It's all Greek to me

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What do we do now?

This could not be happening. He was clearly attracted to Eleni and he didn’t know how to process the information. After hearing so much about her, he had come to envision her as a little sister,
not this goddess he had sitting beside him. She probably did not see herself as such, she had no makeup on, her hair was dishevelled and the look in her eyes was wild, but she looked magnificent to him. He had a hard time thinking straight when he looked at her, couldn’t get more than a few words and grunts out when she asked a question. He was acting like a fool, he could feel it, but could she? At least he knew she liked his aunt and uncle, they had raised him, so it was as though she approved of his parents. That made him smile but even more confused than before, did he want her to like his family? Did he want another woman in his life already? It had been a few years since he had lost Sarah, but he had never come close to feeling like he did towards Eleni already. She seemed so confused at his presence, he knew she had not expected to find someone living in her father’s house, even less someone owning the house with her. He wondered again why Angelo had left him such a big responsibility and especially co owning the house with his daughter. Maybe he hadn’t thought of the repercussions it would have had on her or maybe he did and that’s why he made Ash an owner too because he loved him like a son and wanted his daughter to meet him. Who knew? They certainly didn’t and they weren’t close to finding out it seemed.

Helen woke up with a scream, clutched her covers to her chest and tried to hold back the tears. She had been having more nightmares because of all the stress she was living. She hated dreams in general, even good ones. Who needed dreams anyways? They were just there to make you think you could have a happily ever after. She was optimistic to a certain degree; however she knew that life could throw you under the bus if it wanted to. She heard footsteps coming towards the room and she groaned. She did not want that beautiful man seeing her in this state.

’’Is everything ok Eleni?”, he asked her while clearly seeing she was in distress.

She nodded, but he could tell that she just wanted to be left alone. He left the room and made his way to the kitchen. Eleni got out of bed and went to the bathroom, where she threw some water on her face and fixed her hair a bit. She walked over to him and saw that he was making her some herbal tea. She sat down at the table and watched him quietly until he placed the cup in front of her.

’’Thank you.’’

Ash sat down next to her and smiled.

’’My sister had really bad anxiety after bad dreams and this was my aunt’s remedy.’’

Helen smiled and sipped her tea carefully. He was a thoughtful
man and she appreciated the effort he was making for a woman he barely knew. It had taken every fibre of his being not to pick her up and hold her close after he had found her awoken from a bad dream. He had never had such a strong pull to someone, even to Sarah, and it scared him. He felt like he had known her his entire life and it scared him to get hurt he realized. He did know a lot about child and teenage Eleni, but this beautiful troubled woman he had close to him was something completely different, yet she felt so familiar. He didn’t know what to make of anything, he felt like the attraction was too strong on his end and he needed to back away because she didn’t seem to feel the same way. He didn’t want to scare her off, although it would be hard since they both lived together it seemed. When he had heard the news, unlike Eleni, he had been happy about it. He didn’t show her how he felt, although it would have been hard since just looking at her made his mind blank. He knew that he wanted to stay in the house with her, he just liked being around her, however she seemed to just want to flee every time she looked at him. Owning the house together would be a challenge, but he was ready to face it with her.

The man is perfect, Helen thought. No one is perfect, was her next thought. She kept going over everything he had said since they had met. It wasn’t much until now and she wanted to know
more, but she didn’t want to seem to eager and scare him. He seemed like such a beautiful person on the inside too, he had been nothing but nice to her since the beginning. She had held back
every emotion when he had made her the cup of tea. She had felt like jumping into his arms and burying her head in his chest and just letting all the pain out. She still had tears left to cry, but
she didn’t want to do it when he was around because she thought it would scare him off. However, they did live together technically, so where could he go? She smiled at the thought. She was living with a stranger for goodness sake! She had to get to know him, at least for the sake of living together peacefully. She didn’t think it would be a problem though, he didn’t seem like a man that was hard to please, much less live with. He seemed to get along just fine alone and that was a good thing because she wasn’t the type of woman to do everything for a man. Why are you thinking about keeping house for him? she thought to herself. They were not anywhere close to knowing each other enough for marriage and all that. She had been deeply burned from her first attempt at marriage and she was very cautious. However, something told
her that he was a man that was worth getting to know more.

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