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“Are you sure brother?”

Ash nodded and she handed him the small green velvet box. He held onto it as he looked up at his sister. She had cut her hair since the last time he had seen her, it suited her perfectly.

“You will understand when you meet her.”

He opened the box and saw the family heirloom inside. It was a stunning pearl set on a rose gold wedding band. He smiled when he thought about the woman that he wanted to offer it to. Kaliopi saw the smile and was happy for her brother.

“If you think she deserves it, then she is a lucky woman. You didn’t even ask for Sarah.”

Ash nodded and knew that it had some meaning too. His sister took him by the hand and squeezed it. She didn't only want to meet her, but she wanted to be her friend. She knew their courtship was fast, she had never seen him acting this way either. It was as though his head was on a cloud and he kept a stupid grin on his face permanently. She really hoped that this woman would not break her brothers heart. She wanted him to have a happy ever after, if only she could be so lucky. She had been unlucky in love so many times that she had lost count. If only I can meet a good man. She sighed and pulled her brother in for a close hug.

“I can’t wait to meet her.”

Once Eleni had gotten over the shock and relief of Ash and his sister, she had needed once again to clear her mind. They had spent the evening cuddling and watching television. Ash could feel that she needed time to think so he just sat in silence with the woman he loved. She had fallen asleep on his chest, using him as a cuddly pillow. He so wanted to wake her up and tell her he loved her but it would have to wait. He wanted to know if she had read the letters, but that question would also have to be added to the already mounting list of questions he had for her. Once he was sure that she was in deep sleep, he picked her up and carried her back to her bed. He pulled the covers over her as Kat jumped up and curled up beside her master. He kissed Eleni gently on the forehead and told her he loved her.

“You must be Kaliopi.”

Eleni held out her hand but the stunning woman before her pulled her close and held her tight. She not only looked amazing, but smelled like fresh clean laundry, the best smell in the world. Kaliopi let go and walked to the kitchen to sit next to Ash.

“I am so hungry brother, can you whip something up?”

He nodded and gave her a soft shoulder squeeze when he passed her. Eleni looked at his sister, she was truly stunning. Her hair was naturally wavy, the colour of chestnuts, her skin was golden and she kept the makeup to a minimal, which only made her more beautiful. She had the longest legs Eleni had ever seen and curves in all the right places. No wonder she had been so scared when she had seen Ash with her, she would never stand a chance against her if she wasn't his sister. Eleni smiled, knowing that Kaliopi would think she was nuts, she could tell that the woman was just as sweet as her brother. Beautiful inside and out just like him.

“Come sit Eleni, I want to be the best of friends. ” She patted the chair next to her as Eleni made her way to sit.

“What do you want to know?” Eleni asked her with a smile.

Kaliopi seemed to be thinking about what her first question would be. She clapped her hands together and giggled.


“Are you sure this is okay?” Eleni asked Ash, as she looked down at her dress.

She had been invited to eat with his family at the restaurant for a special Easter dinner. She and Ash had not even had time to talk yet, it seemed like it was always being pushed back. She didn’t want to tell him she loved him until he had heard about her past, but to do that, they needed to be alone. It never seemed to be the right time.

“Everything you wear is perfect Eleni. It’s my family, they expect you to come as you are.”

She knew he was right, yet she somehow knew that her meeting his family in an intimate setting was important to him. It was important to her too, she wasn’t just the new woman in town drinking some lemonade. She decided that what she had on would do, picked up her purse and they walked out of their house.

Ash looked at the people sitting around the table. They were all the people he loved in the world, the ones he held close to his heart. Eleni fit right in with them, she was witty and funny and most of all, she loved to eat. He smiled as he thought about the woman next to him and the question he wanted to ask her. Thanasi stood up and walked to the kitchen, Ash followed close behind him. His uncle checked the food in the oven, pulled out some plates and placed them on the counter. He turned to Ash and said,

“You asked Kaliopi for your yiayia’s ring?”

Ash nodded and Thanasi smiled at his nephew.

“I like Eleni.”

Ash hugged his uncle, very happy that he approved of her.

“I was wondering if I could borrow the boat tonight? I want to ask her underneath the stars.”

His uncle smiled and nodded his approval. He handed him the keys and went back to preparing the food. Ash went back out to sit with his family and future wife. He was being optimistic and already saw her as such.

Eleni sat on the bed with the box of letters beside her. She desperately wanted to open it and read them but something was holding her back every time. Did she really want to know what her father had written to her? Was he sorry since the very first one? If so, she would feel awful about losing so many years she could of had with him. If he had just written to know how she was, would it make her angry that he had not written about important stuff? It was a whole can of worms she thought and pushed it aside again. She might have the courage to open them one day. Until then, she was finally alone with Ash in the house and
she had some talking to do.

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