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Chapter 15

“Yes I also had on two outfits. I am now a swimsuit tester.” He says. I look up at him. I look down and see that he is wearing a speedo. Wow didn’t think he would ever try something like that on. It kind of suits him.

“You look very muscular in it Nathan.” I tell him. He gets under the sheet as well and lay beside me so that he can look me in the eyes. He traces my side as we look in each other’s eyes.

“You changed again didn’t you. Before I see what you’re wearing may I ask what you are now?” He asks me, itching to see what I am wearing now.

“I am now a model. Can I get you anything from the kitchen?” I ask him.

“I am hungry. So maybe we should eat something. There’s some chicken left over from last night’s dinner if you would like to heat it up and share it with me?” He suggests. I am hungry since we haven’t eaten for a while.

“I will heat it up and get some forks for us.” I tell him as I push the blanket off of me. I get off the bed as he saw my outfit for the first time. He gasps. I look back at him and see that he has an erection. I am glad he likes it.

I go into the kitchen, turn on the light and go into the fridge. I can tell Nathan is watching me because I have goose bumps running down my arms. I take the piece of chicken out of the fridge and put it into the microwave. I set it to heat up for two and a half minutes. I get two forks out for us to share. The microwave beeps and I take out the chicken. I put the forks on the plate and bring it over to Nathan for us to eat. He sat back down so that we can eat. I give him the plate so that I can get comfortable to eat with him. We eat it in silence. Nathan can’t stop staring at me like I was an angel or something. We finish the food just as the movie had ends. I get up and bring the plate to the kitchen. It’s now five thirty and the next movie starts to play.

“Would you like a beer?” I ask him walking to the fridge.

“No thank you.” He says as I walk back to the couch bed.

“Have I told you how beautiful you look?” He says taking one of my hands in his as I sit cross-legged on the bed.

“You’re just saying that because I am practically naked.” I tell him as I lean against the back of the couch and wrap my legs behind my bum.

“No I honestly mean that. You look beautiful even when you wear sweats.” He says. He’s already got my heart, he doesn’t need to steal it.

“You’re too kind. Would you like a back massage?” I ask him turning pink. He nods his head and lays down on his stomach. I have no idea what movie is playing but it is funny. I give him a massage. Starting from his neck and working my way down. I work mostly on his lower back since he seems to have a lot of knots there today.

“You do give good massages Mai.” He says as I sit beside him. He himself sat up then.

“Thank you.” I say to him and gave him a kiss on the cheek. We face each other and stare into each other’s eyes. He holds my hands in his as we sit just memorizing the other. It soon is dark, and one could almost hear the children finishing there runs for candy. I look at the TV and saw that the movie is over. Eight already. Where has the day gone to?

“Do you want anything Mai?” Nathan asks me as he puts his palm on my check.

“Yes a massage. Have you ever seen the show The Tudors?” I ask him as I look through the channels.

“No I haven’t.” He says sitting off to the side.

“It’s on let’s watch.” I say as I lay down on my stomach for a massage. He sat just below my butt. He starts at my neck as the show starts. Good it’s the very first episode. He undoes my bra and push the straps down as far as he can so that he can do my shoulders. As he starts my upper back, I can feel him rubbing against my butt a little bit. I hadn’t realized that rubbing against my bum was part of the massage. It feels nice none the less. I forgot how many sex scene’s there were in the first episode. For some reason seeing them makes me turned on. I prop myself up onto my elbows as Nathan massaged my lower back. I take my bra off since he undid it.

I place it on the floor and lay back down. I put my bum up a little more so that it is more pronounced to him. His hands move to either side of my hips, as he moves back a little bit so that he sits in between my legs. With my bum up a little bit he pulls me closer to him since he moved. I oblige and rest my bum on his crotch. I can feel his erection so easily through his speedo. I sit up not moving from his crotch. I lean against him and I place my arms around his neck, as best I can. His hands haven’t left my hips as he continues to rub against me.

“Have I ever told you how watching the first episode turns me on?” I ask him as the second woman gets pounded.

“I never knew that.” He says. He starts kissing my neck. I let my hands fall to my side as I roll my head back. I place my hands on his knees as he places his onto my stomach. I close my eyes enjoying his touch on my belly and his lips on my neck. One of his hands start moving down my stomach and he places it over my thong. He rubs me down there. I hum as I sit down further. He then undoes both sides of my thong and throws it to the side. He put his hand back down on my vagina. I can feel him touch so nicely down there. So warm, as he rubs his hand against me.

He stops kissing my neck as I turn my head. We kiss now. He stops rubbing me and takes off his speedo. He came back to me in the same spot. My back is nice and warm with him against it. He rubs. I bend forward, letting my hand’s lay flat on the bed as I still sit on him. He put his fingers inside of my body. Oh what a pleasure this is. I moan. I lean against him as this feels so nice. He removed his fingers. But I felt his cock go in between my legs. He hadn’t gone in me; he just rubs part of his dick between my lips. Teasing me himself. I can’t take this. I move away from him and turn to face him. I push him onto his back and sit on top of him.

“I thought I said that I was turned on and with your talent with fingers I am now hornier. If you don’t satisfy me I will assume that we will never have sex. Do you want me to think that you never want to have sex?” I ask him as I rub against him.

“No I don’t want you to think that at all. I have wanted this for so long. Please forgive me.” He asks as he sat up.

“I do. Now where were we?” I say as we kiss. I sort of lost my urge so I lay beside him. We both are on our sides kissing. He fingers me as I give him a slight hand job. Our breathing is heavy. I stop and place both my hands on his chest as he just fingers me. I move my hips a little toward him. Oh I want to know how he feels in my body. I wrap my hand around his enraged cock. I tease him a little. I take my hand away and place them both on his chest.

I place my knee on his hip, as my leg laid on his. He put part of his dick in the folds of my lips and tease me by gliding the base across me. Why is he doing this to me? I pull away from him. I push him onto his back and sit on top of his beautiful naked body. I glide across his cock a few times. I then grab his cock tilt it up a bit and put it right at the opening of my vagina. I didn’t put it in I just let my body hold it there for the ultimate tease. I bite my lip as I let go and look at him. He bit his lip in anticipation. I just let my body fall down on it letting it just plunge into my body. Oh, that feels so nice. His eyes widen as my body drops on him.

I didn’t realize how tight I am. I go slowly at first to get familiar with his body. I go faster on him. My oh my he feels so nice. We are moaning as we make love. He sat up and lays me down on the bed. He goes on me. I moan louder as I grab fists full of the sheet. I climax and scream my pleasure to him. He went faster seeing my pleasure. I reach that tickle spot as well, which made my legs quiver a bit. As it goes away Nathan pulls out. He climaxes. He lays beside me as we breath a little heavily. We lay on our backs catching our breath.

“Wow. I love the way you feel against my body.” I tell him, we didn’t go for long but that’s probably because it’s been so long for us, since the last time either of us had sex.

“I am glad because I feel the same. Did you have pleasure or would you like me to keep going?” He asks me. Oh my, pleasure me twice. Sounds very pleasant.

“You pleasured me so well. I just want to know you were happy with it?” I say as I turn on my side. I lay a hand on his stomach as he places his hands under his head.

“Oh I’m happy. Let’s try to get some sleep.” He says as he kisses the top of my head.

“Alright. Goodnight sweetheart.” I say to him as I place my head on his torso. Tonight was wonderful and sleep sounds good. We can cuddle in the morning.

“Goodnight dear.” He replies as he wraps an arm down my back. It feels so nice being able to fall asleep next to someone I love with my whole heart. I fall asleep easily. A dreamless night filled with seamless love, and hope for the future.

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