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“I was married for a few years to a woman who ultimately had an affair. She didn’t want to decide between us and when he found out, he killed her and then himself and tried to frame me for it. My aunt and uncle don’t even know about it. I feel like I needed to tell you because you see me as this perfect man but I’m not. I worked long hours and put my job ahead of my marriage too many times and that’s basically why she felt she needed to find affection elsewhere. I have learned not to do that anymore, but it took me losing everything to realize it. I think I also wanted you to know because I love you and I don’t want to keep anything
from you.”

Eleni only thought about those three words. I love you. After he had made his declaration, she had calmly asked him for some time to think and she had gone to the room to do just that. She didn’t know how to process everything. He had such an interesting yet tragic past but it didn’t scare her. It made him even more perfect to her because he had been able to move past it all and create a new life for himself away from it all. She was basically doing the same but he didn’t know that. She had never told him about anything regarding Christopher and she felt now that she had to. She wanted to be completely honest with him too, she owed him that at the very least. As she stood up to go find him, she felt something touch her foot under the bed. She looked down and noticed the corner of a box. She bent down, picked it up and placed it on the bed.

“What is this? I found it under the bed.”

Ash was preparing some food, he set down the knife and turned when he heard her question. He smiled warmly, as though he was remembering a good memory.

“I forgot about that. I kept all the letters your father wrote to you. I thought you would want them when you were ready.”

She looked down at the box, frowning and then looked back at him.

“Why didn’t he ever send them?”

Ash gestured for her to sit down and she did.

“He sent them to you but they were always returned unopened. I kept trying until he was gone. In the end, it was me who was doing the writing for him. I thought you might come to visit one day and I could give them to you.”

She looked down, her eyes beginning to fill with tears. She felt an all too familiar lump form in her throat.

“You know what is in these?” She looked down at the box, still not sure what to make of the information she now had.

He nodded and added, “only the last few.”

This was something else to process altogether. She completely forgot about Ash and his declaration. Her mind was reeling and she was getting one massive headache. She slowly opened the box and saw so many unopened letters. She checked the first one, it was dated one year after he had left them. It had the right address and name on it. Why had her mother kept them from her all these years? Did she think that she was protecting her? Saving her from the same hurt he had inflicted on her during their marriage? Eleni would never know, she did however have all these letters that she could read for her father’s side of things. It didn’t change the fact that he was a bastard for what he did but she could at least read them to maybe get some closure from the pain that lingered when she thought of him.

Ash was sleeping on the couch when Eleni walked out of the room. She needed to clear her head and get rid of the massive headache she had from overthinking. Kat was sleeping in the corner on the floor with her favourite toy. They both seemed so peaceful, something she envied at the moment. As she walked out the door, she grabbed her purse and a small bite to eat and headed for town. She walked past all the shops that were closed for midday nap time and spotted a bus stop next to the local pizza place. There was a leaflet detailing places to visit in Greece. Next to it was the bus times for the direct transit to Athens. She looked at the times the bus passed and realized that there was just a ten minute wait until the next one. She decided then and there that it was time to really clear her head and take that next bus to Athens. She sent Ash a short text about what she was up to and sat down to wait for the adventure to begin.

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