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Losing it

* Erotic scene in this chapter, read at your own discretion *

He heard her breathing intensify when he removed her bra and her underwear. She tried to hide herself with her hands, but he stopped her gently.

″You are perfect Kaliopi. Don’t ever hide from me please.″ She nodded when she saw his hooded eyes looking down at her as though she was the most precious thing to him. He brought his head down and found her left nipple. He licked, sucked, nipped and bit lightly on it, while she arched her back and brought her hands up to pull on his hair. The sounds she made only encouraged him to give the same attention to her right breast. When he had thoroughly finished on her breasts, he left a trail of kisses up her neck and nipped lightly on her ear. She moaned so much it made her feel like a kitten in heat. He found her lips again and she kissed him until she couldn’t breathe. She wanted to give him the same treatment he was giving her, but he didn’t seem to want to stop worshipping her body.

While he went back to kissing her, he trailed his hand down her body and found her throbbing wet core. Her entire body jerked away from the sudden overwhelming feeling. He touched her gently, stroking her outer lips to let her get used to his hand against her most private area. He pushed gently against the soft flesh until one finger was inside her slick walls. She cried out against his mouth and he kissed away her fears.

″Kaliopi?″ He felt as though she was more than turned on but he also felt that she was scared for some reason. She looked at him and tried her best to give a reassuring smile. She looked shy all of a sudden, he was taken aback.

″I’ve never done this.″ Adonis removed his hand and sat up. He felt her hands pull him back down on top of her. ″Please, I have always wanted only you. Don’t pull away.″ He stayed close to her but his mind was reeling. She had really waited all this time for him? And what had he done? He had seemingly moved on with a woman that was no good for him. He did have an amazing little girl thanks to his failed relationship, but he still felt strange now that he knew his only love had waited for him.

″I know it’s strange Adonis, I tried many times to be with someone else, but nobody has ever made me feel like you did and still do.″ He nodded and before he knew what was happening, she flipped him over and was straddling him. She moved down and took his impressive member in her mouth before he had time to stop her. He swore and clenched his fists when she brought up her hands and moved up and down his length.

″Is this okay?″ He couldn’t even answer, he just nodded, his eyes shut. He tried to concentrate on something else, anything else, but it was of no use. Her tentative touch and mouth were too much and he exploded in her mouth after a few more strokes. She took in every drop and looked up at him with an innocent look on her face.

″Oops.″ She giggled, but her fun was cut short when he flipped her back over and placed his mouth directly on her wet slit. She cried out when he stuck his tongue inside and found her throbbing clit. He held her thighs down and licked her like she was a never ending lollipop. She felt as though her body was convulsing, she lifted off the ground with the sensations that overtook her. Adonis continued his assault on her clit and he slipped a finger inside her without her noticing. She screamed as she felt her whole body shake with the strongest orgasm she had ever felt. Adonis felt her walls tighten around his finger and he wondered how the hell he would fit when she was so tight around just one finger.

When Kaliopi returned back to earth, she opened her eyes and looked down at Adonis. He had a huge smile on his face, but he seemed hesitant.

″What’s wrong my love?″ She waited until he moved up and settled himself between her legs. She looked down at his massive size and the same hesitant look overcame her face. She decided that she didn’t want him to feel like he would hurt her, so she thrust her hips up quickly. He was inside her inviting warmth a few inches, before he stopped her hips from going any further. She held back the scream that threatened to escape and felt a tear slide down her cheek.

″Kaliopi!″ She knew that he had wanted to take his time, but if she would have let him, he would have thought he was the reason she was hurting. This way, the pain would be her fault and it would be over much faster. When she felt the pain dull, she moved slowly against him and moaned when she realized how full she felt. He took her moan as a sign to start moving and he did just what her body asked. He slid in as far as he could go and pulled back out slowly. Kaliopi felt her eyes roll back into her head, she was more than overwhelmed by the amazing feelings. After a few more slow thrusts, she felt another orgasm building in her core. She held onto his strong shoulders and bit down on her lower lip when it hit her like a tidal wave. She heard Adonis suck in his breath and his body shook on top of her.

''Are you on the pill?'' She barely registered the question but she nodded when she finally understood. He kissed her while he let himself go and she felt his rigid member throb inside her. He pulled out slowly and laid down next to her, pulling her into his protective arms. She closed her eyes and fell asleep a few minutes later. Before she was taken to dreamland, she heard him whisper something in her ear.

''Please don't leave me again.''

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