Beyond These Walls (Sequel)

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Chapter 35

"What are you doing at my-"

A struggle ensued, hands holding tight to the arms of the anger-driven werewolf. Scarlett watched from the doorway of the house, wide-eyed as three of Xerxes's soldiers rough-handled Sinclair towards the van parked outside his property.

Flynn whistled lowly as blood was drawn, the thick liquid dripping down Sinclair's forehead and into his right eye. "That must hurt." Flynn said softly. Guessing by the bellow that followed, I knew it had. I pushed my hands in my pockets, bracing myself for whatever Sinclair was going to throw at me as he was dragged by, but his lips were pressed tightly together.

A soft hand touched my wrist and I looked up into worried hazel eyes. "What's going on?" Scarlett demanded.

"He's being detained." I provided for her, nodding my head to Leo who had began to gesture to the parked car. Flynn was already striding over to it and I too began to walk as well, but Scarlett gripped my wrist again.

"Why?" She asked, baffled by the scene unfolding. The soldiers by now had managed to put Sinclair in handcuffs and secured him in the van. Two stayed in the back with him, while the other slammed the door closed. Persons from the surrounding neighborhood were leaving their homes, curious on what was going on and I shook Scarlett's hand off of my wrist.

I faced her momentarily. "I can't say right now," I blurted, not saying anything more. Leo came to my side and led me back to the car, which I promptly got into. We followed the van out of the neighborhood and I sighed.

Xerxes and I were hoping that it wouldn't take much for Sinclair to spew the location which Gary was staying. Idina had refused to say where, despite the numerous things that were done to her. Each threat and each action that was inflicted onto her failed to make her speak.

But after Sinclair was taken into the shed near Xerxes' home, he was just as stubborn as Idina when asked about where Gary was located. I saw the panic that darkened his eyes when Xerxes revealed that he knew what Sinclair and Idina was planning. But once the topic moved to Gary, his face hardened in anger.

"I won't say." Sinclair spat, his spittle flying on the table and I subtly eased away from it, frowning as he shook his head adamantly. His shoulders lowered when Xerxes' nails became claws and his eyes flicked up to him. "Nothing you do will make me reveal anything. I pledged my loyalty to him."

A muscle in Xerxes's jaw ticked. For a long while, all he did was stare down at Sinclair. When his head raised to the door, soldiers marched inside, holding Sinclair's shoulders and lifting him out of the chair. His legs slid against the floor as he fought to stand properly, a hiss of pain and anger rolling from his chest.

"What are you going to do to me?" Sinclair snarled. I could hear the fear behind his words as he was pulled to the door.

"What I should've done a long time ago," Xerxes told him. "Take him to cell 108."

He would be staying in that cell for a while and then he along with Idina would be transferred to a well secured jail.

Sinclair's body shook. "I have done nothing wrong!" He hissed. Xerxes' muscles strained underneath the fabric of his shirt and I looked on warily as he slowly became furious.

"You have betrayed me, Sinclair. The mere act of getting together with Idina and speaking of ways to kill me has led you to the position that you are in now." Xerxes' eyes were blazing as he directed his attention to the soldier still holding Sinclair. "Take him away now."

"If he won't say where Gary is," Flynn stepped into the room after they left, looking just as frustrated as Xerxes. "Then who do we speak to, so that we can figure that out?"


"Whoa babe. Long time no see."

I pushed a hand over his mouth, silencing him. Behind me Xerxes glowered down at Mathew, who proceeded to lick my palm. Gagging I withdrew it, hissing obscenities, wiping his spit on my pants.

Mud clung to the soles of my boots, making it difficult to walk, but nonetheless I managed to pull him aside with me. I could hear voices coming from inside Claire's home, and when I looked up through a window, I saw her talking to atleast five individuals, persons who I recognized to be in the meeting.

Disappointed, I watched as they told her everything that had been spoken, but my head tilted when I saw the way her hands delved into her hair, pulling at the strands.

"He's lying!" Claire barked. "Do you remember what I told you? He's doing this to soft-"

"I'm not so sure, Claire." A man interrupted her. "He was extremely sincere."

"He's a great actor." Claire spat, dropping her hands from her head, fingers curling tightly into fists. "He has a motive. Trust me, he does."

"And what would that motive be?" The man's voice took on a condescending tone and I saw Xerxes' lips curl in a small smile, scrutinizing the way Claire sputtered for an answer.

"I don't know, Taylor." She finally answered. Taylor ran a hand over his face, took a step away from her.

"I believed what you were telling us for a long while, Claire. You were right on Idina and Sinclair wanting to take over the lives of humans. But from what Xerxes has told us, she's locked away. And Xerxes has promised to enforce more heavy laws against discrimination towards humans." A woman spoke from beside Taylor, her voice pleading and soft. "Maybe, we can arrange both of you can talk about it-"

"I will not talk to that beast!" Claire's scream was hysterical. She grabbed at the young woman's hands, yanked her forward. "Surely you still believe me, Edna?"

Edna swallowed hard, averted her eyes. "I'm not so sure anymore, Claire."

Claire stumbled backwards, panic flooding her face. She looked around at the faces of the persons, all who now were going against her. "Then get out of my house. You shall die alongside Xerxes when the time comes. My weapons will be able to kill each and every-"

"Claire, you know as much as I do that those weapons are gone." Taylor told her. "And who shall help you in this fight? No one is going to fight alongside you anymore. Don't you get it? Xerxes is willing to speak with us, to do what we ask of him to do. I won't partake in a battle when all can be solved in a simple conversation."

Her chest was heaving. "Then leave." No one moved. "Get out of my house!" Her voice was shrill and I could hear the sounds of rising sobs. "Get out!"

Her door was flung open and I pressed myself against the side of house. I listened to the sounds of footsteps going down the rocky pathway, straightened and watched as the persons who had been the house walk away.

Xerxes' hand fell on my shoulder, drawing me backwards sharply as Claire came to stand outside her door, tears streaming down her cheeks as she watched them walk away.

Mathew squirmed beside me, distressed to see his mother crying but I shot him a withering glare, my fingernails digging into the skin of his hand. He remained silent until she returned back into her home and then whipped around to Xerxes.

"What are you doing here?" He demanded to know. I promptly ignored him, choosing to instead peer through the window as Xerxes spoke calmly to Mathew.

Claire was sitting on a chair, head lowered as she rocked back and forth, saying words that I couldn't hear. When her head raised abruptly, and she caught my eyes, I exclaimed loudly when she stood and ran further into the small house.

Xerxes followed me inside and I passed empty bowls and papers lying on the floor as we rushed to see where she had disappeared to.

We heard the noise of something breaking and we followed it, my feet skidding against a wet spot on the floor. Confused, I regained my balance while Xerxes burst past me. We both came to a stop by what looked like the back door. My shoulders lowered in disappointment when I saw no signs or traces of Claire.


"You didn't see her?" I yelled over the sound of the rain, the car jerking violently as Leo exited the neighborhood. He shook his head firmly, gripping the wheel and trying to direct it onto the smoother parts of the road.

The seatbelt was tight against my body and I fiddled with it until it loosened, before it snapped right back, fixing itself tightly to me again. Xerxes sat upfront with Leo, silent as the car was driven in the direct of Xerxes' home.

I gazed out at the passing scenery, noticing the contrast between the neighborhood which I had been in minutes ago and the ones we currently were passing by. Xerxes had told me that quite a few people from the Insurgency Club lived in same area that Claire did.

When he asked why they were refusing his help, so that their living conditions could be much better, it had came down to pride.

They would have rather lived in the conditions they did now than have Xerxes do anything about it, because of who, or rather, what he is. But that issue was quickly solved in the meeting according to Xerxes; and strategies were being taken so that they wouldn't have to live on those conditions any longer.

We had travelled the long distance to Claire's home in hopes that she would know where Gary was staying. That and she would have to be arrested for being involved in the failed scheme of murdering me.

But, unfortunately, she had managed to escape and we had found no traces that could lead us to where she went.

Alyssa was waiting by the door when we arrived at the house and she looked up with wide eyes as Xerxes approached her.

"Where were you guys?" She asked, tugging on his arm and beginning to lead him into the house. "Mom made lunch and it's getting cold."

We ambled into the kitchen and I stiffened as I saw the scene before me; my mother laughing loudly, Arthur standing a few feet away with an interested gleam in his eyes as he spoke to her.

"Oh lord," I whispered, jabbing Xerxes with my elbow. He grunted, glanced down at me in confusion and then up to Arthur and my mother. Xerxes' laughter broke whatever gooey-eyed staredown they were having and Arthur backed away as I approached my mother.

"I see that you've made yourself a new friend young lady." I muttered to my mother, picking up a chip which sat on a plate. My mother's brows shot high at my tone. Her eyes flickered to Arthur and Xerxes, who were engaged in conversation and a secret sort of smile lifted her full lips as she decided not to comment on what I just said.

"Enjoy." She gestured to the plate of fries I was currently eating and walked away, Alyssa trailing behind her. I didn't miss the lingering look Arthur gave her when she left and I guffawed with a mouthful of chewed chips; watching the way Arthur's cheeks darkened when he saw that I caught him staring.


My head lifted and fell with each breath Xerxes took, my body curling closer to his as his grip around my waist tightened. I peeled open my eyes, muffling a groan as a knock echoed loudly by the door. Xerxes shifted, pulling me closer to him when I began to raise my head.

"Go away." He snarled to the person at the door, his voice laced with sleepiness. There was silence and then shuffling of feet. I closed my eyes once more, my head dropping back to his chest drowsily. But then that knock sounded again, more insistent than the first time and I sighed, rolling away to cover my body with the sheets as Xerxes pulled on some pants.

Both of us were tired; for most of the night I had watched Xerxes and Flynn interrogate Sinclair. He refused to provide anything about Gary's whereabouts, or the persons who could've possibly joined in with Gary. And by three in the morning, we decided to stop and return home.

Being awoken by knocking wasn't what Xerxes was hoping to happen and his already dark mood became worse.

Xerxes opened the door and I felt sorry for the person having to face his wrath. A woman with short black hair and olive green eyes stared nervously up at her Alpha. Her dark uniform showed that she was a guard.

"G-Good morning, sir. Security at the gate alerted me that there are at least twelve people requesting to speak with you."

Xerxes ran a hand over his face as I braced my upper body on my elbows.

"Who are these people?" Xerxes asked, gripping the door handle. "Did they give their names?"

The woman shook her head. "No. But they did say they were once apart of the Insurgency Club."

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