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The date

* Erotic scene in this chapter, read at your own discretion *

Holy shit, this is better than I remembered. Kaliopi took a bite out of the warm gooey cheese and felt some grease slide down her chin. She wiped at it with a napkin and a huge smile lit up her face. Adonis looked at her in wonder, she was still the same goofy beautiful girl he remembered. Many things had changed about her, but her love for life was still there. Was she always like this, or was it because she was with him? He hoped it was his presence, but he knew it was selfish to think that way. He had wanted so many times to fly out wherever she was last spotted and try to convince her to come back home. He had always stopped himself because she seemed so happy in all the pictures he had seen of her. He didn’t want to ruin her happiness, she deserved the world. He knew this was their second chance and he was going to make the most of it. He had been an utter fool to let her leave the first time, he would do everything he could to keep her in his life this time.

Kaliopi and Adonis walked along the beach, standing so close, their shoulders touched with every step they took. Their pizza date had gone great, even in the silence, they had found no discomfort. Kaliopi couldn’t believe that they were finally in this moment, together at long last. She had been scared that the attraction and love had faded away, but it had only intensified. The man he had become seemed ever more special than the young man she remembered. She knew it was important not to live in the past, so she was really happy that she loved the man he was now just as much. He still made her feel like she was the only woman in the world, he was still a great listener and he still held an optimistic love for life despite what he had been through.

She looked down at her hand when she felt something graze it. Adonis held it gently in his own and she smiled up at him beneath her long lashes. He pulled her into his arms and crushed his lips to hers. She became dizzy by the intensity with which he delivered his kiss. He pulled away for a moment, leaving her just a few seconds to catch her breath. He hugged her to him tightly and she felt his shoulders shaking lightly around her.

″I’ve really missed you Kaliopi.″ She lifted her head and noticed some unshed tears in his dark eyes. She brought up a shaky hand to his cheek and caressed him softly. She placed a hand on the back of his head and pulled him down to meet her swollen lips. She kissed him with abandon, as she felt his arms pick her up and carry her off to a secluded area beneath a big leafy tree. The ground was covered in fallen leaves and the sky twinkled above them with an unknown number of stars. Adonis let her go and smiled as he looked down at the woman he seemed to love more than his younger self had. He had never moved on, had never stopped loving her, strangely enough, he felt an even more intense attraction and love for her. She was strong and brave, he found that he admired her so much.

Kaliopi reached out to Adonis, she didn’t want to be parted from him. He chuckled when he saw her hand on his leg, he knew just how she felt. He removed his shirt and his laughter died when he saw the look of hunger in her eyes. He couldn’t stay away from her any longer either, he laid down next to her and pulled her close to give her another earth shattering kiss. She ran her fingers up and down his torso and when she roamed lower to his belt buckle, he sucked in his breath. She pulled it off effortlessly, throwing it aside and helped him out of his jeans.

″I want to see all of you Adonis.″ He had never felt so exposed to someone, so vulnerable. He nodded, and pulled down his briefs, watching her face the entire time he stripped. She gasped and tentatively brought her hand to his already thick and hard manhood. He cursed when her soft hand skimmed his length and he grabbed her hand to stop her before he exploded all over her already. His body’s reaction to her was something he had never experienced before. He pushed her down slowly and began pulling her skirt down her body. He helped her out of her top and when she was left only in her underwear, he felt his breath catch again. She was perfection in his eyes. Her body was fit, yet she had womanly curves in all the right places. He saw her cheeks flush and he smiled, he was happy to have such a reaction from her.

He wondered if she had that reaction with all her lovers. She probably had many of them over the years, she was such a beautiful woman inside and out. She could have her pick of any man she wanted and yet here she was, with him. He pushed away the thoughts and focused on the moments he would be having with her. He watched her as she looked up at him, he felt his heart pitter patter in his chest, she was all his for the moment. He would make the most out of their time together.

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