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As she looked at herself in the full length mirror, Eleni couldn’t help the butterflies she felt in the pit of her stomach. She wasn’t nervous about the events of the day, she was nervous about not being enough for him. She didn’t want to feel this way, but with her ex it had been clear that she hadn’t been enough. With Ash it felt so different, she didn’t want to stress about it. She looked down at her hands, they were shaking. The door opened behind her and Kaliopi gasped.

“You’re gorgeous Eleni.”

She held her close for a quick hug and let her go. When she saw Eleni’s face, she pulled her towards a nearby chair and made her sit.

“Tell me about it.”

Eleni felt the same instant connection with Kaliopi as she had with his brother. They were both so easy to love. Kaliopi had been nothing but welcoming to her and they had become best friends in such a short time. As Eleni sat down, she sighed and told Kaliopi how she felt. When she finished, her sister in law took out a tissue from her purse and slowly found the tear that had trickled down Eleni’s cheek.

“You should never second guess if you are enough for my brother. His love for you is one I have very rarely seen. It can overcome anything.”

She sqeezed Eleni’s hand tightly and smiled. “Besides, he is the lucky one today. He gets to spend the rest of his life with a talented, generous and loving woman. Trust me Eleni, that is
more than enough.”

Eleni finally smiled and relaxed. Kaliopi was great at talking her out of her sadness. Kaliopi clapped her hands and laughed.

“What do you say we go get you married huh?”

As the door opened to the church and the music from the violin filled the atmosphere, Ash held in his breath. He never could have imagined that this day would come. His hands were shaking, not from the stress of marrying Eleni. Far from it. He was stressed that after awhile she would figure out that he wasn’t the perfect man she thought he was and she wouldn’t want him anymore. With Sarah nothing had been this easy and quick. With Eleni he felt so in love with her, he felt like his heart would explode any second he was with her. How could such an amazing woman be marrying him? He looked up when he saw his Aunt and Uncle
walking down the aisle arm in arm. They seemed more in love now than ever, he wished with all his heart that it would be the same with Eleni. Next came some of his cousins and some nieces and nephews. Everyone laughed when they saw Kat running in, biting on the pillow which held the rings. She had somehow gotten it off her head it seemed. Ash walked over quickly to catch her and gave her leash to his Aunt. He went back to his spot and
everyone rose for the bride.

Eleni held her breath the entire time she walked down the aisle. She was so nervous that she didn’t even notice Ash and his intense gaze on her. When she finally found his face, he smiled and all her worries melted away. Even if it has been quick, she thought, this is the man I am spending the rest of my life with. When she was standing beside him, he took her hands gently and held them in his own. He couldn’t help himself from bringing them up and kissing them before the priest started the sermon. They looked into each others eyes and both knew that this decision was right.

The lively music filled the enormous reception hall, Ash’s family members made big circles and danced around and around for hours at a time. Eleni loved the atmosphere, even if it intimidated her a little. She wasn’t used to so many people being gathered around her like this. Yet it somehow felt intimate all at the same time. She and Ash were both exhausted already, they had danced the first hour and sat down when Eleni couldn’t feel her feet
anymore. They were at the centre of a long and narrow table, with close family sitting to either side. As the first round of food began to appear, the music got lower and people started sitting down.

Ash made a joke about how many Antonio’s were in the room. He called out the name and so many heads turned his way. Eleni had doubled over in laughter, she was having a ball. She was also a little tipsy from all the ouzo she had drunk on an empty stomach. Ash had warned her about it, the drink was very potent in the region where they were. She had smiled and said it tasted just like eating licorice. Ash kissed her and licked her lips after the
comment and he agreed that it did. The night was amazing until the desserts were served. The trio of cakes they were served each had a cherry on top. She loved fresh cherries and he knew it. She took one and while he was looking, she popped it slowly in her mouth. He grinned and grabbed her leg under the table. He was going to move his hand closer when he saw her face redden and her hands go up to her throat.

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