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Chapter 11

“Mai if you need me at all please call me alright. I will come back as soon as possible. Don’t worry about making dinner tonight please, I will eat when I can and so should you. Have fun shopping. If anything changes for me I will tell you. See you later hun.” Nathan say giving me a hug and kiss. He grabs his jacket and left with a spare key. I shut the door behind him and walk into the kitchen. I’m glad he believes that I’m good enough to be on my own.

I make myself an egg sandwich and ate it. I have no idea what to do with myself at the moment. Should I stay here and watch TV or go shopping right now. I think shopping now that way when I get back here I can put my things away without him coming in. That’s a good idea. Maybe I can watch a movie or two when I get back. But what movie? Maybe Gladiator or The Cabin in the Woods. I will see when I get back I guess. I put my plate into the dishwasher. I see the time, so by the time I get to the mall it will be ten. Since it will take me half an hour to get there.

I get my knee-high boots on, put my jacket on and grab my bag. I get the keys and left, locking the door. I get in Nathan’s car and drive to the mall. I surprisingly get to the mall faster than I thought. I park by the front door since it’s fairly empty. I get out and go into the mall. I will go to Shoppers last since its right by the front door. American Eagle first. Found a nice red dress, which looks good. Nice denim or plain skirts, shorts and shirts. I grab a few styles of each. I try everything on. I like the red dress, some of the skirts and shorts. The shirts not so much. They’re not really my style. I buy the things I like.

I go into Bluenotes and Aerie next. I get some shirts from both that flatter my body and some plain t-shirts. Shopping is so much fun. Nathan’s birthday is next month, what should I get him? A book or a tie or maybe a watch? I have no idea, it will come to me at some point. I look in Victoria Secret and see a nice outfit for bed. It’s white, a little see through and lacy. I try it on and it fits really well. I might wear this on his birthday night. I buy it and a few other things as well. I wonder what time it is because I am hungry. I look at my cell. Noon already wow.

I go down to the food court and got A & W. I bring my food and bags to the closest open table. One more place to go then back to Nathan’s. This burger is good. Love the fries. I finish my food a few minutes later. I get my bags and the tray as I got up. I walk over to the garbage throw it out and put the tray on top of it. I head to shoppers. I get a cart, put my bags in it and start looking around the store.

I get the personal stuff that I couldn’t get yesterday. I get myself some mascara and some Halloween face paint for Wednesday, as well as some nail polishes. I get a bottle of apple scented shampoo and juicy pomegranate and mango infusion body wash. They both smell lovely. I also get a razor, that way Nathan doesn’t have to lend me his again. Ahh hair ties on sale, good. I get some. I go and got a few bottles of pop. I also get chips, chocolate and candy. Halloween should be fun to dress up, hand out some candy, but eating most of it ourselves. Well that is if I’m still staying at Nathan’s.

I go to the cashier and pay for my things. I get all the bags and bring my things to the car, load it and drive back to Nathan’s house. I park and bring the stuff inside. I put the snacks in the cupboards. I bring my clothing bags downstairs and just place the bags into the closet. I hear a knock on the front door. I go upstairs and to the door. I open it and Mary and Delko are there. I let them in as I take my own shoes off as they do.

“Hey you two. Is everything okay?” I ask them. We sit down in the living room. They sit down beside each other on the couch.

“Everything is great. Better than great actually.” Mary says as she takes Delko’s hand in her own.

“What’s going on?” I ask. Something’s odd about them.

“Last night things fell into place. I was at home watching a sad movie last night. Delko had come over than, saw that I was sad and he was hugging me. Than he told me how he felt about me. So I told him how I felt, so yeah. We’re now together.” Mary says. Awe how sweet.

“Finally you two told each other. I am so happy for you. Nathan and I finally talked about how we felt too. We are together as well.” I tell them so happy for them. Mary and I hug smiling a lot. Delko hugs us too.

“Mai I am so happy for you.” Mary says as we sit down again.

“Speaking of Nathan, where is he?” Delko asks as he holds Mary’s hand. She looks down and to the side a little bit. Awe they are so sweet together. I am so glad they told each other how they felt.

“His work called him this morning. I told him that I am fine and that he should go to work. So he went.” I tell them. I get up, go to the kitchen and get two cups of water for Mary and Delko. I bring it to them.

“If Nathan’s been at work for four hours what have you been doing. It’s one thirty, you couldn’t have been sitting on your own the whole time.” Delko says looking at his watch.

“I went shopping for things I needed and a few things for Halloween on Wednesday.” I tell him.

“Sounds fun. We are glad you’re doing well.” Mary says sounding truly happy.

“Hey I’m going to head out. You going to be alright getting a ride home Mary?” Delko asks as he stands up.

“Yes I will be fine. I want some girl time with Mai.” Mary tells him as they walk to the front door. Awesome. I need some girl time and to talk to someone about the issue that I seem to have. Delko put his shoes on.

“Alright. Have fun. If either of you need anything just call alright.” Delko says as he opens the front door.

“We will sweetie.” Mary says as she gives Delko a hug. He kisses her cheek and then he left. Mary just stands there after closing the door. She is smiling to herself. I stand up, walk over to her and hug her.

“I’m so happy for you Mary. How did it happen tell me everything?” I ask her as we sit on the couch cross legged facing each other.

“I was watching a sad movie on TV last night. Then Delko knocks on my door, after having a drink or two. He looks like something was bothering him, so I let him in. We sat down and started talking. I got myself some wine and him some water so he wouldn’t be thirsty. He then poured his heart out to me. Telling me how he liked me for a long time and he couldn’t keep his feelings in any longer. I can understand that and I told him how I felt. Everything just fell into place. He had leaned in, kissed me and we sort of had sex last night. It was so good. But yeah that’s how we got together.” Mary explains. That is so sweet.

“Congratulations Mary. I truly am happy for you.” I tell her smiling. She smiles back.

“What happened between you and Nathan? Don’t leave anything out.” Mary says excited as she leans forward.

“We talked yesterday morning about us. He said that we are something more. Than we had a long day of shopping. Then after we got home we talked some more before we went out to eat. I needed answers as to where we stand sort of thing you know. I asked are we friends or are we together? He said that we can be together. I said yes and now we are. We went to dinner and had a great time. When we got back here we were going to have sex, but when I got up to do a little tease for him he fell asleep. Then this morning I woke up, he was beside me downstairs. We are going to have sex but his work called.” I tell her trying not to sound annoyed about not being able to enjoy Nathan.

“Awe Mai. I’m happy you’re together. But I’m sorry that it hasn’t worked out like that for you. But so good that your happy with him. What are you thinking about doing for Halloween?” Mary says happy for me and sounding enthusiastic about Halloween.

“I’m not sure exactly what I want to do but I know I am dressing up and going to have some fun with it. I don’t know what outfit I’m wearing. What are you doing?” I asked her.

“I’m dressing up as well. We’re going to be handing out candy. Can I help you find something to wear?” Mary asks. I do need some help finding the right outfit.

“I’d like that.” I tell her. We get up and go downstairs. I bring out the clothes that I think will be good. She looks at the outfits but didn’t seem to like them for that night. That’s good because they aren’t actually for Halloween. So, I bring out more clothes that are naughtier for that occasion and she seems more inclined to help. I’m just glad to have some help to figure out what to wear. She starts to look through the closet herself seeing what I own now. It seems like she likes my clothes.

“I thought that maybe for Halloween I could be a naughty kitty or something.” I tell her as she holds up the outfit for it.

“You should and if you do let me know how the night goes. Have you heard what Kasai or Amanda are doing? Can I borrow this?” Mary asks as she held up the dress I wore to dinner last night.

“No, I haven’t heard anything yet but I’m sure we will soon. Yes I will let you know how it goes.” I tell her as she holds it to her body, looking in the mirror. “Yeah you can borrow it. You’ll probably have better luck then me with it. But I want it back.” I say to her with a giggle. She laughs as well. I hear the door open. We quickly put my clothes away as someone walks down here. We close the closet door just as Nathan gets to the bottom of the stairs.

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