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When Ash walked in, he had no idea what to expect. His uncle had informed him of Eleni with a smack to the back of the head. He thought that Ash had known about her coming and had not told anyone about it. Ash had been just as surprised, wondering why she would come now that he was dead and buried. Did she finally decide to come and see him after all this time, or did she know he was gone, and she wanted something of his? He wouldn’t know until he spoke to her about it. He walked into the kitchen and heard a voice coming from the bedroom.

‘’Whoever you are, you are trespassing. Leave now or I will have to use force.’’

He laughed and thought of her father. He would be proud of the woman she had become. He wanted to see if her threat was real, wanted to have a bit of fun with her. He walked into the hallway and almost got to her hiding spot before he saw a fist flying towards his face. He learned the hard way to trust her when she said she made a threat. When he bent down to grab his throbbing face, she jabbed him in the side and ran past him. He heard her run out of the house and slam the door.

As soon as she made it outside, Helen ran towards the road, but slipped on a hidden rock and fell to the ground. She heard the stranger run up behind her.

‘’Let me help you up.’’

He had an Australian accent. How weird for her to hear such a voice in such a place. She took the arm and turned to look at the intruder. He was a beautiful sight to behold. An Adonis of a man, tall, dark, with perfectly chiselled features. Was she blushing? Get a hold of yourself, she thought, as she yanked her hand away.

‘’Who are you? And why are you in my house?’’

He looked puzzled.


He stepped back and looked her over. She was feeling self-conscious about it. Who did he think he was, checking her out like that? And why did he seem so puzzled at what he saw. Was he expecting something different? He didn’t even know her! Or so she thought at the time. He cleared his throat and smiled.

‘’You’re Eleni right? You look so much like your father.’’

She was taken aback. Never in her life had she thought she resembled her father in any way, especially physically. She laughed at the comment.

‘’My father?’’

He smiled again, it was a killer smile, damn him.

‘’I shared his blood but I sure as hell didn’t share his looks.’’

The stranger frowned, he understood that she didn’t have a soft spot for her dad.

‘’Who are you?’’

She was beginning to lose patience with the beautiful stranger.

‘’I’m Ash, I live here. Your father took me in when I had nowhere else to go.’’

Helen was stunned that her father would do such a thing. You had to have a heart to take pity on someone and help. Or maybe he got something out of it.

‘’Well I’m sorry about your loss then, you probably miss him more than I do.’’

He frowned but nodded because she was right. He kept looking at her weirdly, finally she looked down and noticed that she wasn’t wearing her shirt anymore. What the hell? she thought. Her memory quickly returned, and she saw an image in her mind of her using her shirt as a towel to freshen up. She shrieked, hid herself as best she could with her arms and ran back inside.

‘’How did the fact that my father left his house to two people slip your mind?’’

Helen shouted into the telephone, hoping that Ash didn’t think she was crazy. She was sitting in the bedroom and he was in the living room, watching something on the television. After she hung up with the notary, she walked out of the room and walked towards him.

‘’It seems my father did in fact leave it to both of us.’’

She was kind of heartbroken about it. Her father leaving her the house had seemed like a last loving gesture from her father, now she didn’t know what it was anymore. This stranger was as much a son to him as she was his daughter, or else he wouldn’t have left him the house. She felt sad and it was a new feeling towards the memory of her father’s passing. She hadn’t really felt much of anything until this moment. Ash looked up from the couch and nodded.

‘’What do you propose we do about it?’’

She had no idea; she didn’t even want to begin to think about it. She wasn’t going to live with a stranger, was she? They had to figure something out that would benefit them both.

‘’Do you want to keep living here?’’

He nodded.

‘’I work at the restaurant in town with my uncle Thanasi, my life is here now.’’

She nodded and wondered where his life had been before. Why are you wondering that you dummy? she thought to herself. Who cares where he was before, what matters is where he is now. She sat down next to him on a comfy chair and smiled, thinking at what he had just said.

‘’Your aunt is one hell of a cook! And you uncle is so sweet. They are lovely people.’’

Ash smiled and nodded. What the hell are we going to do? He thought.

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