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Chapter 10

“Dance with me.” I tell him as I pull away to the middle of the room. He follows me and we dance. I wrap my arms around his neck as we twirl in circles. I’m a little buzzed but that’s good it makes me not worry about how Nathan feels about me, not completely anyways. I’ve been thinking about this for a long time.

I kiss his neck. I move to his ear I kiss it and playfully bite his ear as I run my hand through his short hair. I bite his neck as Nathan pushes me up against the wall. Nice. Nathan starts kissing my neck. Mmm that’s nice. I push him off of me and against the wall. I let my hair down and kiss him. I put my hands on the back of his neck as we make out. He places his hands in my hair. I let go of his neck, but still kiss him as I undo his shirt. I rub my hands along his torso to his shoulders as he let go of my hair. I go along his shoulders and down his arms as I take off his shirt. I throw it off to the side. He might be buzzed as well.

We stop kissing and he takes my hand and walks me into his room. I undo his jeans and pull them down, then off. He takes his socks off as I did. Oh, my he went commando to dinner tonight, sexy. Nathan sat down in the middle of the bed as I go on my knees. I give him a slight blow job. His head had rolls back in pleasure. I stop and stand up. I push him onto his back and start to kiss his neck as I sit on top of him. Mmm he feels so nice. I feel his hand on my side as he undoes my dress. We both stand up then, he pushes the strap down off my arm so that my dress falls to the floor. By doing so it reviled my red thong and bra with the frill hanging off it. Nathan is stunned.

“You look amazing.” Nathan utters as he sat down on his bed again. I sit on him with my legs on either side of him and my knees on the bed bent. We kiss and its heavy. His hands move up my back. He undoes the bra and throws it. Nathan picked me up and lays me down on my back. I move up the bed as Nathan crawls up next to me. We are side by side now kissing. I have my hand on his neck as I place my leg on top of his hip. Nathan places his hand on my waist as he brings me closer to his body. I feel his hand slip down to my hip and over my thong. He slipped his fingers into my thong and starts rubbing my vaginal area. With my leg up this way made it easy for him to rub. Ahh this is turning me on so much.

I bite his lip a little, before I move to his neck, that I bite a little as well. He rolls on his back as he did so I move with him and now I was on top of him. His hand is still rubbing me. I keep biting his neck, his ear and his shoulder. That’s when he put his fingers in me and finger me. I stop biting him so I can moan. He stops, so I move his fingers, but I can’t feel anything now. I sit up pouting at him as I trace his chest. He just looks at me blinking slowly. If he’s not going to start or take my thong off I should tease him then if that’s what it takes.

I get off of him, walk to the end of the bed and stand at the foot of it with my back to him. I slowly take my thong off and throw it over my head for him to catch. I sway my hips from side to side. I slowly turn around still swaying my hips. He fell asleep. Damn it, I sigh. No wonder he stopped he’s tired. I don’t blame him, it is around midnight. I can’t be mad at him for being tired I guess. He is very, very sexy though. Damn. I gather my clothes up and head to the basement stairs.

I open the door and glance into Nathan’s room. I’m sorry Nathan, I hope you won’t be mad at me. I am so tired, my head hurts a little bit, my eyes feel droopy and a bit buggy. I feel like my body is also a little heavy. I walk downstairs, place my clothes by the dresser and fall onto the bed, too tired to dress. Did I forget my iPod upstairs? Oh well I can get it tomorrow after I have a good night sleep.

I am looking down on a scene, like I was purposely placed on the ceiling for a bird’s eye view. There is no one here at the moment. I hear music playing softly. I recognize this room, its Nathan’s bedroom. Nathan and I had walk into his room. But I’m in the ceiling watching, this is weird. Nathan and my body start undressing each other. Hot and heavy, so this is what it would look like if we had sex from another’s view point. They get into bed, getting to business. They are on their sides kissing. Neither can seem to keep their hands off each other. Giving a hand job and fingering as they kiss profusely. I am feeling aroused just watching Nathan and my body doing this.

This is such a weird feeling. Oh the longing both bodies have for each other. My body couldn’t take it anymore and she rolls on top of Nathan rubbing against him a few times. I can tell when she put him in her because Nathan’s eyes got wide as he got in her tight hole. My body is slow at first to get used to the new surroundings. Then she starts just giving it. Wow what a view. Both are enjoying themselves. Moaning, pushing and just enjoying the moment. Even though I’m just watching, this is making me horny.

The scene changed. Its day now and both bodies are at a carnival now. Playing the games, winning some prizes and going on rides. Sweet, Nathan’s taking my body on the Ferris wheel. They get to the top, the view is spectacular and he proposed. There is a yes and people around cheer. Why am I so horny still?

I wake up and Nathan is lying beside me naked still. What room are we in? I look around still waking up, we’re in the basement. Nathan comes down to me. I look back at Nathan. He is still naked, guess he didn’t want to change this morning. Oh my morning wood much. He is rubbing me down there. No wonder in my dream I felt horny.

“Good morning Nathan.” I say to him as I stretch and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

“Good morning to you. You have a good dream?” He asks me as he stops rubbing me.

“Why do you ask?” I ask him.

“You were moaning and touching yourself.” Nathan tells me, never taking his hand away from my genitalia.

“Oh I see. How long have you been here?”

“Not long, I woke up and heard noises so I came to check on you. You are interesting when you sleep.” He laughs. He doesn’t know the half of it.

“Awe how sweet. You have a good night?” I ask him as I turn on my side to trace his arm.

“Yes I did, it involved us.” He informs me. I smile. He moves his hand as he pulls me close to him. I place my hands on his chest as we make out. I love the way he feels against my body. I wrap my arm around his torso and caress my hand up into his hair as I grab a handful of his hair. I wrap a leg around him and I can feel every inch of his body against mine. Nathan’s cell starts to ring.

“I can’t catch a break.” I mumble as I sit up. Nathan sat up and picks up his cell phone as he leans against the back board.

“Hello its Nathan.” Nathan says as he pats my knee a few times. Can’t believe this. I’ve wanted to have this with Nathan for a long time, yet things keep getting in the way. Maybe it’s not meant to be right now. Nathan listens and occasionally hum a yes.

“Now isn’t the best time for me to come in. My girlfriend got out of the hospital two days ago and I need to make sure that she’s alright.” He told the person on the other side. I tap his shoulder to get his attention. “Please hold on for a moment.” He says as he places his phone to his shoulder to talk to me.

“Nathan I am a big girl I can take care of myself while you go help the FBI with whatever it is that you do alright. I have some things I got to do alright. So go have fun and be safe.” I tell him as I take his hand in mine and grasp it tight. I want him to be safe and help in any way possible. Even if that means it’s confidential to me.

“Are you sure because I will stay if you want me to.” He offers, wanting a way out.

“Nathan your work is more important. Especially since you aren’t called in often. So go, I don’t mind.” I tell him. It’s very true, he isn’t called often so it must be very important. If he goes I can go out and get some more shopping done. There are some things I just couldn’t get with Nathan there. Plus with Halloween in a week I want to get something special for that and maybe I can cook dinner tonight. He put his cell back to his ear.

“Okay. I will see you soon then. Yes I will pack a bag.” He says with a sigh. He hung up, rubs his fingers from the outside corner of his eyes to his nose.

“You alright? Why a bag?” I ask him as I caress a hand on his arm.

“Yes I’m fine just going to be a long day at work. A bag because they don’t know how long I will be there to help. What are you going to do today?” Nathan asks me and explains at the same time. Hopefully it’s a good day for him.

“Have fun alright. I got to get a few things that I didn’t get yesterday.” I tell him as I stand up and go to my closet –while I stay here- and look inside.

“I will try. I think your fine to go alone. The keys are on the table by the door so you can drive. I’m being picked up shortly by work anyways. I should dress.” Nathan says as he stands up. He walks over to me, hugs me from behind and kisses my shoulder. He walks upstairs than to dress.

It sucks, that’s twice now that we tried to have sex. What is with this and us not being able to stay awake or not getting interrupted. Is it not the right time or something? Why am I worrying, it will happen when it happens. Until then I can tease him to heck and on Halloween dress to impress. A party for two with sweats. So what to wear. I grab a random pair of undies, a plain bra, loose pair of jeans and a tank top. Simple I like it. I dress, get a pair of socks and go upstairs. Nathan is dressed well. Jean’s and a long sleeve shirt with dress shoes. There is a knock on the door. Nathan saw me, smiles and answered the door. He motions for the guy to come in.

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