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Chapter 14

I put my razor into the shower and get a towel down from the shelf. I turn the shower on and undress. I comb out my hair so it wouldn’t be too tangled after I shower. I get in the shower. It’s nice to feel refreshed. Maybe if I wear a combination of the costumes it won’t be hard to choose between them. That way when he undresses me slowly I can be something different. That sounds like it will be a lot of fun. The bathroom door opens and closes. I guess Nathan is going to join me. I rinse the shampoo out of my hair. I go to the end of the shower and open the drape that way the water won’t go out. I see Nathan undress. I go back into the shower making sure I get all the shampoo out. As Nathan steps in my hair is completely rinsed out.

“I thought you weren’t going to join me. I have finally decided on what I am going to wear today as my costume.” I tell him letting him go under the stream of water. I wash using my body wash. He rinses out his hair of his shampoo. Wish my hair was easier to do. He moves out of the way so I can rinse and shave as needed. I put my razor away and let him rinse his body.

“That’s good darling. I am glad you finally made a choice. I have mine planned as well. Can you hint to me what your costume entails?” He asks me, pulling me close to him.

“I can tell you I have chosen to wear multiple costumes underneath each other that way it’s more interesting for you.” I tell him as I reach my hand behind him and turn the water off.

“Sounds very interesting dear.” He says as he opens the drape and steps out of the shower. I step out as well. We both dry off. I towel dry my hair as Nathan left the bathroom with the towel around his hips. I comb my hair and blow dry it so that it will be dry as I change.

I wrap the towel around myself so that Nathan won’t get confused again. I smile. I wonder if after the first time we have sex if he will be comfortable with me and being naked. Or even partially naked for a massage. I walk to the basement door and go down to my room. I will wear all three outfits. The first one will be the bottom layer which will be the model. Which includes the quick release thong and a black push up bra. Then over that is the kitty outfit. It includes black spandex short shorts that most would classify as underwear because you can see my butt cheeks. The top goes just below my bra and the sleeves go just to the edge of my shoulders. It has a deep v so that my bra is shown just a little.

The last outfit is my favorite. The school girl. A plaid skirt that barely covers me. It’s loose and flows a little so it’s easy to tease with it. It has strings which you use to tie it up and I tie it loosely so it’s easy to take off. The top is a white button down t-shirt. I did one button up and then tie the bottom of my shirt in a bow under my breasts. To flaunt my chest. I hope he enjoys my costumes as much as I enjoyed picking them up. I put on my thigh high white socks and black stiletto heels. I wonder if he will like this or just make me change. Too late to think about that I am comfortable and don’t really care what others think. If he doesn’t like it, he can take me off of it. I pin some of my hair up in the back so my face is more open. That and I don’t want to fuss with it too much.

I hear the washer beep as it finishes. I walk over to the laundry room and put my laundry into the dryer. I put it on and my clothes whirl around. I walk upstairs to find that the house seems empty. I shut the door and Nathan comes out of his room. He is wearing green shorts with little toggles on it and little green slippers that curl up in a spiral on his toes. Damn he looks hot for whatever he may be dressed up as.

“What are you exactly sweetie?” I ask him as I sit at the island in the kitchen.

“I am an elf my dear.” He responds as he steps in front of me. “You are a sexy school student aren’t you?” He asks.

“Yes I am and a few other things as well. But a school girl for now.” I tell him as I stand up, making little clicks as my heels touch the floor. He kisses my neck as he pushes me against the island. Mmm.

“Do you like this costume or would you like me to go change out of it for one of the other ones?” I ask him. It’s not even one yet and were talking about undressing.

“I think you look divine right now.” He tells me. Awe how sweet.

“Why thank you. You look gorgeous yourself.” I tell him as he continues to kiss my neck. I put my hands on his butt. He flexes as I do this. I giggle and shy away from him. He steps back letting my hands fall to my side. I see the couch is pulled out. Maybe it’s to watch movies or something. I go to the pantry and get out snacks. A bag of chips, some pop, chocolate drizzle, gummy bears and a bag of mixed chocolate bars. I bring it over to the couch in a few trips. Nathan looks at me as I do this wondering what I am doing.

“Hunny what are you thinking?” Nathan asks me as he stands at the back of the couch.

“I am thinking we eat junk food, watch TV and have some fun. Now what would you like to start doing first?” I ask him laying the food out on the foot of the bed and the little bottles of pop down with them. He stands there thinking. I get onto the bed and open the bag of gummy bears. I slowly crawl up the bed and put it in his mouth. He chews it. I turn around and crawl to the end of the bed. I try to pick up the flicker but accidentally push it off instead. I go right to the end, and go over the edge purposely having my rear in the air as I pick it up. As I back up to get on the bed again, I bump into Nathan. I place my hands on the bed putting the flicker to the side. He rubs against my butt a few times. I stay on my knees as I sit up so I can lean against his body.

He put his hands on my hips and rubs some more. This feels nice. He kisses my neck a little bit as he glides his hands to the lace rope that holds up my skirt. He undoes the rope the tiniest bit and the skirt comes off. He traces his fingers up my body and undoes the shirt. He takes it off and throws it to the side. I sit down so my skirt could be taken off and thrown to its shirt. Now it’s the kitty outfit. Nathan’s eyes grew a little bit seeming to like the skin tight outfit.

“You like my kitty costume my dear?” I ask him as I grab the flicker quickly and lay on my back against one of the pillows.

“Yes I do enjoy your outfit. Here I thought my outfit was tight and revealing.” He says to me looking me over. I turn the television on and turn it to the woman’s network. Come dine with me Canada is on. Then there’s a few movies on. Good. Nathan brings the treats up and line them up on either side of us so they aren’t in the way. He feeds me a gummy bear. I eat it and grab the chocolate drizzle. I place a little on the end of my finger and let him lick it off. He held his finger out so I put some onto it. I put his finger into my mouth and lick it off as I sway my head back and forth sexually. He got a boner and I am not even naked yet. I smile to him, as he smiles back to me.

Come dine with me Canada is funny. I can’t believe that they act so rudely to one another. Why would they be that way to win money? I mean if they were to just make everyone drunk and just make good food they would win without having to be rude. I roll onto my side to face Nathan. I trace a finger down the side of his face. He traces my side. I giggle to him. He smiles.

I take his hand and put it on my bum for him to feel the little tail. He closes his eyes. As a kitty I get dirty because I don’t know any better. So I lay on my back, put some of the chocolate drizzle onto my stomach for him to lick off. He hadn’t noticed me do that as he rolls onto his back to watch the TV. I wait for him to notice. We watch a few shows. He looks at me and notices the chocolate so he licks it off. My stomach tingles as he does this.

He lays back down. I lay my head down on his chest and curl my legs up as I get comfortable. The movie starts on the TV. The movie they put on is The Wedding Planner. This is a very sweet movie. But with the movie starting it’s about either two or three in the afternoon. I click cancel on the remote so I could find out the time. It is three in the afternoon. I open the bag of chips and nibble on it. Nathan eats some as well. We finish the gummy bears by the middle of the movie. I move the drinks and chocolate bars on the side table since we aren’t having them.

We are just watching the movie and having the chips. It is so nice to have this with him. To relax, watch a movie and eat junk food without having someone tell me junk food will kill you.

“I will be right back, I have to bathroom.” I whisper in his ear. I go onto my hands and knees as I kiss him.

“I will be here waiting for you to come back.” He responds. I turn around, leave my bum in his direction for a few seconds on purpose. He taps it with his hand in affection. Cute, but I hope he doesn’t do that during sex. I get off the bed and go to the bathroom. I did my business and wash up. I look into the mirror. I wonder, should I just go into the third costume and surprise Nathan or should I let him do that himself. I want to surprise him. I take my spandex shorts off and the little shirt, to reveal my thong and bra.

I walk out into the living room, hoping to surprise Nathan. It seems to have gotten a bit darker. But then again it must be around four thirty or something. Looks like Nathan closed the blinds. He’s on the bed not paying attention in this direction. So, I quickly go into the bed and under the one sheet that’s on it. He kisses my forehead.

“You chilly sweetheart?” He asks me as he leans against the back of the bed. So he hasn’t noticed my wardrobe change yet.

“Just a tad cutie. But you don’t have to worry, having you beside me keeps me warm enough.” I tell him as I trace him. “Did you change?”

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