It's all Greek to me

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A week later

I’m confused, my human hasn’t taken me out for a walk in so long, ever since I jumped into the water. She just lays down with one of her legs up and it scares me. She watches a lot of that box with things that move inside and doesn’t stand a lot. Did I do something to make her sick? I really hope my human gets better, the other one is trying it’s best to walk me and take care of me but it isn’t the same.

The week passed by so slowly, yet so quickly at the same time. Eleni didn’t like having to rely on others, especially not Ash. He was the perfect person to take care of her, he knew just what to do or say to always make her feel better. She didn’t want to rely on him more than she already was because she was falling for him hard and it scared her so much. She had fallen in love slowly with her ex fiancee, things had progressed at a steady pace. But
with Ash it was on a whole other level. She just knew somehow that he was sent on earth just for her and it scared the living hell out of her. She had been in Greece for less than two months now and when she thought about it, it seemed insane to her. How could she have been an engaged woman in a job that was taking her nowhere, to now becoming a woman who owned a house with a practical stranger she was in love with?

Ash removed the bandage one last time and smiled.

“You are all healed and ready to walk like a normal person again.”

Although he wanted her to feel better, he was going to miss her
relying on him for everything. He loved her and the best way to tell her was to show her. He had taken less hours at the restaurant, his aunt had sensed that something was wrong
because he had been more distracted than ever. She had taken him aside and had asked what was going on with the woman he owned the house with. He had not given many details but she had known by the way he spoke of Eleni that he had feelings for her.

“Just be careful Achilles. You don’t know her all that good yet...”

She had meant well, she couldn’t have known that they had gotten to know each other really well in a relatively short time. However,
he had some ghosts in his closet that she needed to know about and he couldn’t wait anymore to tell her.

It was good to feel normal again. Eleni bent down and scratched Kat’s ears. “Walk?” The mutt instantly wagged her tail and proceeded to bounce up and down as a psychotic rabbit. Eleni laughed, grabbed the leash and they walked out the door. It was a beautiful day out, she had missed going for her daily walks with Kat. She had missed walking along the old roads that led to older ruins and new discoveries everyday. She had missed the sun warmly caressing her cheeks. She had missed above all her talks with the mutt. She knew the dog couldn’t answer, she wasn’t crazy, but it felt good to have someone to talk with. She didn’t
have any friends in town yet and she sure as hell couldn’t talk to Michelle anymore. She needed to figure some things out and Kat was just the mutt to help.

Yay! We’re outside! Things are back to normal! I’m so so so so happy! Oh my goodness it feels good to be out with my human again! She is walking with me and talking with me, just like before! I hope she takes me for a walk again tomorrow! And the day after! And the day after that! Oh, I’m so happy!!!

As soon as Eleni walked through the door, Ash felt his heart beating faster and faster. He wanted so much to just take her in his arms and kiss her until she understood how much she meant to him. He knew however that it would scare her, he could see that she was always holding back when she was around him. He didn’t want to scare her off, but at the same time, he didn’t want to waste any more time just being her friend.

“How was your walk?”

Kat ran past him and laid down on the couch, expecting Eleni to sit down beside her. Instead she walked over to where Ash was sitting, at the table.

“It was amazing to be able to walk by myself again.”

He smiled but he said “I loved being your crutches this past week.”

She looked up at him and shook her head sadly.

“I hated having to rely on you for everything.”

“And I loved it.”

She was taken aback. She had felt that he truly was happy to do everything for her, but she had thought deep down that maybe he was just faking it so she wouldn’t be sad that he had to help. She didn’t truly believe that he liked helping her until that very moment. He seemed like a genuine person, she didn't like having so much doubts about him. Damn Christopher and her father and everyone in her life that made her have a bad opinion of men. She wanted to believe that he wanted to be with her, but it was hard since all the men in her life turned out to be such pricks.

“I need to tell you something Eleni”.

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