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Chapter 16

My cell buzzes as someone texted me. I slowly wake, as I sit up from the bed stretching as I go. Nathan is still sleeping beside me. I smile to him as I give him a kiss on the top of the head. I grab my cell and open it to see the text. It shows that I have missed 3 texts. From Kasai, Marekala and Nikki. Wonder what’s going on. I push the blankets off of me and walk into the kitchen. Still naked so I won’t sit on the island counter like I normally would, since it will be cold on my bum. I lean against the counter with my arms, with my back to the bed. I press the message from Kasai and then Marekala. They both say the same thing. They read:

Would you like to have some lunch on the first? It’s been a while since we have seen each other. Amanda couldn’t make it because of her ex. We will explain that to you later. Hope to hear from you soon.

Signed from both individual’s on their own texts. Sounds like fun. I wonder what happened to Amanda. I reply back in a text to them both saying:

I would love to have some lunch with you ladies today. How does three pm sound to you?

I send it. I wonder what they will say. I hope that’s a good time for both of them. I look at the text from Nikki next. She wrote:

Hey Mai. I hope everything is well with you. Would you like to have dinner tonight with Eric and myself? Just to catch up on everything. How does that sound. Text back with a time you think is suitable for you.

I would love to see and talk to Nikki again. I hope everything is well for her. There’s lots to talk about. I will text her. I said:

Dinner tonight at eight sounds wonderful to catch up with the two of you. I can’t wait to see you both. Just let me know where to meet you.

I send it to her. It’s so nice to hear from them both. I really got to get back to my place and do chores there. I also got to get my things that I have here, there. I will bring it up to Nathan when he gets up. I have lots of time before I should get ready to see Mary and Kasai. That is if they respond to me about if that time is good and where to meet them. What to wear I wonder? I will figure that out when I get to it. I go to the fridge, open it and look for something to eat. I think I will have some eggs. I take out the cartoon and put it on the counter.

I look for a pan and find it in the lower cupboard of the island. When I stand up and turn to the stove Nathan is standing there. I scream and drop the pan, thankfully missing our toes. Oh my god he is so quiet. I wrap on arm around my chest as I rest my elbow on it and place my hand over my mouth. Why are tears forming? It wasn’t that scary.

“I am so sorry Mai. I didn’t mean to scare you at all. I’m so sorry. Please don’t cry.” He says as he embraces me. I put my head on his chest.

“I don’t know why I’m so shocked. It’s okay. You just startled me. I’m alright. Would you like some eggs?” I ask him wiping my eyes. He stands back and picked up the pan for me. He places it on the stove and faces me again. I turn around to face the island as some tears came out. I don’t want him to see me this way, even though I have a reason for the tears. I wipe them away quickly. He walks up behind me and hug me. He put some hair behind my ears and kiss my neck. That’s nice of him to do so.

“Please forgive me my love. I didn’t mean to cause you such distress.” He says. I nod my head. Well we have finally connected physically and emotionally so I guess my defences have become somewhat normal now. I wonder if he gets morning wood every morning or if it’s just selective? He places a hand on my back and push my torso forward just a bit. What the heck is he doing? He then places himself accordingly. Oh my. He thrust himself into me. I let out a loud sigh as he put it in. He snorts as if he is amused that I did that already without him doing anything. Oh but he has done something for me. He goes fully out and fully in a few times to see my reaction. I sigh each time, liking what I feel. Why is he doing this to me?

“Why Nathan?” Is all I ask him as I face him.

“Why what Mai?” He asks back standing right in front of me. I look up at him as he looks down.

“Taunting me with your body.” I tell him placing my hands on his waist.

“Its fun and I didn’t know if you would want this or not.” He says. I just look at him disappointed. “I am wrong aren’t I?”

“Oh yes your wrong.” I tell him as I go and bend over the chair of the island. “Pleasure me please.”

He stands behind me bumping against me but not going in me. My phone buzzed a few times. I stand up and get it since nothing is going to happen right now. Marekala and Nikki both text me. Good now I can make plans then. Marekala wrote for both herself and Kasai. They said:

How about one. We could go to The Golden Fish and Chips place.

That does sound very good. I wrote:

That sounds good. I will meet you there in an hour.

I sent it to Mary so she could tell Kasai. Love fish and chips especially for breakfast, since it might take me a bit to get there since I haven’t even chosen what I am going to be wearing yet. I open Nikki’s text, which read:

Eight sounds lovely to meet tonight. Let’s meet at the Brewhouse and eat there. You can bring Nathan with you. But that’s your call. See you soon.

How nice of her to invite Nathan to come. I smile.

I will ask Nathan and whether he agrees or not, I will see you then.

I replied to her. I can’t wait. This afternoon and evening will be fun. I turn around to look at Nathan but he isn’t here anymore, nor are the eggs. I hear the TV playing now and see him lying on the bed. Still with a boner I see. I walk over to him and lay beside him. He looks different like he was upset about something.

“What’s wrong Nathan?” I ask him as I sit cross-legged by the middle of his torso. He looks at me and smiles.

“I am fine. Just thought that you wanted some time to text people.” He says turning his head back to the TV.

“Well at one I am meeting Mary and Kasai for lunch to catch up. Then tonight if you want to come, I’m meeting Nikki and her husband for dinner.” I tell him as I look at the clock.

“I would love to come to dinner with you and your friends.” He says. “But is it okay if I do something first?” He asks with an eyebrow raised. I nod my head. He sits up on his knees and kisses me. I kiss him back. He ran his hand down my side and plunge some of his fingers in me. Fast and furious making me sigh loudly. I lay my head down on the pillow. He sits between my legs. He took his hand away and leans toward me kissing me. He places himself and took the plunge. I let my pleasure be known. He thrusts back and forth moaning himself. What a feeling to have him in me. Love the way he feels in and against my body.

I scream loud as I must have come. My legs quivered a little bit as he pounds me. I sit up best I can with him going. He slowed as I wrap my legs around him and he lays onto his back so I can be on top. I go fast on him. He rolls his head back in pleasure. I lay on his torso as I bounce on him. I kiss him. I hit that tickle spot. I slow so it can pass. As I slow down Nathan decided to rip roar and pound me from the bottom. Oh oh oh oh. My body quivers as the tickle went away. I must have come again. I sit just above him as he pounds my body from beneath me. The tickle came back. He just pounded me. As he did I also went and it was so pleasurable. I constantly moaned and said my pleasures to him, as did he. He slows and I just continue to pound against his body.

“Mai get off I’m going to cum.” Nathan says afraid of the consequences.

“Hold on I am about to cum again.” I say not getting off him.

“Mai now.” He urges.

“Hold on almost there.” I just going almost at my peak.

“Now.” He groans.

“Almost there.” I say giving my last few good big thrusts in. I came again on him. I think I squirted a little with the last one. I stop but stay on him as the pleasure dies down.

“Damn it.” He says making a pleasured but sorry face.

“What’s your problem? You were wearing a condom so you shouldn’t be making me stop when I’m climaxing.” I tell him as I get off him. I look at him. Wow I came a lot with the two that I had on him. I sit on the bed breathing heavy, feeling so pleasured and so happy.

“You seemed to have cum a lot.” He says before saying why he’s upset.

“At least three times. My oh my your such a good lover, hun.” I tell him as I lay on my back.

“Wow and no I wasn’t wearing a condom. Why do you think it’s so pleasurable?” He says frankly.

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