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What the hell was I thinking? Kaliopi was standing in front of a wrought iron door, her hands were trembling and her throat had a huge lump in it. She couldn't control her nerves, this was a bad idea. She turned to look at the all too familiar rows of olive trees. That tree was where we had our first kiss, that one was where we sat together to picnic under the stars and that one was where we- She didn't have time to continue in her memories. The door opened and out walked a wrinkled old woman, her eyes as dark as the bottom of a well and her lips turned up into a friendly smile.

''Can I help you?''

Kaliopi remembered Dimitra, she was Adonis' grandmother. She had aged quite a bit and she didn't seem to recognize her. Kaliopi held out her hand to greet the old woman, she took it slowly, reaching a bit too much to the left and missing her hand. Kaliopi looked down at Dimitra's hand and then back up to her face.

''Have you lost your sight?''

Dimitra's eyes snapped wide open and a tear slid down her right eye. She brought her hands up to Kaliopi's face and gently felt her lips, her nose, her eyes. When she got to her hair, she felt its length and smiled again.

''I am happy you kept your hair long. You had beautiful hair my sweet Kaliopi.''

Dimitra held out her arms and Kaliopi welcomed the warmth her old friend gave her. After crying a few tears, Dimitra let go and took her hands.

''Please tell me you are here to try and win Adonis back.''

Kaliopi sat on a well worn sofa, tea cup on hand, listening to Dimitra.

''He became a broken man after you left. It was mere months after that we lost Georgios and that sent him spiraling into a deep depression. I think he still hasn't recovered from it all. After a few years, the business was failing and he decided that he was leaving for good. He never looked back.''
Kaliopi frowned, she had not imagined it to have been so hard on him. She sipped her tea and waited, she felt her friend hadn't quite finished yet.
''He wanted me to come with him, but this is my home. I have people who check on me since I have lost most of my eyesight but I am okay. I hear from Adonis from time to time, but not much. He is in Athens now.''
Kaliopi smiled and thanked her for the information. She was about to get up, when Dimitra asked her to stay the night. She wanted to refuse outright, but something told her that the old woman needed someone to talk to. She accepted and called Ash to let him know that she wouldn't be sleeping on their couch that night. He was happy that she had found Dimitra, he knew they had been close once upon a time.
Dimitra led her to a guest bedroom, not remembering that the room had once been Adonis'. Or maybe she did know and that was her plan? Kaliopi simply thanked her and sat down on the twin size bed. Dimitra sat down next to her, found her hands and took them in hers.
''Why are you here Kaliopi?''
Kaliopi cleared her throat and explained to her what had been happening to her in the past year. When she had finished, she waited patiently as the wise woman smiled.
''Adonis has been through a lot. I cannot explain everything to you, but he can. You need to go to him. He will be happy to see you.''

''Papa, please, no more!''

Penelope squirmed beneath her father's hands, he was tickling her in her most sensitive spot. She fought him off as best as a four year old can. He laughed while he continued his playful assault. She giggled and hesitantly kicked in his direction, her foot landed on his head.
''Hey! That's cheating Penny!''
He let her go, holding onto the spot where she had kicked him. She ran away, made her way across the yard and found herself inside their living room. She saw her father run towards her and shrieked, oh no he's going to catch me again.
Adonis watched his daughter run away as fast as she could. He loved having the day off, work was hectic and he took advantage of every free minute to be with her. She was the best thing to ever happen to him, except for another young lady he often thought about. It had been eight years since he had pushed away the love of his life, shoving her in the direction of her dreams. He had kept a close eye on her career throughout the years, had been amazed at how well she had done. He knew that he was only torturing himself, but it had been an effective way to keep his distance. He had wanted nothing more than to run after her, declare his love and ask for her to come back. Seeing her success made him realize that she didn't need him to be happy. She had moved on and after awhile, he did too. Penny was the one good thing that had come out of his marriage. The relationship was doomed from the get go, they were complete polar opposites. They had gotten together way too soon and when he had found out she was pregnant, he did the right thing. Or so he thought. Marrying her had been the biggest mistake of his life. They didn't love each other and they figured out pretty quickly that a marriage without love wasn't something either of them wanted. She had left him and her daughter after two years, Penny didn't remember her anymore. The last he heard, she had remarried and was living in Canada. He had tried to stay in touch for Penny's sake, but Zoe had made it clear that she didn't want to be in her life. So it became him and Penny. He wasn't sad about it, that little girl was the sunshine in his life. Anything he did, he did it for her.
''Daddy's going to find you, and when he does, he's going to tickle you like he's never tickled you before!'' He laughed in a maniacal way, Penny loved when he did that particular one. He stopped to listen and heard her giggle from her bedroom. She was probably in her closet, it was her favorite spot to hide. The doorbell rang and he stood up straight, he had been crouching like some sort of hideous beast while he was playing. He walked to the door, opened it and as soon as he saw who it was, he froze.
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