Beyond These Walls (Sequel)

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Chapter 23

Edit: When I wrote this chapter, it was my first time writing a sex scene, and I was nervous about it. I then decided write it, but don't expect it to be very good. This scene takes place after the 'he lowered my body to the bed' part in the previous chapter. It's also not that long either.


My shirt was ripped open, my pants yanked off, thrown carelessly to the ground. My hands automatically went to cover my exposed breasts, feeling vulnerable under the weight of Xerxes' lusty gaze. His eyes softened at my actions, his fingers slowly moving to remove my hands, pull them away and rest them gently by my sides.

“Don’t hide from me.” Xerxes said softly, his thumb lifting to trace my bottom lip. His large body loomed over mine for several seconds before he withdrew to sit above me, pinning me down with his hips. My breath caught in my throat when he took off his shirt.

Oh. My. Gawd.

Lips became parched as my eyes greedily took in his bare chest, the defined muscles of his abdominals. I could feel him watching me as I lifted my fingers to touch his warm chest, feel his slow heartbeat.

Heat coursed through my arm and I swallowed stiffly. A grin pulled at my lips when I decided to lock eyes with him, slowly lowering my hand to feel his cock pressing hard against the tight material of his pants. Xerxes’ lips parted, a low moan coming from him as I continued to keep my hand against him.

His head dipped to press an open-mouthed kiss against my mark, and I gasped, moving my hand to fist his curly black hair as he pressed kisses down my body.

“So beautiful.” He breathed against the skin of my stomach, sending waves of pleasure through me. He rose again, cupping my pussy with one hand, immediately making me jerk backwards in shock.

It was now Xerxes’ turn to grin as I inhaled slowly, waiting with barely controlled anticipation. His finger dipped into my weeping heat, stroking deeply.

Teeth grinded hard together as I fought against whimpering loudly in pleasure. My eyes closed tightly, lost in ecstasy. I grasped the blankets as he became more rough, two of his fingers dipping into my pussy to stroke even harder, his thumb rubbing against my clit. Xerxes stopped abruptly and I opened my eyes in fury.

“Moan for me, Becca,” Xerxes rasped. I licked my lips, lowering my head against the soft pillow when he began to stroke again. Silver eyes narrowed when he saw my disobedience, his movements slowing. He lowered his head down, growling in my ear, “Moan for me.”

My hips jerked when he resumed his fast strokes, unable to withhold my pleasure filled groans and moans. I could feel something beautiful, euphoric rising, reaching a peak.

“Xerxes!” I whimpered, clawing at his shoulders when I came, my hips bucking continuously as I did so. He continued to stroke me until I grasped his wrist, groaning for him to stop. My eyes closed tightly as I caught my breath, little tremors racking my body.

I could hear Xerxes taking off his pants, the thudding sound of it echoing in the room when it hit the ground. He turned me around and pulled me to my knees, held my hip with one hand and lowered my back slightly with the other.

I stared ahead at the headboard as his throbbing cock slid into me. I hissed in pain at the intrusion, as he broke my hymen. Xerxes growled, a throaty, deep sound that momentarily distracted me from the discomfort.

His thrusts increased and my pain became a distant feeling, pleasure overcoming me, my mind blind to anything else but the feeling of his thick, hard cock pounding inside my pussy.

My pussy tightened around him as I came, once, twice. Three times. I pressed my head into the pillow, stifling my screams. His fingers reached under my body to tease my clit and I moaned, throwing my head back. He pressed a kiss on my neck, grunting as his cock sunk deeper.

“Mine.” Xerxes snarled against my mark, thrusting even faster. My world became a blur as I came again, biting my lip hard.

I gasped when he began to come as well, giving me one last thrust before spilling his seed deep into me, moaning softly as he gripped my hips, keeping me firm against him, not releasing me until he was finished. My body slumped to the bed in exhaustion, completely sated.

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