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The man standing in front of her looked like the boy she had left, but gone was the small frame and in its place stood a tall and muscular man. His youthful face was replaced by a scruffy chiseled one, his hair which she remembered short was now falling in his face in soft curls. She willed her mind to look away, she felt like running her hands through his hair and pulling him in for a smoldering kiss. She felt her knees go weak and she held onto the wall next to her for support. He was looking at her with those deep dark eyes, they still had a way of hypnotizing her. This was Adonis, but he sure had changed. She heard someone running towards them, it was coming from behind him. She waited, steadying herself and standing tall. It was probably his wife, the woman he had moved on with. She didn't want another woman to see her this way, ogling her husband. She stepped back and was about to turn around when she saw the most beautiful little girl saunter around Adonis and look up at her.

She has his eyes. This is his child. Shit, I have to get out of here. She tried to move, but her feet stayed firmly planted to the ground. The little girl said something but it didn't register in her mind. She was still focusing on getting the hell out of there. Why is my body betraying me? The little girl reached up and tugged on Adonis' pants.

''Daddy, is this my mommy?''

I wish I was sweet girl. Kaliopi mentally kicked herself, what the hell was she thinking? Her mind now had control over her too. She waited to see what Adonis would say, she couldn't even begin to explain what she was to him after all this time. She heard him clear his throat and he picked up the little lady.

''This is an old friend. Her name is Kaliopi.''

The little girl turned to look at her and she smiled. She has his smile too. Kaliopi smiled back and when the little girl stuck out her hand, she took it and shook it gently.

''You're really pretty. Isn't she daddy?''

Adonis coughed and tried to laugh away his daughter's remark. He put her down slowly and asked her to go play alone for a few minutes. She huffed a bit, not wanting to go, but left them after a moment. When she was out of sight, he walked out and sat on the porch steps. He patted the space beside him and Kaliopi took it as a sign to join him. She sat far enough so their knees didn't touch, or any other body part for that matter. She didn't know what would happen if he touched her and she didn't want to find out. She did know that no woman was around, or so she hoped, judging by the little girl's question. She sat and waited, not knowing what to say. She had decided to come and visit since Dimitra had told her he wouldn't turn her away, but now that she was there, she didn't know what words to use. She hadn't been prepared in the slightest to see him so changed. He was even more handsome than he had once been, if that was even at all possible. She heard him clear his throat again and she remembered that he used to do that when he was uncomfortable or nervous.

''What's your daughters name?''

He instantly smiled when she reminded him of his little princess.

''Penny. Penelope.''

Kaliopi smiled warmly.

''It suits her perfectly.''

There was a long silence, she could hear every breath he took.

''Where is her mother?''

He instantly looked uncomfortable. She regretted ever asking him.

''I'm sorry. Forget I asked.''

He brought his hand closer to hers and paused to see her reaction, when she didn't pull away, he placed his hand over hers. The sparks she had felt as a teenager were still there, but they were intensified and a warm feeling took over her entire body. He pulled his hand away quickly, as if she had burned him.

''You felt it too?''

He nodded, but didn't say anything. He didn't want to still be so in love with her it hurt. He didn't want to look at her and be mesmerized by her beauty. She reached for his hand and tentatively took it back in hers. The sparks and the fire returned, but this time he didn't pull away.

''Why are you here Kaliopi?''

He desperately wanted to know why she was back in his life. He didn't want to hope and then have her leave again. Although, he was the one who pushed her away, not the other way around. He had said some hurtful things to her, to get her to leave. He wondered if she was here to confront him or maybe to forgive him. She took a deep breath and explained everything to him. She didn't leave anything out. She knew the boy he had once been would listen to anything she had to say. She didn't know if the man that sat beside her was like that anymore, but she didn't want to hide anything from him. So she told him about all the years that had gone by, what she had done, who she had done it with. She told him about going back home and then finding Dimitra. When she was done, she slowly looked up at him, scared at what she would see in his eyes.

''I will have to thank yiayia Dimitra for her meddling.''

And with that, he pulled her close to him and kissed her as he had never kissed her before.

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