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*Erotic scene in this chapter, read at your own discretion*

Eleni laid down and pulled Ash slowly so he laid next to her. She took his face in her hands and started kissing him gently, stroking his hair and face. His hands found themselves on her shoulders and on her back, pulling her closer to him. She cried from the pain but stopped him when he tried to pull away.

The look in her eyes made him crazy, she wanted him and he wanted her just as much. She was hurt, they shouldn’t be doing any of this. But they were and they both had been waiting so long for it to happen.

“Take my dress off Ash.”

He slowly pulled it off of her, trying not to hurt her in the process. She winced but didn’t say anything. When it was off, she unbuttoned his shirt and he almost ripped it off when it got stuck. Eleni started laughing and couldn’t stop, Ash joined in and threw the shirt far away before returning to kiss her with even more passion. She gasped when she felt his arousal against her leg and he pulled back.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

She pulled him back to her and decided it was time to see what she couldn’t underneath the towel he had loosely wrapped around himself during her fake dream. Before she could reach for his pants, she felt him slowly removing her bra. She gasped when she felt his tongue slowly drawing circles around her right nipple. She arched her back and restrained her cry of pain so he wouldn’t stop. He did the same thing to her left nipple, leaving her wanting more. He kissed her neck and made his way down to her belly. She moaned loudly and heard it echo through the cave. In any other situation, she would have laughed about it but when she saw the pure desire in his eyes, she moaned again and scratched his shoulders as he kept going lower. When he reached her panties, he pulled them down and stood back a bit to admire her. She felt herself blush. I hope he likes what he sees. She didn’t have to worry about anything, a second later he buried his face in her pink folds and brought her too quickly to an orgasmic release.

″Take off your pants Ash. Please.″ She felt like she was begging him, she wanted so much more of him. She wanted to feel him moving inside of her most intimate place. She wanted to show him with her body how much she loved him. He moved back a bit and she grabbed him so he wouldn’t leave. He laughed and slid off his pants and boxers in one swift move. She gasped when she saw him in all his glory. Wow, his body is a masterpiece. She reached down and held his large muscle in her hand. How is that going to fit? She had only been with one other man and he sure as hell wasn’t anywhere near as big as Ash.

Ash saw the lust in Eleni’s eyes, but he could also see a hint of fear. Does she want to stop? He laid on top of her and she instantly opened her legs. Maybe her body was telling her one thing but her head another? He had to be sure.

″Do you want to stop?″

Eleni came out of her head and looked up at the most beautiful man she had ever laid eyes on. She shook her head.

″You look scared. I don’t want you to do something you will regret.″

She found his cock and softly rubbed her hand over it’s length. She felt it get bigger and her eyes opened wide again.

″It’s just, well , ugh - ″ She looked down and Ash understood right away. He smiled and kissed her softly while she rubbed him harder.

″I will go very slowly if you want.″

Eleni blushed, but she shook her head. She didn’t want him to go slowly, she wanted to feel him fill her completely right away. She couldn’t wait any longer.

″I need you now Ash.″

He heard her words and looked into her eyes one last time. The fear was completely gone, replaced by pure lust. He placed himself next to her throbbing core and pushed in slowly. Eleni buried her head in his neck and moaned loudly. It made him crazy, her couldn’t wait any longer. He gave one big slow thrust and buried himself as deep as he could go. She screamed out in ecstasy and bit down on his shoulder from the joy she felt all over her body. He fit perfectly inside her and she around him.

A horn echoed inside the cave and Eleni woke up, she couldn’t believe it. Day had arrived and they had survived the night in the cave. The horn blared again and she hurriedly woke Ash up. He was sleeping naked beside her, leaving nothing to the imagination. Seeing him made her blush, even after what they had shared the night before. She shook him a few times and he finally opened his eyes. I hope I get to wake up next to you forever, she thought. She told him about the horn and saw him get dressed with such speed, it made her head spin. He jumped into the water and swam as fast as he could to the opening of the
cave. She saw him disappear for a few minutes, returning with a huge smile.

“It’s my uncle, he sent for us when we didn’t return.”

Eleni was so happy, she jumped into the water, forgetting about her ribs. She screamed and Ash was beside her, helping her out in an instant.

“Might save the rejoicing for when we get you to the hospital.”

Eleni laughed and decided he was right, at least they were saved.

Eleni woke up and wondered if the whole adventure had just been her imagination playing tricks on her. Did she and Ash really get shipwrecked in a cave and then make love while she had two broken ribs? It was both crazy and hilarious that something like that had happened to them. The door to the room opened and she was so happy to see a familiar face.

“How are you feeling Eleni?”

Kaliopi handed her some flowers. She thanked her and placed them next to her on the bed.

“I think I’m still high on painkillers, I feel great. ”

Kaliopi laughed and bent over to give her a quick hug.

“I was so scared when Thanasi came and asked if I had seen the two of you.”

Eleni squeezed her hand and thanked her for caring. She was
wondering where Ash was and if he was okay.

“Ash is in the next room, he has a broken ankle. He didn’t even feel the pain because of all the adrenaline.”

Eleni frowned and thanked her for the information.

“I want to see him.”

Kaliopi nodded and helped her get out of bed.

“Technically, you aren’t allowed out of the room, but I can’t say no when it is for love.”

Eleni hugged her close and thanked her yet again. Ash was so happy to see her, he wanted to jump out of bed but he couldn’t. When she saw him in the bed she ran to him and held him close.

“You were so focused on me, you didn’t realize you had broken something.”

He laughed but added “It will always be like that.”

Kaliopi walked out of the room to leave them some privacy Eleni looked down at Ash.

“Always?” He nodded.

“Can you get something for me?” She said yes and he pointed to the pair of pants he had been wearing in the cave.

“Can you check in the right pocket?”

Eleni walked to the pants and checked the right pocket. It was empty.

“Sorry, the left pocket.”

She checked and pulled out a small white folded handkerchief. She walked back and sat down next to him.

“What is it?” He asked her to unfold it and she did.

The ring was sitting on top. She looked at him with a puzzled look.

“I was going to ask you on the boat. I can’t get down on one knee
right now. I hope that doesn’t matter.”

Eleni stood back, looked down at the ring in her hand and smiled.

“Well? Are you going to place it on my finger?” Ash smiled and did as she asked. It was a perfect fit, it was the most beautiful thing she had ever seen.

“You haven’t answered yet.”

She laid down next to him and held his hands in hers.


She had just said his new favourite word. As he held his fiancee, he thought of what the future held for them. Her saying yes was just the beginning to a wonderful and crazy adventure.

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