Beyond These Walls (Sequel)

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The image of Gary killing himself stayed in my mind days after it happened. I lost sleep because of it, and my stomach would knot as I remembered the blood, the way his eyes rolled up and the pistol falling to the ground along with his body.

His fiancé had heard the noise and had decided to leave the makeshift house that apparently Gary himself had constructed. I had expected tears and sobbing when she saw his dead body, but all we she asked was about if she’d be able to get access to the money he had in the bank.

No one paid any attention to her after that, and instead, Flynn, Kesley and I went into the house Gary once stayes in and immediately saw a cellphone which rested on a mattress on the floor.

A thorough search through it showed that it had been Gary's. Messages showed that he had been reaching out to high ranking werewolves, all who refused to be his ally in the plan he had wanted to enforce. There were of course, a few werewolves who weren’t of a high rank that agreed to do it. But in all, that had been only seven who did so. Their names were written down by Flynn, who promised that he would speak to them personally.

And we also found out, after looking through old texts, that Gary and Idina had been the one to set my house on fire, which didn't help lessen my hatred towards her. Claire's name was mentioned in texts, along with Sinclair's. It appeared that she had been the one to figure out and tell Sinclair where I lived and Sinclair then told Idina.

As for Claire, it wasn’t hard to find her. She had decided that since no one would help her, she would go out protesting the werewolves living in the town by herself. Kesley and I found her roaming the streets a day after Gary's suicide, shouting obscenities and spitting in the direction of passing werewolves. She quickly was arrested and taken to jail.

And as for Harold, he had decided to leave town. Atleast that was what the person who he paid rent to told me; and Xerxes didn't bother to try and find him. Harold knew he could never return to this town.

Time has passed since all of that happened, five days to be exact, and along with me worrying about how I could get the memories of Gary shooting himself out of my mind, I was also worried about me being possibly pregnant.

Xerxes was currently standing behind the door, something which I had forced him to do as I peed on a pregnancy test which Penelope had bought for me. I stared hard at the test which rested on the floor of the bathroom, biting hard on my fingernails as I waited the required minutes.

When I saw the result, I burst open the door and chucked the test to Xerxes who loomed over me in confusion.

“Not pregnant!” I declared. I fist pumped the air almost childishly. “Yes!”

Xerxes lifted the pregnancy stick with two fingers, knowing that I had peed on it somewhere and assessed it for himself. “Oh.”

I stopped celebrating, looking at his almost crestfallen expression. Wrapping my arms around his waist I tilted my head up to his. “Don’t look so down, Xerxes. We’ll have kids..someday. Just not anytime soon.”

Xerxes eyes flickered down to mine, the corner of his mouth quirking up into a grin. I pressed my lips briefly to his but pulled away from him after hearing my mother’s yell from downstairs. I tightened up the jacket I wore and hurried down below. The young children were already dressed and waiting.

“Isn’t it supposed to start at noon?” My mother asked, referring to the event that the persons who had once been in the Insurgency Club and Xerxes had arranged. Food and drinks would be on sale and fun activities were also being set up. This event was created in hopes that it would bring humans from the town and country, as well as werewolves, together.

The event would be taking place a little outside our neighborhood, so it would be walking distance. With my hand held in Xerxes’ we travelled by foot to the area.

The sweet smell of freshly baked cakes and cotton candy met us by the entrance and I watched as Sissy ran to a stall, dodging the many persons walking by. At first, I had thought that this event would be a failure, that there was little chance that so many werewolves would come out to intermingle with humans.

But here they were, doing just that. The stalls were swamped with people ordering food and thick long blankets rested on the grass, where people chose to sit and eat or just talk.

My mother took out her own blanket from a bag and laid it down with the help of Alyssa and myself. Xerxes had been dragged away into a conversation with a man and I busied myself by searching for Sissy after making sure the rest of my family were comfortable.

I found her cradling chicken tenders in a tiny basket, looking lost until she saw me. I ordered some food for myself as well, stopped to exchange some pleasantries with Whitney, Mathew’s cousin, who I was surprised to see.

Afterwards, with an arm around her shoulder, I directed Sissy to where my family were staying. My walk slowed when I saw the many people who had gathered around the blanket that Xerxes now sat upon. George and Alyssa were eyeing the werewolves curiously as they spoke. When the individuals saw me approach, there was no awkward pause, or no narrowing of eyes.

I lowered my body beside Xerxes’, shaking my head when he tried to slyly take out one of my grilled chicken legs. Eating one of them, I rested my head against Xerxes’ chest, enjoying his warmth as my eyes fell on the many persons walking through the entrance, apprehension, followed by awe showing on most of their faces.

Years ago, I wouldn’t have thought that it was possible that humans and werewolves would be able to get along peacefully, but here they were, doing so. There were still some issues with humans and werewolves trusting each other, but that was slowly changing. And I looked forward to the day that everyone would live harmoniously.


The End.

Thank you all for reading! Hope you enjoyed it. (:


If you all are interested, I've written another story called ANYA. It's not related to Beyond These Walls however, but there are werewolves involved in the story. More information on it will be provided in the description under the book, which you'll be able to find under my stories. Check it out if you want and I hope you will like it. (:

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