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There's always ups and downs with life and friendship. But it's how we handle them that show who we truly are. Friends can be hard to come by, but true friends are even harder. When friends who love each other finally tell each other how they really feel, there's nothing else like it. Will they take that step right away or will they let small problems get in the way of what can really be something amazing?

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Chapter 1

My cell phone starts to ring. I step out of the shower, dry my hands and pick up the phone since I know who is calling.

“Hey Mary, what’s going on?” I ask right away since my shower was interrupted. I hope nothing is wrong.

“Oh nothing really. But I know what you were doing just now so please just go get changed. But don’t hang up I have a question for you.” Mary says to me. Didn’t know she knew I had my showers round this time, well just a quick rinse anyways.

“Alright well I won’t be too long.” I tell her as I put my phone down, turn my shower off and walk into my room with my cell. Oh she probably heard the shower going, that’s how she knew what I was doing. I put on a blue tank top, a pair of jean shorts and some socks. I pick my cell back up and put it to my ear. I clear my throat as Mary was talking to Amanda about something.

“Oh hey. Okay well here’s the thing. Delko has something he wants to talk about with you and me. I don’t know why though. So, I am wondering if you could just go outside and see whose house he is in front of.” She asks politely.

“Sure give me a second.” I say as I go downstairs, put my shoes on and open my door. I step outside and looked around. “Hey Mary, Delko and Nathan are in front of Amanda’s house.”

“Okay. Well I guess that’s a good thing. Here’s the other thing. I have Amanda here with me and she hurt her head because she walked into a post. I will explain that later but she is fine right now. So it’s a good thing they're at her place. We will be there shortly alright; we are just getting on the bus now. Let them in and we will see you soon.” Mary said as she hangs up. Well I can help, I guess, nothing wrong with that especially if a friend needs it. I get my bag, then shut and lock my door. I head towards Amanda’s house. Which isn’t that far thankfully. I put my cell into my bag. Delko does look a little off, I wonder what’s on his mind.

“What’s wrong with him?” I ask as I walk up to them, stopping at the bottom of the porch. I motion toward Delko who indeed looks very nervous.

“I don’t know. All I got out of him was that he needs help on solving a problem of his. He want’s Mai and Marekala’s opinion on the matter.” Nathan says not paying attention to me at all. He has his eyes glued in worry at Delko who is pacing the porch.

“You do know that you’re on the wrong porch. You’re at Amanda’s house. Well Marekala and Amanda are coming now. They got on the bus, so they’ll be a couple of minutes. In the mean time I can help.” I offer as I walk up the couple steps to get on the porch and stand next to Nathan since he is sitting on the railing as usual.

“We realize whose porch we are on Kasai.” Nathan says, still not acknowledging me. He must be worried about Delko to not take his eyes off of him. Maybe there’s a connection between them. I smile and half laugh at how absurd that would be.

“Hey Nathan for your information I am Mai not Kasai. Good luck with keeping a girl if you can’t even recognize my voice.” I tell him making a joke of it as I snap him out of his trance. He ignored my comment and turns a bright pink for mixing up my name. Delko made a face not intended for anyone to see. I shake my head at the randomness.

“Let’s go inside, I have a key.” I say to them as I take my key chain out of my bag.

“Why do you have a key to her house?” Nathan asks curiously as I walk over and stop in front of the door.

“Well she gave a key to each of us. Well Marekala, Kasai and me just in case something ever happened. In return each of us gave her ours as well.” I explain to them as I unlock the door and enter.

“Okay.” Nathan says just as Mary and Amanda show up. They climb the steps and walk across the porch to get to the door.

“Good morning ladies.” Nathan says as they pass him.

“Hey.” They respond together as they look at him. Everyone enters the house. We go right into the living room and take separate chairs.

“Delko what’s wrong?” Marekala asks as she watch’s him pace a couple of times in the crowded space.

“Okay since you and Mai are both here I can ask. You can keep it a secret right?” Delko asks as we nod our approval.

“I want to ask this girl out but I don’t know how to go about it.” Delko says nervously, as he takes a seat across the room from everyone. Sitting by the sliding door to see all our faces, it’s hard to believe he needs help with this.

“That’s all. Why didn’t you ask Nathan?” Amanda blatantly asks. Probably feeling jealous that he hadn’t asked for her help.

“Because Nathan isn’t a girl so he wouldn’t know how to approach it like a woman would.” Delko explains, constantly looking from us to the floor.

“That’s mean dude. Get her some flowers, chocolate and ask her out on a date.” Nathan says, hurt by Delko’s comment.

“Well that could work. But maybe you get something that has meaning to the both of you. Like music, sing to her or get a CD for her. But your idea was good too Nathan.” Marekala says trying not to hurt or insult Nathan any more then what has already been done.

“Okay.” Nathan responds trying not to sound like he’s being brushed off to the side.

“You could also give her a card that says something funny to make her laugh.” I added hoping that it helps at all.

“Thanks that is really helpful.” Delko says as Kasai walks into the living room with a guy following right behind her.

“Ummm Kasai who might this be?” Amanda asks noticing them walk in and gesturing at the stranger.

“This is James. He is a friend of mine. He works at the agency with me as a male model.” Kasai tells everyone.

“Okay and why is he in my house?” Amanda asks getting to where she meant the conversation to be. As everyone waited silently for her answer, she looked a little puzzled.

“Well he wanted to meet all of my friends, especially Mary.” She explained.

“Me? Why me?” Marekala asks a little skeptical and the most surprised out of everyone.

“I wanted to meet you because you’re an amazing basketball player. I wanted to meet you and get to know you.” James says so smoothly in a musical voice that caught and holds your attention so easily.

Marekala smiles and blushes slightly. “We can do something sometime.” She says.

“How about dinner at seven?” He asks casually.

“Sure, I’d like that. It sounds lovely.” She says looking at him and at us. “Well I better go get ready for tonight. See you all later.” She says as she gets up and goes out the door with James by her side to walk her home.

“Well they look cute together.” I say happy for her. The room changes at once, the atmosphere went from happy to sad with hints of anger or jealousy very fast. Kasai walks into the room.

“Delko are you okay?” Kasai asks him as she sits down beside him and wraps an arm around his shoulder.

“I’d rather not talk about it if you don’t mind.” Delko says pushing her arm away and getting out of his chair. He tries to hide the hurt that he is feeling right now. He wouldn’t look any of us in the eye as he left Amanda’s house. A single tear runs down his tanned cheek.

“Oh, what have we done? He must have liked her that’s why he is mad. That’s why he asked for help. I feel bad.” I say as my happiness follows Delko in hopes that he will feel better.

“Why do you feel bad? At least you didn’t bring a guy here and let him ask Mary out in the first five minutes of meeting.” Amanda says directing it at Kasai, who is the one to truly blame.

“Look I had no idea that Delko liked Mary alright.” Kasai defensively says getting mad for being the only one to get accused.

“Yeah we can tell. At least we don’t bring random guys to other people’s homes and let them ask out a girl that someone else has a crush on. Even if it wasn’t easy to tell that Delko liked her. You’re a dumb ass for letting this happened.” Amanda tells her as she uses her hands to help explain what she’s saying.

“Do you have a problem with me or is it possible you don’t want a friend to be happy? No it wasn’t easy to see their crush but what’s done is done.” Kasai says as she stands up quickly, using her hand as well to explain.

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