It's all Greek to me

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Eleni was standing in front of the sink, singing under her breath as she scrubbed and inspected, dried and placed the dishes. She looked out the window and suddenly a large round greenish alien head popped up in her eyesight. She fell back, screaming as she tumbled down to the ground. She tried to run away but her body seemed to be frozen to the ground. She tried to scream again but her voice seemed to have been lost to fright. She looked as the window opened and long slimy tentacles began slithering towards her...
Eleni let out the loudest scream and shot up from the couch. Kat surprisingly didn’t move a muscle, just kept on snoring lightly beside her. Why on earth had she watched that horror movie before closing her eyes? She had eaten some chocolate too and it always made her dream more vividly than usual. She tried to wake up but the dream went on for a few moments too many. Eleni tried to calm herself down a bit, but she couldn’t shake the image of the huge alien eyes piercing her. She turned around when she heard footsteps behind her. It was Ash. In a towel. He was wet. What the hell? Was she still dreaming?
When Ash saw Eleni he calmed down a bit because she seemed fine. She wasn’t hurt, she was just standing there looking at him at though she was in a trance. He saw her start to reach out but then pulled her hand back quickly.
“Are you okay Eleni? I heard a scream.”
She didn’t respond, only stood there looking at the towel loosely tied around his waist. He looked down and understood he was way too under dressed.
“Sorry, I’ll go put on some clothes.”
She shook her head and slowly walked over to him.
“How are you so perfect? I mean, look at you, you’re like a Greek God.”
He laughed at the last part, noticing her eyes were filled with lust. He was not of the same opinion as the woman standing in front of him.
“I’m far from perfect Eleni.”
She just kept staring at him and she finally brought her hand up to his shoulders and lightly touched him.
“I love your shoulders. So strong.”
She moved her hand to his neck and slowly traced down his skin until she touched his chest. He was having a hard time focusing on the words coming out of her mouth. Did she not see what she was doing to him?
“You are such a beautiful man.”
She looked at him as though he really was perfect. It made him feel so special, yet if there would ever be anything between them, she had to understand that he wasn’t perfect. She brought up her second hand to his chest and closed the gap between them. She looked up in his eyes and whispered “kiss me Ash.” As soon as his name left her lips, he was closing the space between fiercely.
Their lips touched softly at first, but when she moaned against him, he savagely took what she was offering. The passion that they both felt was all consuming, it made them both tingle
in places they had both long forgotten about. His hands found her waist and pulled her even closer, she could feel the heat radiating off of his chiselled body.
Eleni was really loving this dream. So much better than the one with the big alien head scaring her. This dream she was having with Ash made her so happy. She had never had a dream feel so real, she didn’t want it to end. When both of them came back up for air, she smiled and grabbed his face between her hands.
“You really are the most beautiful man.”
She kissed him again and again until she felt like she was going to faint from pleasure. She had never felt so in love with someone, it scared her and thrilled her at the same time. She put her arms around his neck and he lifted her up gently. She wrapped her legs around him and he carried her to the kitchen, where he sat her down on the counter. He held onto her tightly, burying his face in her hair, trailing kisses down her neck and rubbing her nipples gently through the fabric that separated them.
“This is the best dream I have ever had.”
Ash pulled back and looked at her. Her eyes were closed, her head was tilted to one side to give him access to her neck and her lips were swollen from the heavy make out session they had just shared. Now he understood why she was acting this way. She thought she was having one of her vivid dreams she so often talked about. He instantly felt like he was taking advantage of her. He didn’t want her to think it was all a dream, he wanted her to know that what they had between them was all too real. He wanted her to know that he loved her and cared for her and that she was the perfect woman for him. He wanted to tell her many things but it would have to wait until the morning.
He kissed her a bit more, not wanting to go too far anymore. He wanted her to be wide awake the next time they were intimate together. He pulled back to look at her one more time and thought damn she is hard to walk away from. He decided to carry her to his bedroom, gently placing her down, as he pulled the covers over her beautiful body. She looked up at him and her eyes pleaded with him to continue what they had started in the living room. He laid down next to her and let her get close, wrapping his arms around her. She brought her hand to his chest and he took it in his own.
''Sleep now Eleni, there will be time for everything else in the morning.''
She smiled and he felt her go to sleep almost instantly. He looked down at the peaceful woman sleeping in his arms. He felt a sharp twinge in his chest, it felt like his heart was trying to tell him something. I need to tell her I love her.

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