It's all Greek to me

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Never leave you

Kaliopi opened her eyes and felt a warm presence surrounding her from behind. The sun filtered through the tree leaves above them and voices could be heard approaching the sleeping adults. Adonis opened his eyes when he heard the voices, he was disorientated for a moment, but quickly snapped out of it. He stood up, pulling Kaliopi with him, helping her pull her dress over her head and stuffing her undergarments in her purse. He put on his clothes quickly and took hold of her hand so they could walk out before someone saw them. Kaliopi was still half asleep, as he held her close and guided her to the open beach area. They snuck out quietly, right before the group reached their hiding spot.

Kaliopi and Adonis ran hand in hand across the beach, their laughter echoing through the air. When they reached the restaurant where they had eaten the night before, they stopped and Kaliopi clutched her side in a fit of giggles. She couldn't believe that she had slept so good, for too long her nights had been plagued by nightmares. It seemed that her one true love was the answer to her sleeping dilemma. She stopped laughing when she felt Adonis push her gently up against the wall and bring his hand up to touch her cheek.
''How did I ever let you go?'' He bent down and kissed her softly on her forehead. She reached behind him and engulfed him in a tight hug. ''I'm here now.'' They stayed plastered to each other for the longest time, until they heard someone clearing their throat. Adonis pulled back and the lovers turned to see the owner of the restaurant smirking at them.
''I hope this is the one true love you've been going on and on about Adonis.'' The accused blushed and turned to look at a smiling Kaliopi. ''One true love?'' She hugged him to her tightly and he cursed at Alexander for interrupting. His friend laughed, threw the garbage bag in the bin and went back inside the pizza place. Adonis pulled himself away from her death grip and kissed her gently, letting her know just how much he still loved her. She melted against him once again and moaned when he deepened the kiss. He pulled back, held out his hand and they walked away from the wall.
''I need to get back home to relieve Nora of her babysitting duties.''
As they walked back to his house, Kaliopi thought of all the things that had changed since she had left Greece. Adonis was now the father to a beautiful little girl, he ran his own shipping company and he was not planning on going back home. She wondered what had really happened to him over the years, what had made him decide to leave the family business. It had been such an important part of him, losing his father seemed to impact him more than she could have imagined. From the way she had seen him with his daughter, he loved her with a fervent passion. Family was still important to him, she knew as much, but why he didn't want to go back? She felt the need to find out. Not because she wanted to try and get him to change his mind, but to help him get past the pain and show him that she was here for him.
''What will you tell Penny?'' Adonis stopped walking and looked at her squarely in the eyes. He took her hands in his and a sincere smile lifted the corners of his mouth.
''We need to have a talk about the future. I want you in it, but I'm scared I might push you away if you're not ready.'' Kaliopi kissed him gently and tried to hug his insecurities away. She felt his head bend down and kiss the top of her head, then he took in her coconut shampoo smell and sighed.
''I love you so much Adonis, I have never stopped. I want to be in your life. In Penny's life. I know it will be hard, but I don't ever want to leave you again.'' She hesitantly looked up into his eyes and when she saw pure happiness, she smiled. He bent down and kissed her. Time stopped. It was as though they were the only two on earth. The curious onlookers that walked by were not even acknowledged by the infatuated couple. When Adonis pulled back, he saw Kaliopi's swollen lips and couldn't resist bending back down and pulling her close. He couldn't get enough of her.
Kaliopi tried to pull back, not wanting everyone to be a part of their intimate moment. The young man she had known only showed her his love in private, this new older man didn't care about shouting it to the world it seemed. She liked the newer version, but it still didn't stop the blush from creeping up her cheeks. When they finally pulled apart, they resumed their walking arm in arm and Adonis pulled out his cellphone. He dialed and Kaliopi listened, as he asked the babysitter if she could keep Penny for the evening as well. He ended the call and snaked an arm around her shoulders.
''If you say no, I'll understand. I didn't ask you before making the arrangements, but I wanted to be sure she could keep Penny.'' Kaliopi couldn't fault the way he had went about it.
''What did you have in mind?'' He pulled her even closer, if that were at all possible, and kissed the top of her head. She loved the sweet gesture so much, it brought tears to her eyes. As they reached his house, they walked up the front stairs and Kaliopi drew in a deep breathe.
Here goes everything.
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