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Chapter 12

“Hi Nathan.” Mary says with a smile.

“She knows about us sweetie.” I tell him as he walks up to me and gives me a hug. I give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Okay.” He says smiling.

“What time is it? Good news Mary and Delko told each other how they felt and are together now.” I tell him as we all go upstairs and into the living room.

“It’s three forty-five. Congratulations Mary. I am so happy for you. Would you like to celebrate with a drink?” He asks her as he gives her a hug.

“No thank you. I have some things that I got to do. But thanks anyways.” Mary says as she walks to the door and gets her stuff on.

“Alright, well congrats anyways. We should double date one day to celebrate.” Nathan says to her as we stand by her.

“Definitely. I will tell you a day after I talk to Delko. Have a good day you two.” Mary says as she gives both of us a hug.

“Sounds good. We will try Mary.” I tell her as she opens the door and left as she nods and walks down to the sidewalk. She heads up the street. Nathan shut the door and heads to the kitchen. I follow him and sit on a chair at the island. He got himself a beer.

“I am really happy for them. Did she mention anything about them having sex? You don’t have to answer I’m just curious.” Nathan says as he sits beside me.

“She had mentioned it and I will tell you. Only if you tell me why your home early. I mean I thought you would be working late.” I say as I turn my chair to face him.

“Well to me it didn’t seem hard. But that’s most likely because I was a fresh set of eyes. Like a new perspective. So I was able to lead them in the right direction, which led to the guy’s arrest.” Nathan informs me as he takes a sip of his beer.

“Well good for you hun. She told me all about it. Yes they had sex. Before you ask no it doesn’t bother me. It will happen when it happens.” I tell him as I give him a hug for doing a good job at work. I give him a kiss on the cheek. He is such a sweetheart.

“Good for those two for finally clearing the air.” He says with a laugh. “What did you do today? Did you plan anything for tonight?” He asks as he finishes his beer. He rinses the bottle and left it by the sink as he sat down beside me again.

“I went shopping earlier. When I got back Delko and Mary visited. Then you came home. I was planning on ordering a pizza, with drinks and watching a movie or two. But we don’t have two if you don’t want to.” I say to him kindly.

“How about we order that pizza and watch some movies. That would make my day so much better.” He says to me. He is so wonderful. I would have thought after work he would have wanted to go out with Delko or something to a bar.

“Are you sure hun? We don’t have to, you can go out with a friend if you want.” I tell him making sure it’s what he wants to do.

“Yes darling. I want to sit on that couch with you eating a pizza and watching movies until the sky turns black.” He tells me as he stands up and wraps his arms around my lower back. I wrap my arms around his neck and place my hands in his hair.

“That sounds wonderful Nathan. What shall we order then?” I ask him as he pulls me closer to him.

“Pepperoni pizza sounds good to me with a beer.” He says as he picks me up and brings me over to the couch. He sits me down on it and sat beside me. He picks up the phone and dial the number to order.

“Wait, wait, wait. We don’t know what size yet, or if we want two or not. You’re in such a hurry and for what. Just to appease your appetite and not considering what I may want.” I ask him taking the phone away from him and sitting on the other side of the couch.

“Okay what do you want to get then?” He asks as he faces me. I cross my legs on the couch pondering what we should get. He watches me as I think. I know what I want to get but he might think I’m crazy or something. I should wait a few more minutes just to make him squirrelly.

“Alright sweetheart I have decided. Two large pepperoni pizzas, a garlic dipping sauce, a two litre bottle of coke and a fuzzy naval.” I let him know as I list the things I would like. He looks at me and smiles.

“Sounds good to me. But I don’t think they deliver alcoholic drinks my dear. Please hand me the phone and I will order, then I will make you a drink. As I do so please pick out a movie that you would like to watch.” He says as he takes the phone from my open palm and walks to the kitchen. He dials the phone as he gets out the ingredients for my drink.

I take the bed out of the couch so that I can lay down on it while I watch the movie. That way I can be comfortable and not be so cramped on the couch. I look through the movies Nathan has. I pick out Gladiator, The Cabin in the Woods and My Big Fat Greek Wedding. I wonder what he will like to watch. Maybe he wouldn’t mind watching two of them. We will have enough food and beverages for the time of them. When he comes over here I will ask him which one he would like to watch. I put them at the foot of the bed and lay down on my stomach, with my calves in the air as I rest on my elbows.

I turn the TV on and turn it on to the news as I wait for Nathan. I hear him hang up the phone and start making my drink. He opens his fridge to put something’s away and then walk over to me. He put my drink down on the table for me, as he put a beer on his side to drink. He goes over to close the front blinds and then dim the lights.

“I chose some movies we can watch. You can choose the one we watch right now. I don’t mind.” I tell him as he sits on the bed by my elbows. He grabs the movies and look at the three of them. He chose Gladiator and The Cabin in the Woods.

“Let’s watch these ones hun. The pizza will be here in thirty to forty-five minutes. If any later our order is free. These look good, which would you like to watch first hunny?” He asks me as he put My Big Fat Greek Wedding away.

“Sounds good. You can choose which we watch first. I hope the food is late that way we don’t have to pay.” I tell him as he turns around. He put Gladiator in for us to watch first. He sits to my left, since there is space for him there. He lays down on his stomach beside me. But he had lay’s his chin on his hands instead of propping himself up like I was. That is a good idea because my arms are starting to hurt. I lay my arms in front of me as I lay my head on my hands.

Nathan looks at me with a smile as he pressed play on the movie. I really do enjoy this movie and it’s nice to have an afternoon like this because it’s like were on a date right now. I smile at him realizing that this is like a date. But this time I will pay for the food, since he had paid the last time. The movie starts to play. This is a great movie, sad but really good. We watch the first big fight at the beginning of the movie. Awesome. Can’t believe the emperor’s son would kill his family like that just because he wouldn’t fight for him. It’s so heartless. It is so cute how the emperor’s daughter likes the general. I sit up and sat on Nathan’s back. He places his head on the bed and turns to the side to watch the TV as he places his arms by his side.

Good he knows what I am going to do. I first massage his neck so that he can easily watch the movie after I did that. I then move down to his shoulders. He’s very tense. I wonder why that could be. I massage his back for a while then. I can’t believe that he is now a slave and has to fight for his life. By the time the doorbell rang they are in the arena.

“How long has it been darling?” I ask him as I get up off of him to get our food.

“It’s been an hour so we don’t have to pay for it.” He says to me as he sits up and leans against the back of the bed.

“Alright.” I say as I open the door. The pizza boy was there with our pizzas, drinks and dips. He gave me the two pizzas, the bag of our other things and he left since he knew that he was over the time limit. Awe I feel bad but it’s their policy that if it’s more than forty-five minutes it free. So I shut the door and bring our food to the bed. I get some cups for the coke and some Tabasco sauce for the pizzas. I place the two pizzas on the bed between us and put the Tabasco sauce on my side since I like it on my pizza. I take out the multiple dips that he got. That’s nice he got me two dipping sauces. I take two and he took the other one. We both take one whole pizza for ourselves.

I put the hot sauce all over my pizza and hand it to Nathan to see if he wants any. He takes it and only put a little on it. He got up and put it back into the kitchen. I fill my cup with coke since my drink is done. We eat as we watch the rest of the movie. This pizza has a lot of slices in it but if I get full I can always have some a little later for the next movie we watch. I am such a pig. I laugh a little. Nathan looks at me a little confused. I just look at him and shake my head so that he knows that it’s just me. He smiles. We eat and drank. It’s creepy how the new emperor has this love for his sister. I mean it’s his sister not a lover, get over yourself creep.

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