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Chapter 18

“No problem. See you whenever the double date night is. Or whenever the blind date is with Kasai.” Mary says as they walk behind the car, so they wouldn’t be in the middle of the road.

“Yeah. Sounds fun. I will ask Nathan about his brother and get back to the both of you soon enough alright. Bye for now.” I say as I walk across the street. I stop on the sidewalk and face them.

“Bye.” Mary and Kasai say together. I wave to them as they get into the car and drove away. I walk up to Nathan’s door and knock. Nathan opens the door and let me in. I take my shoes off and put them underneath the coat rack. As we walk into the living room, I take my sweater off. The bed was put away and is now the couch again. I laid my sweater on the arm rest. We didn’t sit down at all; we stare at each other.

“I am sorry that I didn’t talk to you about not wearing a condom Mai.” Nathan says to me sounding really sorry. I smile lightly to him.

“I forgive you Nathan. I shouldn’t have freaked out as much. I should have listened to you. But I don’t appreciate what this has done.” I say to him. It’s true but I do have a right to be a little upset with him.

“You are allowed to be upset sweetie. To help put your mind at ease I got you a pregnancy test. I know that you will need to take it in a few days to make sure.” He says getting the box out of the side table and hands it to me. I look at it a bit nervously, knowing what it could possibly mean. I smile at him and give him a hug.

“Thank you so much Nathan. I appreciate this. You have no idea how much this will ease my mind. Yes I will have to take it in a few days, just to see if anything has seeded.” I tell him as I give him a kiss on the cheek. I step away from him.

“Where are we eating tonight and who are we eating with?” Nathan asks as he sits on the couch. I sat beside him.

“We are eating at the Brewhouse, at eight. We are eating with two friends of mine, Nikki and Eric Williams. You met Nikki the other night when we were walking here from the hospital. Eric is her husband and we were playing football together. He was the very tall guy, with auburn hair.” I tell him as I lean against the arm rest. Nathan leans in the other direction. I want to forgive him completely right now. But I know it will take some time, before that will happen. I feel heavy, though I’m sure that will pass.

“That sounds lovely dear.” Nathan says turning the TV on and put in a movie to watch. He presses play and it starts. He had put in Dirty Dancing. Absolutely love this movie. I honestly hate fighting, whether it be with Nathan or if it’s between some of our friends. It makes me uncomfortable and I have this awful, sort of regretful feeling like my body repels it or something. Hate this feeling, I just want it to go away. I have to ask Nathan about his brother and if he is up for dating Kasai.

I had to offer Kasai a date with his brother. Why on earth did I do that for? I don’t even know if his brother is available. Or if he is even straight. Ugh. I sigh as I rest my head on the arm rest.

“What’s wrong?” Nathan asks sitting up.

“For one thing I hate fights and fighting with my friends or you. Second I have to ask you about your brother Dean and if he will go on a date with Kasai.” I tell him sitting up as well. Nathan looked at me as I tell him what’s on my mind. It looks as though Nathan is thinking about it.

“I know you dislike fights. You are always the one keeping the peace. Dean isn’t seeing anyone right now. I could ask him if he wants to go on a date with Kasai. Are we going to be alright? I just feel like there’s this weird feeling between us.” He asks me. I can understand why he feels that way. I don’t want to make him feel uncomfortable.

“I apologize if you’re feeling a little weird. I don’t want to make you feel like that. Things will get a little better once I know for sure about this issue. Just bear with me until then please. Once you know about your brother please let me know.” I explain to him. I hope he understands what I am talking about.

He nods his head. He gets up, takes his cell phone out and walked into the kitchen. What am I going to wear tonight? I guess it doesn’t really matter. Maybe something nice I guess. I think I know what outfit to wear. I hear Nathan talking now to his brother. If things go well then everyone in our group will have a significant other. Well everyone except Amanda. But she has some serious issues. The heavy feeling I have, vanishes quickly. Oh thank god. I feel so much better now. Nathan sits down beside me, as he put his cell on the table. He rests his arm on top of the couch and the arm rest as he stretches out to get comfortable. He smiles.

“He said he will go on a blind date with Kasai. He said that once we know a date that works, that we should let him know right away.” Nathan says. I sit in the corner of the couch as I cross my legs. I smile to him.

“That’s good. Well whatever day works for Kasai and Dean we will be joining them. So will Mary and Delko. That way it won’t be so awkward for their first meeting.” I say to him.

“Sounds good to me. You seem better. Everything alright Mai?” Nathan asks surprised by my change of attitude. I feel so light now, like that weight has been lifted. Even though I didn’t have a weight on me per say.

“Yes, I feel fine. Not that I wasn’t fine before. I just feel lighter now.” I tell him honestly. I smile as I lean my head on the back of the couch.

“Well that’s great then. When do you think the blind date should be then?” He asks. I shrug because I really don’t know.

“Let’s just get tonight over with first before thinking about that night. I am going to go downstairs and figure out what I’m going to wear.” I tell him as I stand up. I walk over to the basement stairs and stop. I turn around to face Nathan. “Look I really am sorry for not listening to you earlier Nathan. I want you to know that I feel bad for doing that. It is my fault that I am in this predicament.” I say to him as I look down at the floor.

The couch squirms under him as he stands up. He walks towards me with his arms out. He embraces me in a hug and gives me a kiss on the head. Sweet.

“There is nothing to be sorry about. We both have something we should have done instead, but we didn’t. So let’s try to get past this.” Nathan suggests.

“Sounds good to me.” I reply to him. He then let go and walks into his room, closing the door behind him. The movie ends. I guess I should turn the TV off. So, I did and then go down to the basement.

I open the closet and some of the drawers to the dresser. I look through my clothes. So many options. But I know what I want to wear. So, I grab the outfit. It’s a floor length red dress that ties up behind the neck. The back of the dress goes to the middle of my back. It looks good. I hang it on the back of the closet door so I could see it when it’s closed. I set an alarm on my IPod to go off at six, so I can have a few hours to rest. I set it on the side table as I turn the volume up. I take my pants and shirt off, lay them by the foot of the bed and lay down.

I wrap the blankets around myself and easily fall asleep. So comfortable and so warm, like floating on clouds. Drifting away in the bustling wind as I sleep. Before long, my alarm wakes me up. I turn it off as I sit up. I stretch as I push the blankets off of me and got up. There is a knock on the door. It creaks open, as Nathan opens it. He didn’t come down he just stood at the top of the stairs.

“Mai are you alright?” Nathan calls down to me.

“Yes Nathan I am fine I just had a nap. Are you alright?” I ask him in return.

“Yeah I’m fine. I had a nap myself.” He says. He shut the door and walked away. It’s time to get ready for dinner. I go to the bathroom and did what I needed to. I come back into the room. I grab my makeup, go into the bathroom and set it on the sink. I put on some concealer, foundation and blush. I put on mascara, eye shadow and eye liner. I then put on a bright red lipstick to tie it all together. I leave the makeup in the bathroom except for the lipstick which I throw into my little purse.

I throw some tampons in my purse as a just in case. I walk over to the closet where my dress is hanging. I lay it on the bed and walk into the closet to find a pair of shoes. I pick out the black pair of stilettos. I think they will look great with the dress. I place them on the floor under the dress to see how it will look. It does look good together. I go back into the bathroom and did my hair. I comb it, to make it straighter and pin some of the hair from around my face to the back of my head. Time to put the dress on. It does feel nice against my skin. When I put my shoes on the dress doesn’t drag against the ground, which is nice. Just because I won’t fall down or anything with the shoes on. I walk upstairs to find Nathan sitting at the island with his back to me.

As quietly as I can, I go over to the front door and put my purse on the table, for when we leave. I turn around to go surprise Nathan but he is standing behind me. So, I bump into him and almost fall over. He grabs my arm to keep me from falling down. It works because I got my balance back. I smile to him and he smiles back.

“Thank you Nathan.” I murmur as I place my hands on his chest and rest my head on them. He wraps his arms around my back. His touch is so warm against my back.

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