Beyond These Walls (Sequel)

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Chapter 31

I sunk into the stiff chair, body leaned forward in anticipation, eyes fixed on the small, rectanglular screen resting on the oval table, countless wires attached to the back of the large device. Xerxes stood behind me as Easton fiddled with the wires, until footage showed on the screen, allowing everyone to see what Kesley was seeing.

I stiffened when I saw a man approach her when she neared the entrance of the glass building, barking out various questions about why she was here. It was hard to hide that she was a werewolf, so she gave some story about hating Xerxes and wanting to be apart of the great plan that Idina was formulating. The guard looked at her sharply afterwards, but stepped aside, letting her in.

For several minutes, all we saw was darkness, but heard the noise of her boots thumping against what sounded like tiled floor. Kesley paused at a door, which a young lady held open with a polite smile. And as soon as she stepped inside, I could see what looked like at least a hundred people in the room, voices loud and grating.

Kesley was able to sit in a seat, nearby a group of humans crowded around a table. She angled her body close to them as they spoke and I found it difficult for me to hear them. I looked behind me to Xerxes who locked eyes with me briefly, but then his head turned back to the screen when Kesley stood. I noticed that the group of persons had stopped talking and were staring at her suspiciously as she rose to her feet.

When she moved further into the room, I could see a small stage set up, a few microphone stands in place on it as well. A few people milled back and forth, placing sheets of papers and filling glasses with water. A banner was situated on a wall behind the stage, the large words of 'The Insurgency Club' on it.

Kesley sat in a seat nearest to the stage and for a long while, that was all she did. I looked down at a watch I wore. It was clear that the starting time of this meeting had passed, yet no one around Kesley seemed to be complaining. Kesley began to fidget then, a sigh of impatience being heard.

But then, abruptly, people began walking to seats as well, their voices echoing in the room, only stopping when a woman, dressed provocatively, swayed on stage. The golden dress she wore was tight-fitting, making no effort to hide her curves. I was certain that one would see her behind if she chose to bend over because of how short the dress was.

"Good night. I mean, Good morning. My name is Alexandria Farret." She purred into the microphone, confidence oozing from her voice. "Sorry about the delay; the founder hadn't arrived yet."

No one said anything. Someone coughed from in the back.

"Anyhow, I'll just get into what exactly we'll be talking about throughout this meeting. So we'll be discussing how exactly we'll be carrying out the plan, which Claire and Idina had talked about the last time we met up. Unfortunately, Idina will not be able to make it; I've been trying to get into contact with her but haven't gotten a call. But I'm sure she's fine."

My eyes lowered briefly. "She's fine alright." I muttered.

"I know some of you may be tired, so this meeting won't be long," The woman continued. "However, I also know that some of you are eager to see who the founder is. It's my pleasure, to introduce to you, the founder and my fiancé, Gary Havenough!"

A man stepped out of the shadows behind the stage, his movements slow but precise. I swallowed blood from my bitten tongue as a feeling of cold dread washed through me, along with icy shock. Gary came into the light and my eyes immediately went to the horribly scarred side of his face, the flesh bumpy and pale. The entire half was ruined and I knew, that those bombs had done a great damage to him.

He didn't walk the same way he used to in the past, and there was a slight limp which he did with each step he took. Gary was self-conscious about his face, judging by the way he purposely angled his body so that the normal half of his face could mostly be seen.

"Good evening." Damn, even his voice sounded different; it was throaty and deeper, with a rough, almost painful sounding gravel to it. His hair reached his shoulders and was a contrast to the way it was neatly kept in the past. He constantly had to push away a strand of hair behind his ear as he spoke.

His fiancé gazed up at him and my head cocked to the side at her expression. It appeared that she wasn't really in love with him, her smile was too forced and her laugh was too loud. But yet she clung to his muscled arm; that was until he managed to shake her off of him.

She pouted but retreated away, sitting down in a chair and lifting a glass of water to her lips.

"Let me first start by saying how thankful I am to have so many supporting our cause," Gary spoke, his good eye looking over the mass of people. "All of what I do, and what we all will get together and do, will be for the benefit for us all."

Kesley shifted in her seat and I saw a few doubtful frowns and slight shaking of heads; they knew his real plans. When Kesley faced forward again, I spotted Claire hurrying on to the stage, trying to be discreet as she did so, and sat beside Alexandria, who didn't even bother to look her way.

"I've managed to get into contact with a few elite werewolves," Gary continued speaking. "We just have to wait until they get back to me at a further date and see if they agree with my plans. With both races combined, I believe we all should be able to get rid of Xerxes' ruling, and strip away the loyalty which persons hold towards him."

Xerxes' brow arched, but said nothing as he stonily stared ahead at the screen. He, unlike me, didn't really seem surprised to see his stepbrother; either that or he was harbouring his emotions very well.

"I also, along with the assistance of Sinclair," A broad hand lifted and heads turned to the werewolf standing near the entrance of the room, arms folded tight across his chest. His head lifted when Gary gestured to him. "Have came up with a date that we hope to ambush Xerxes. We believe that he is currently staying by Anahind View, in his home with his mate, Rebecca," Gary tripped over my name, as if saying it disgusted him and my lips twitched, unsure whether I should laugh or scowl.

"It is a heavily guarded community, however, so many of you will have to come out and fight alongside us. And if that plan doesn't work, I can have either Sinclair or Claire find Rebecca's mother's house and hold her family hostage until Xerxes decides to give himself up."

"What is the date?" The question came from Claire.

"The 21st of this month. So in a week's time we shall set out on our plans." Gary exhaled softly, and I saw a shadow of doubt, but then anger and then calmness come over him. It was almost troubling, seeing him experience these emotions so quickly one after the other. "Do you all have any questions?"

"Yes." The voice sounded near Kesley, and I was able to get a side profile of him when Kesley turned to face him. I glared at the screen and looked to my mate.

"Xerxes...isn't that the man who was at the dinner yesterday?"

"Yes." He responded after a brief analyzation. "Jeffery is his name I believe."

Jeffery had been mostly quiet throught the dinner and I had taken notice that he had mostly just chose to watch Xerxes whilst he spoke, smiling occasionally when a joke was given. He had been one of the most apprehensive person there, but seemed to soften up to Xerxes and myself an hour before we left.

"I have a question about the werewolves," Jeffery asked, voice strong and clear. Gary tilted his head, his eye narrowing slowly, listening as the man continued speaking. "When Xerxes is gone, will you also try to resolve issues between humans and werewolves? Many still dislike us."

I had a feeling that Jeffery was in talks with Claire and knew what Gary's true goals were after getting rid of the Alpha, but he wanted to hear what Gary had to say for that question, watch his reaction.

"Yes." Gary said shortly. "Any other questions?"

Many others had questions, but I noticed that the ones who Gary did choose to talk with were of his own race. The raised hands of humans were ignored, almost painfully obviously so. I could also tell that Claire was becoming angry with Gary's dismissive behaviour towards humans, but said nothing.

Like Alexandria said, the meeting was short. After thanking the audience once again, Gary walked briskly to the back of the stage, whilst Alexandria stood and began explaining that there would be refreshments in the hall.

Kesley left when the others did and no attention was drawn her way, thankfully. Easton turned off the computer screen and stepped away.

"How did he manage to survive all of those bombs?" I blurted. Xerxes shook his head, looking just as perplexed as I was. I was certain I had locked him in that room, so I was extremely confused as to how he was alive.

"A couple people were panicking," Kesley told us when she came back in and began to take off the camera attached to her. "They went to the shed and saw that all of their weapons are missing. They are trying to find ways to buy more, but I didn't get to hear everything because they had realized that I was listening in."

The small device was handed to Easton, who carefully put it away. Hands on hips, Kesley looked warily to Xerxes. He wasn't looking in our direction, and instead faced the tinted window of the van, not allowing us to see his expression.

I stepped up to him then, looked up at his calculating eyes, which hardened when I asked,

"So what do we do now?"


"Rebecca?" George mumbled when I flicked on the light in his bedroom, squinting up at me as he sat up on his elbows. "W-What are you doing h-"

"Help me pack your stuff." I demanded, already taking up a bag and beginning to put random things inside. George blinked at me slowly, still sleepy.


I got onto my knees, taking up a few toys that I saw on the ground. "You're going to be staying with Xerxes and I for a while."

He frowned at that, throwing the covers off his body and rubbed at his eyes. "I'm confused, Becca." He said, but began helping me anyway.

"I'll explain later." I said, handing over the large plastic bag to him and then moving to his closet, taking up his clothes and putting them in a separate bag.

"It's three in the freakin' morning." George whined, his shoulders slumped when he packed away what he wanted. "Couldn't you wait until ten a.m. to come over?"

I shot him a look. "George."

He sighed dramatically and stood. "Does mom know you're here?"

I nodded. "Yes. She and Xerxes is with Alyssa in the living room."

George grumbled under his breath, dragging the bag with him whilst I tied the bag of clothes and carried it in my arms downstairs, behind George.

"What's going on mommy?" Alyssa was asking. "Why are we leaving?"

Mother's eyes flickered to me, her and Alyssa's packed bags resting by their feet. Xerxes lifted up some of their bags and Leo did as well. My family followed them to the parked SUV and helped put their bags inside. A house light came on, a neighbor had probably heard us moving around.

I went back inside with my mother once more whilst Xerxes helped George and Alyssa inside the vehicle, making sure they were comfortable.

"How long will we stay with you?" My mother asked, her hands trailing over a table top as I searched through the fridge, pulling out a packet of sweets. Popping one in my mouth, I tucked the packet under my arm and faced my mother.

"Until things aren't as crazy as things are now." I said, tucking the sweet in the corner of my mouth. Mother sighed and looked over the kitchen once more, giving a firm nod.

"I have everything I need." She confirmed. I crunched down on the sweet hard when we got outside, seeing a neighbour outside on their porch. Leo stepped up, blocking the man from seeing us clearly and I secretly hoped that the individual was not a werewolf who is apart of the Insurgency Club.

I clicked the door shut softly and faced the two sleepy-eyed children, who had already caught sight on my sweets and were poking at it with little fingers. I laughed softly and handed it to them, watching them share it between each other.

"So," I spoke after Leo began driving. Xerxes sat upfront with him and was making casual conversation with him. The two children looked up at me when I began talking gently, "The reason why we are letting you guys stay with Xerxes and I for a while, is because there are very bad people who want to harm you all."

Alyssa's eyebrows puckered. "Why?"

I stroked her coiled hair as she stared up at me with her big brown eyes. "Because they are evil." I muttered.

George looked between us slowly and yawned. "Will we be safe by Xerxes?" He asked, his voice soft.

I looked up ahead, locking eyes with Xerxes' silver ones in the rearview mirror. I swallowed and answered George, "I believe so. There are a lot of measures in place in the neighborhood to stop bad people from coming in."

My mother gazed out the window. "His house is so beautiful. I can see myself enjoying my stay there." She paused and glanced to me. "Just as long as those measures you speak of really are able to withhold these ill-intentioned persons."

"You need not worry about that." Xerxes was the one who spoke, his deep voice echoing in the mostly quiet vehicle. "I'll make sure they are."

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