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Chapter 13

I couldn’t eat all my pizza so I set it off to the side and I sit closer to Nathan. I rest my head on him as I curl my legs up a little bit. He finished eating and places his leftovers to the side as well. He wraps his arm around my back. He kisses my forehead as he places a strand of hair behind my ear. We watch the rest of the movie in silence. The ending is so sad. I can’t believe the emperor would cheat like that and injure Maximus’s shoulder. I can’t believe he dies. It’s so, so sad. The movie ends and he stop’s it. He gets up and take it out of the DVD player. I cross my legs and wipe the tear that came out of my eye as he turns around to face me.

“Are you alright dear?” He asks as he sees the tear. I smile to him.

“Yes I am fine. I just forgot how sad the ending of the movie is, is all.” I tell him getting up. I bring one of my cups back since it is empty and I bring his beer bottle to the kitchen as well. When I get back Nathan gave me a hug. He is such a sweet heart, I’m not upset or sad or anything. The movie just got to me is all. I hug him and he let me go.

“You sure you’re alright. I can put something on that will make you happy if you wish?” He asks me as he steps away from me to look into my eyes.

“You’re so sweet my darling. I am fine I promise. If I needed anything from you I would ask. What time is it by the way?” I ask him smiling to him to show him I am fine.

“Glad to hear it. It’s seven and it got dark out fast. Would you like to watch the other movie now or wait for a little bit?” He asks as he takes a sip of pop. I crawl on the bed to get my cup and take a sip as well. What do I want to do, hmm I wonder? I smile at him but we have lots of time to do that so we can wait.

“I don’t know what to do. What would you like to do?” I ask him as I stand up and walk in front of him.

“Well there’s a few things I would like to do but we’ve been having issues with doing one of them. So I think we should watch the other movie now.” He says as he put Gladiator into its case and got the other movie out. He put it in the DVD player but didn’t press play yet.

“How about we watch some TV for a little bit and you give me a back massage. Please.” I ask him as I walk up to him and place my hands in his back pockets. He smiles to me.

“Sure choose a channel you would like to watch and then lay down on the bed please. Is there any where you would like me to focus on in particular?” He asks me as I choose A & E to watch criminal minds. There’s a marathon, awesome. He takes his shirt off, he must be warm. Love looking at his abs. Mmm they’re so sexy. I bite my lip as I look him over.

“Yes I would like you to focus on my entire back if you don’t mind.” I ask him trying not to run up to him and take his pants off. I take my tank top and jeans off so that it will be easier for him to massage my back. That and I want to tease him. I lay down on the bed, on my stomach with my head on the bed turned to the side so I can see the TV. I turn the volume up a bit and watch Criminal Minds. Nathan stands there not knowing what he should do.

“You alright Nathan, would you like me to put my clothes back on for my massage?” I ask him as I prop myself onto my elbows.

“Sorry no, just thinking about something.” He says as he sits on the bed beside me.

“What’s wrong Nathan?” I ask him as I grab a blanket to cover up so he won’t be distracted. He immediately looks away when I put it around my body as I lay here.

“Just remembering my dream I had. I’m sorry it shouldn’t be this hard or awkward between us. We are together if things are meant to be they will happen. But I’ve just been worried that it may never happen and I’m afraid it’s because I am the problem. I just feel like there’s this pressure on me to perform well. But I know that I shouldn’t feel pressure because there’s nothing wrong.” He says scared. I feel bad that he feels like he’s under pressure. I mean he shouldn’t. Yes I have had a partner or two and they were alright. But that doesn’t mean anything. Nathan is the only one with whom my heart has truly loved.

“Nathan. My dear Nathan. Please don’t ever feel like you’re under pressure. I don’t want you to be afraid or nervous around me. You were always the one that my heart has ever held onto. It hurts me to see you in so much agony over something that is so simple. Please let the pressure go. Let your fear melt away and think I can do this when it’s meant to be. I was worried that it was my fault that you couldn’t stay awake last night. So please don’t worry.” I tell him as I sit on my knees and place my hands on either side of his head, as some tears came out. Why with the tears, why are we so emotional? Things shouldn’t be so hard.

“Alright. You are perfect to me. You know what helps me. I will try to remember that. You were always held in my heart so close as well. I love you so much Mai. Always.” He says. Oh my god. Tears stream down my face. He is the one and only for me. I lean my head against his chest and wrap my arms around him in an embrace. He hugs me as well. We sit there embracing each other letting our emotions intertwine emotionally. I feel closer to him now more than ever.

I pull my head away, not letting go of him, just to see his face. I kiss him passionately so he knows I am here for him always.

“You are my one and only Nathan Harrison. I love you.” I tell him with a huge smile.

“I am so happy to hear you say that Mai Masters.” He says as we hug. Just then everything seems to have lift. Like that weight is gone. We laugh feeling good now. We let go and put our pizza boxes on the side tables at either end of the couch. That way we don’t get confused about whose is whose. I lay down in the middle of the bed so I can see the TV as Nathan massages my back. Everything is finally cleared up now, I can tell something was off but couldn’t put my finger on it. So happy we are past that now.

We watch one episode of Criminal minds as he massages my back. I needed this with him. We really had to clear the air about what was going on. Nathan gives really good back massages. So he can cook, give massages and he works really hard. I wonder what he can’t do well. I’m just really enjoying my time with Nathan. Which is so wonderful. After the massage Nathan and I both stand up. I hug him.

“Thank you for the massage Nathan.” I say to him with a smile.

“You’re welcome sweetheart.” He tells me with a smile. We hug.

“Do you know how well you give massages?” I ask him as I stand behind him. I placed my hands on his chest and lay my head on his back.

“I’ve been told that. What do you want to do? I think its movie time.” He says as he takes the remotes and lay’s on the bed on his back. He pressed play on the movie. I guess he has never seen this movie. I turn the lights off completely.

“If that’s what you wish then we shall watch the movie.” I say as I walk over to the bed. I take a sip of his coke since it’s the closest one to me. To get to my side of the bed, I place my one knee beside Nathan’s hip and swing the other to his other side. I sit on him just to distract him. It seems like someone decided that pants aren’t needed anymore. But then again I took my shirt and pants off just for a massage. But I’m allowed to tease him in any way possible.

He kept trying to look around me and watch the movie. There are parts of it that scare me, but I’m trying not to pay attention to it. He wants the movie, alright I will give him the movie. I will leave my clothes wherever they may lay. I roll off him to my side and sit on the edge. I gather the coke and my leftover pizza to go downstairs. I look at Nathan who seems very interested in the movie. I go downstairs with the food. I put it on the table and look for my nightgown. I find it in one of the bags that I placed in the closet.

I place it on the bed so I can take my bra off. I put my bra into the drawer with the other bras. I walk over to the bed and put my night gown on. Nice warm materiel for a cool night. I walk up the side of the bed and throw the blankets back so I can get into bed. I do what I need to in the bathroom. I walk out of the bathroom, turn the light out and get into bed. It’s been a very long day. Fun in the beginning and then it became tiring with bits of nervousness. At the end of today I am happy with what has happened and where things seem to be going. I am just so happy that we got past that awkward stage of us. But it has left me drained and tired. With it being cool down here I don’t have to worry about the pizza going bad. I turn off the lamp on the table and sleep.

Sleep seems to have come and gone in a blink of an eye. So did the days leading up to Halloween. We went out for walks, watched movies, went out to eat and talk to each other. After my injury last week from football, Nathan hasn’t asked me to leave since I have been well. It didn’t take long only a day for me to feel back to normal and back to my usual self. I haven’t heard from any of our friends for a week. But it is Halloween day now so, I’m betting that they are all busy doing their own thing. I wake up slowly and alone this morning. I look around and found some pumpkin cookies on the side table with a note. It read:

My dearest Mai, I found all the snacks you have bought for this day. I am thankful, however I don’t really hand out candy. I hope you understand. Though I have a feeling you didn’t buy it for the children. I hope you had a wonderful sleep and I will see you very soon. I had just stepped out for a bit to get a few things. I hope I don’t keep you waiting long. Lots of love Nathan.

Awe sweet. I stretch to help wake up a bit. I eat one of the cookies. Taste so good. I throw on a pair of sweat pants and a sweater that hangs over one shoulder. I gather my clothes together putting away ones that are clean and put my dirty ones in a pile by the laundry room door. I have enough to do a load. I’m glad the laundry room is down here so it’s easy for me to just do my laundry. I put the things in the washing machine with the soap and put it on. I go back into my room and organized my things again. I go into my closet and look for the Halloween outfits that I thought I would wear today. I could be a sexy cat, or be a model, or be a sexy school student. It is hard to choose. But whatever I do decide to wear later on I’m sure we will have sex for the first time. I leave the outfits on my bed as I go upstairs with the cookie I started to eat. I see Nathan sitting at the main table eating some cereal while reading the paper.

“Morning Nathan.” I say to him as I sit across from him.

“Good morning Mai. How was your sleep?” He replies as he puts his paper to the side.

“It was good. Definitely weird not seeing you there when I woke up.” I tell him honestly. He finishes his cereal and brings his bowl to the kitchen.

“Yeah I just stepped out for a few minutes so I could get some running around done. I went by your place and got your mail. It’s all junk just so you know.” He tells me. I see my mail sitting on the table unopened. I look at the envelopes and Nathan’s right all junk.

“I don’t feel like handing out candy tonight. I had gotten the treats for us to share for today and for whenever. I also have a load of laundry in.” I inform him as I bring my mail to the recycling.

“Okay. Are you still dressing up though?” He asks me as I make myself a peanut butter and jam sandwich.

“Yes I am that’s the best part of Halloween. Are you going to dress up?” I tell him as I eat my sandwich.

“Yes I am. When were you going to change? I mean its noon, kids are dressed up for school or adults for work. I mean it’s up to you.” He tells me. I mean I would like to dress up now and start the teasing. But that doesn’t general lead to good things. I think about it. I would like to tease him and then tell him to wait. I finish my sandwich and put my plate into the dishwasher.

“Yeah I’m going to change soon but after a much needed shower. If you’d care to join me.” I ask him. He smiles.

“But you didn’t bring anything up here to change into.” He says looking a little confused. Still weirded out by seeing me naked maybe. But only he knows why he’s confused.

“No because everything I need is in the bathroom and I am going right downstairs after the shower to dress up.” I tell him as I head towards the bathroom. “It’s up to you. You know where I am if you change your mind.” I say as I go into the bathroom.

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