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Chapter 17

“What. Why wouldn’t you wear a condom? Did you wear one last night?” I ask him sitting up and looking at him.

“No I didn’t. But then again when I knew I was going to cum I made sure I was on top so I could just pull out in time. But no you decided you wanted to climax instead of get off me.” He says making it my fault for not listening to him.

“Oh I am sorry but when is my pleasure a bad thing?” I ask him as I stand up.

“It’s never a bad thing until it gets in the way of you possibly getting pregnant.” He says propping himself up onto his elbows.

“Seriously. Why couldn’t you talk to me about the no condom thing before we had sex? I would have listened to you then and got off. But no now because of this I could get pregnant. Thanks a lot Nathan. I got to go.” I tell him as I go downstairs.

He hadn’t said another word and let me go. I grab my clothes from the dryer and put it on the bed. I put on a pair of jeans, a plain bra and a t-shirt. I throw on a sweater and my sneakers. I go back upstairs and out the door as Mary pulls up in her car with Kasai in the passenger seat. I open the door and get in. I rub my eyes and did my seat belt up. Mary started driving away.

“You alright Mai?” Mary asks looking at me in the rear view mirror.

“Sorry slight argument with Nathan. I will tell you when we eat. Everything will be fine. I just got to go to Shoppers after we eat if you don’t mind bringing me there and back to Nathan’s.” I say giving her a smile. She nods her head. I smile back as a thanks.

We drive to the Golden Fish and Chips place in silence. We order our one-piece cod and fresh cut fries to go. We pay and wait for our food to be ready. Our food is ready in a few minutes. We take our food and eat outside, since it is a nice day out. Well for now anyways.

“What’s wrong with Amanda and Matt?” I ask, curious as to why Mary referred to them as ex’s.

“Well it happened the day you had gotten in that football accident. That morning Matt found her at the park and proposed to her. She had declined him because she had found him cheating on her with his so called secretary. So she dumped him. That’s why I said she ran into a poll when I phoned you that day. She was a mess and still is because there fighting now over whose things are whose.” Mary informs me. Wow and I thought my relationships were odd.

“Wow. No wonder she was aggressive. She was having a bad day.” I say.

“Yes very weird. She has had problems with Matt for a long time now. So it isn’t a shocker to me that they’re fighting. Now onto what really matters. What’s going on between you and Nathan?” Kasai asks finishing her food. Mary finished as well. I only had my fries left.

“Be fair everyone has their issues in a relationship. It’s about how you can communicate and get past those differences, that’s what matter the most. It’s the fact that he hadn’t worn a condom. He doesn’t get it that I have to worry for the next couple of weeks because of that. He didn’t let me know beforehand either. I forgive him always -after I get over it- but if he had let me know I would not have let this happen and would not have freaked out on him.” I explain to them what’s bothering me the most. I mean I don’t want to sound heartless or rude because I care about Nathan so much and don’t want anything to jeopardize what we have together.

“Oh, I see. Well I hope you two can figure this out. I’m sure there is a reason for why he didn’t let you know Mai. He didn’t do it just because he wanted this to happen. I’m sure there is a logical reason alright. You are a lovely couple, I don’t want to see you get hurt Mai.” Mary says scratching her chin for a second. I’m glad she cares enough to not make me feel bad for freaking out on him.

“Yes, his reason is that he thought he would be on top to pull out in time. I just over reacted at the time, is all. But it’s not his fault. I wasn’t listening to him. I hope he can forgive me.” I say to them. It’s true, if I had listened to Nathan in the first place, we wouldn’t be here right now.

“I am sure it will work out for the best. It isn’t right of him to assume that he will be on top all the time to finish. But it’s not my place to say anything since I am the only single one.” Kasai says as she lies her hand on top of mine. I smile to her. That’s sweet of her to say and I hope she’s right.

“One can only hope. Nathan has a brother if you would like me to set you up. He also has sisters if you want?” I tell her. I finish my fries soon after. “How is everything with you two?” I ask them.

“Everything is great for me.” Mary says. Very descriptive of her, I like it.

“I am as good as can be expected. I haven’t had a job in several days. I don’t really want to be set up Mai, it will happen when it happens I’m sure.” Kasai says sounding down. It’s tough to me a model these days. I smile to her hoping she finds someone, and get some work again soon. I am glad to talk to other people to get a fresh perspective on things.

“I hope it gets better. I’m sure there’s work and a man around the corner for you Kasai. Maybe even your big break. Trust me my work hasn’t even called me in and there has been games with my division in it. But no they don’t want me. But I think it’s just because they want other people to get noticed.” Mary tells her as we got up. We throw our garbage out and went to the car.

“I’m sure that’s what it is. I like my job, I can do it whenever I can. What will you both do if you can’t do your jobs anymore?” I ask them as we stand by Marekala’s car.

“Probably teach gym at a school or something.” Mary says shrugging, not sure what she would do if her job doesn’t work out.

“I’d probably teach as well in some sort of art based course.” Kasai says sounding more optimistic about her choices. Good for her.

“Sounds good. Kasai you sure you don’t want me to set you up. His brother is taller, a little more tanned and has a great body. He’s absolutely gorgeous. I could always ask Nathan and we could double date some time. That is if Nathan can forgive me for what I did. But only if you wanted.” I offer. His brother is really nice and very good looking. But my heart has always wanted Nathan. It looks like Kasai is thinking about it.

“Alright. Talk to Nathan about it and we will see. But is it okay if Mary and Delko come as well. Just to make it easier on me. If you guys don’t mind coming along that is. I don’t want to impose or make anything weird or awkward.” Kasai asks nervously.

“Yes of course we would go honey. It wouldn’t be awkward at all Kass don’t worry about it. It wouldn’t be imposing at all because we would find a date that works for everybody as well.” Mary says.

“Sounds good I just have to make up with Nathan and ask him. Mary, Delko and I were going to double date some time anyway so this is a better idea. I hope Nathan agrees. No it won’t be awkward Kass trust me. If it were imposing I wouldn’t have offered to do this Kasai. Trust me.” I say. I am a bit worried to see him when I get back. My cell had buzzed. “It’s a text from Nathan.”

“What does it say?” Kasai asks curious as usual. I read it and they stand on either side of me trying to read it as well. If they waited until I finished I would have made it easier for them.

“He says he is sorry for what happened and went out to get condoms. That he hopes I’m not still angry with him and can forgive him for what he did. That he is still up for meeting up for dinner with my friends tonight if I want him to go. Awe how sweet.” I say as I place a hand on my mouth as tears coming to my eyes. That is so sweet of him to apologize, even when it was my fault. I am so lucky to have him in my life.

“Awe that is so cute. I knew it would work out.” Kasai says. They both gave me a hug, happy that we’re not fighting anymore. I am so glad that he isn’t mad at me for being so mean to him and yelling at him.

You are so sweet Nathan. I am not angry or mad at you anymore. I am so sorry for over reacting. I hope you can forgive me for how I reacted. Thank you for getting the condoms. I would love you to come to dinner tonight with me. I truly am sorry from the bottom of my heart for yelling at you. Please forgive me sweetheart.

I send it to him. I am relieved that he isn’t going to hold this against me. Well maybe he wouldn’t hold it against me, I mean that’s a bit strong of a word. I’m just happy he’s happy and not upset. I put my cell into my pocket as, we get into Mary’s car and drive off. It is silent, except for the music that is playing. My cell starts to buzz again, so I pull it out of my pocket.

I am glad to hear it darling. It’s alright I forgive you completely. I also got something else that might put your mind at ease as well. I will accompany you tonight dear, I would be honoured. I will see you when you get home sweetie. Lots of love.

So cute of him. I smile to myself. I am so lucky to have someone so amazing in my life. Marekala drove me right to Nathan’s house, knowing that I didn’t need to go to shoppers anymore. She parked across the street from his house and I get out. Mary and Kasai get out as well. We hug fair well.

“Thanks for lunch. I will see you whenever we set up that date I guess.” I say to them as I take a step away from the both of them.

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