It's all Greek to me

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Meeting a friend

There were no words to describe how she felt when she looked up at the gigantic ruins before her. The Parthenon was not only majestic, it took her breath away. She had not expected to feel like this after climbing all those stairs to the very top.


She turned around to see Antonios and a beautiful elderly woman holding hands together. The woman had the most amazing blue eyes she had ever seen. Her grey hair was tied up in a braided
bun, a style she seemed to have mastered over the years. Eleni walked over to them and smiled, the older woman smiled back.

“This is Voula, my wife.”

Eleni stretched out her hand, but the woman excitedly grabbed her and gave her a close hug. Voula did not speak any English, instead she talked with Eleni in her native Greek.

“You must come and eat at our house. I will prepare some pasticcio for you. Please say yes.”

Eleni felt like she didn’t have a choice, but at the same time she was in Athens to clear her head and this was something
that might help.

As Antonios opened the door, Eleni smelled something delicious coming from inside. She sniffed the air a few times and decided it had to be fresh bread, it smells like the local bakery in her town. Her town. Funny concept, she would have never thought that she would already have made such an attachment to that tiny place. The people were warm and welcoming everywhere it seemed, but in the town where she lived, they felt like family even if she had
never spoken to most of them. As Voula walked in, she took Eleni’s hand and guided her to the kitchen. There, on top of the stone counter top, sat a shiny new bread maker. Eleni laughed when she saw it. No wonder Voula liked her, she had finally gotten that bread maker she had been wanting forever. Voula thanked her for the gift, Eleni didn’t see it as such but the woman was so happy, she just welcomed the thanks.

Antonios was right, his wife could make a mean Pasticcio, but the best part of the meal wasn’t the food, it was the company. Voula and Antonios were so sweet together, Eleni could tell how much they loved each other. There were many lovely pictures that adorned the walls, the mantel and the desks in the rooms. Her favourite one by far was the one of them sitting atop a camel with the pyramids behind them. As she listened to them talk, she
realized that she really hoped she and Ash could grow old together. Until that very moment she had been so scared, but seeing these two and their enduring love, she felt convinced
once and for all that she should try to be with him. She felt the tears starting to well up in her eyes, Voula saw her and told her softly where to find the washroom. Eleni got up, found the
washroom and closed the door behind her.

She let the tears fall as much as they wanted, she didn’t hold them back. She cried for everything that was happening in her life. Losing her mother, then her father, her fiancée and her best friend, finding out about the house, finding out she had a roommate that she now loved, finding those letters, everything came out and she let it. Once it was over, she splashed some water on her face and dried herself. When she put the towel back, she
noticed a picture of the couple standing next to The Scream painting in a museum. Such a funny picture to have on the wall beside the toilet, she started laughing and laughing and couldn’t stop. They had such a funny sense of humour. She really hoped that she and Ash could be together until they were grey and old. She decided that her sightseeing had ended and it was time to get home.

As she got off the bus, she couldn’t wait to see Ash and tell him she loved him too, but first she would have to tell him about her past and she hoped he accepted her too. As she walked down the same streets she was used to now, she saw everything with a new outlook. Everything seemed newer, cleaner, brighter. She smiled as she found herself on their street and rounded the corner. Their home was just a few olive trees away, she could begin to see
the front lawn and the front door came into view. Just as she was passing the last tree, she saw the door open and a gorgeous Greek woman walked out. Eleni stepped back and hid behind the trees. She saw the woman laughing and smiling, then Ash walked out and hugged her close to him. He let her go, smiled some more and watched as she walked away. Oh shit, she’s going to see me for sure, Eleni thought. She walked back some more and decided to wait until the woman was passing. She then started walking towards the house and pretended not to have seen her. The woman passed beside her without a second glance. My goodness she was a beautiful long legged creature. Eleni couldn’t understand what was happening. She wanted to believe that Ash wasn’t a too timing jerk like her fiancée had been, but she had been burned before so she wasn’t too sure. She felt like she could
trust him but now that she had seen him with this woman, she felt so hurt. She felt the pain in her gut, she couldn’t hold back the tears.

As Ash made his way back inside, something caught his eye. Something was shining behind the olive trees. He couldn’t make out what it was but it hadn’t been there that morning. He
walked over slowly, only to realize that it was the handle on a purse. Eleni’s purse. She was sitting with her back to him and she hadn’t heard him walk up. He touched her lightly on the
shoulder and she yelled. She turned, jumped up quickly and punched in his direction. Oh no, you won’t get me again, he thought, as he blocked her hand and laughed. When she
realized it was him, she stepped back and tried to wipe away the tears before he saw them.

“You’re crying. What’s wrong?” He held out his arm to touch her but she moved away.

“I saw a woman leaving the house a few minutes ago. Who was she?”

Her tone was not one that was accusing him, she was hurt and she was trying to understand. He started laughing but realized that to her it was not funny. He took her by the shoulders, looked her directly in the eyes and told her what she wanted to know.

“That was my sister.”

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