet. Everyone began taking their seats clearing the view of the entrance. Mr Caine and Mr Brown walked in standing at the front of the room facing everyone.

"Good day everyone," they greeted and the room replied

"As most of you know we have been, well, we haven't been doing as well as we were two years ago. So after some careful decision making Mr Brown and I have decided to merge with Persons L.T.D, some of you will be transferred to his staff," Mr Caine said pausing giving us time to take it in, the room erupted in chatter. Most of them complaining while I was just happy I wouldn't be losing my job. Mr Caine motioned for silence and the room soon became quiet once more.

"Now that you all got the chance to take it in, I'd like to introduce Xavier Persons," he introduced polite clapping following his statement, as the door opened a man appears shaking his hand. Confidence radiated off his 6'1 figure, his black hair combed perfectly, his navy blue tailored suit holding his perfectly sculpted body. All eyes were on him but he went unfazed as he turned to face the room.

"Nice to meet you all, as stated before my name is Xavier Persons. You will refer to me as sir or Mr Persons, I'm a very fair man but I will not tolerate disrespect. I can be very demanding, some would label me as perfectionist, but if you're a hard working employee you have nothing to worry about," he said walking around the room.

"Some of you will be transferred to my staff as I'm sure Mr Caine and Mr Brown already informed everyone. Only a small total of five people, Hunter Bryan, Terrance Gaint, Brittany Fostor, Camilla Dariy and Amelia Davidson. Everybody else you may leave," he said and my heart sped up slightly I didn't want to leave, I was comfortable here, I knew where the break room is I knew how to get extra food, I-

"You're expected to gather your things and be downstairs in half an hour, there will be car waiting outside to carry you to my buliding. I don't tolerate tardiness so be on time or find another job," he said once everyone left his eyes one me, making me wonder if he heard something.

"Once you arrive, you will get a tour as well as getting assigned your responsibilies. If you have questions feel free to ask your head of department," he added looking at his watch.

"I'll see you all in a half an hour,"





We made our way to the elevator Terrance clicked the button to the correct floor as nervousness washed over me. The box in my hand heavier than I would've liked.

"Let me get that," Hunter said laughing I smiled handing him the box.

"Thank you," he smiled turning to face the doors. This building was much bigger than my previous place of work and the design was modern, I liked it but with my fear of heights I hoped I didn't have a desk near a window. The doors opened and we stepped out immediately being greeted Mr Persons his eyes landing on me. I cleared my throat uncomfortable under his gaze.

"Follow me," he told us in a firm voice and we did as he lead us to a desk a couple feet away. We were immediately greeted by a brunette who looked as if she could be a model everybody had someone they would be gay for and I think she could be mine.

"Everyone will be staying with Sarah with the exception of Ms Davidson," he said motioning for me to follow, Hunter handed me my box flashing me a smile I returned it following speedy Gonzalez who was already in the elevator. I stepped in feeling as if I just finished a two hour workout. Why did they get the nice lady and I got stuck with 'Mr stick up his ass'.

The doors opened into a office he stepped out and I followed him as he opened a door to a office. Would you look at that a office inside the office, he took the box from my hand as if it was a feather motioning for me to sit in seat in front of his desk.

Soon he was sitting infront of me looking at me from across his desk. His eyes scanned over me and he bit the inside of his cheek his hand moving to his chin brushing over his light stubble.

"Remove your hair from it's ponytail," he said his voice firm, I looked at him confused but the look in his eyes made me know better than to argue. I hesitantly removed my hair tie, my hair falling down my back and over my shoulders I ran my hand through it pushing it away from my eyes he nodded in approval looking at me.

"You're required to be on call whenever you're needed, your work hours are from 8 to 6. You must not be late, I will not tolerate you being late and if you are going to be late call ahead of time and inform me. The room that you saw earlier is your office you're allowed to decorate it however you please the door to the left of it is our break room. There are notes on the laptop inside of your office with things you need to know, like where certain rooms are, how I like my coffee, etc," he said before looking down at his watch, this man was intense without even trying. I sat there confused he just gave me the rules but I still didn't know what was my job title.

"Mr Persons?"

"Yes," he answered looking at me

"If you don't mind me asking, what exactly is my job here?"

"My assistant,"











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