The Demon's Little Goddess

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Two leaders from two different universes, one of halos, one of horns. What will happen when hell and heaven come together and turn the world upside down?

Romance / Fantasy
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Before you read

Hello penguin fam!

I just wanted to address some things before the story begins.

1) This story is not related to any mythology.

This is a completely different universe so please don’t start correcting me about gods/goddesses or creatures or how heaven and hell work.

2) This is a prequel to The Alpha’s Little Witch, however, both of them can be read as standalones.

I may change a few things between TALW and here to make Cassandra’s role as Moon Goddess more clear.

3) This story takes place before Jaslynn and Alrik are born but don’t get hung up on time periods.

This isn’t going to be historical fantasy or something. Since the setting isn’t really on Earth, you don’t have to worry about historical accuracy.

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