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Chapter 19

“No problem sweetie.” He whispers into my hair as he gives me a kiss on the top of my head. I smile. He lets go as I stand away from him. I look him over. He looks so good. A nice deep mahogany red button down shirt, with black jeans that don’t look like jeans and a black blazer. My he can clean up nice. I grab a cup from the cupboard and fill it up with water. After taking a sip I bring it to Nathan who sat at the island. He takes a sip as I sit beside him.

“You doing alright Nathan, you don’t seem like yourself.” I ask him.

“Yeah I’m fine just worried about that issue, you know. I mean I know until you get your thing or not we won’t know for sure if anything happens. So it will be a long couple days I think.” He responds. I am in the right to be angry with him and I will be annoyed at him until I know things have cleared.

“Yes it will be long but by you saying that makes things heavy again and I don’t like that. Now can we please get past this and think that nothing had happened in the first place. I really want to enjoy tonight. I want you to enjoy yourself and make some new friends.” I say to him as I put my hand on top of his.

“Alright let’s try to get past it. I have friends.” He says defensively as he smiles.

“Who because you haven’t seen anyone since I have been here. By the way I think I should go back to my house soon because I have my things there and food going rotten. I need to clean up there and you know, live there. I mean we will be together of course but living in our own houses alright.” I say trying to ease him into me going back to my place to live.

“Well if they had the time I would see them more often. Do you have to go back to your place to live? I’m used to you being here.” He says.

“Yes but we don’t sleep in the same bed I’m downstairs and your upstairs. I am just a guest here Nathan. I got things I have to do at my home. I have to clean, I have to work.” I tell him as I stand up. He frowns a little.

“Yeah but that’s because you want to sleep downstairs. You can easily work here. You don’t take up that much room to do your work. It’s easy to do here.” He says as he twirls his chair to face me as I stand in front of him.

“So, it’s my fault that I sleep on my own downstairs when I really want to share your bed and be close to you because we’re together. Yes I love being alone Nathan when I’m with you, oh please let me be alone.” I tell him so sarcastically. He rolls his eyes, seeing what I mean.

“Okay I’m sorry that I haven’t asked you what you wanted to do okay. If you feel fine and want to go back to your place I won’t stop you. But would you maybe consider moving in here with me. I have a lot of space for all your things and I have the empty space in my bed if you want to share it with me?” He offers me. Oh my. I blush a little at his offer. Though I try to stay straight faced.

“Are you sure that’s what you want?” I ask him.

“Yes I want to live with you Mai. I want to be in your life forever and always. I have always felt lost and empty when you’re not here with me.” Awe how sweet.

“I feel lost when I’m not with you too Nathan. I will think about it. I wish I didn’t have to mention anything to you for you to ask me to sleep beside you. But oh well I guess, since this is how things turned out.” I tell him. He stands up and kisses me. I place my arms around his neck as he places his on my waist. Such a good kisser. Love the way his lips feel against mine. He kisses my forehead and steps away.

“You think away hunny. Let’s go or else were going to be late for dinner.” He says as he grabs my jacket. He helps me get into it. He opened the door as he grabs his jacket and we leave. He opens the car door for me and closes it once I am seated comfortably. What a gentleman. He gets in and drove us to the Brewhouse. No matter what happens he is a sweetheart and I can’t ever be mad at him for long. I just wish I didn’t have to mention certain things. But sometimes it’s inevitable.

“You know what my favorite color is Nathan?” I ask him as I rest my hand on his hand, which is on his armrest.

“No what is it?” He asks looking at me quickly.

“It’s the color of your eyes. Navy blue and occasionally midnight blue, when the light hits it they sparkle.” I tell him.

“Really I didn’t know that’s why you liked the color. That’s nice to know.” He replies. We get to the Brewhouse in no time. He got out and came over to open my door. So sweet of him. We go into the Brewhouse and I give them Nikki’s name because the reservation is under her name. They bring us to the table and they are already here. We all hug and then sit down. I place my jacket on the back of my chair, as did Nathan.

“Wow Mai you clean up so nice.” Eric says as he looks me over.

“Thanks Eric but I think Nikki is the stunner tonight. How are you feeling Nikki?” I ask her seeing that she was still very round. It looks like she could burst any moment now.

“Oh you know. I am tired but I’m alright. I am a few day’s late, but what can I do about it. The little one doesn’t want to come out just yet. There too comfortable in there.” She says with a smile. The guys start talking about sports.

“Awe Nikki I’m sorry I hope they decide that today or tomorrow is the day to see your face. I hope it gets easier.” I tell her. I smile back at her.

“Oh I have no problem with them being in me. I mean I have no idea what gender the baby is that’s why I say them or they.” She explains to me.

“Cool. So I’m guessing you’re waiting to see the baby before deciding on a name then?” I asked.

“Well yes and no. We have picked out a few names for each gender and when we see the little one we will know then.” She tells me. The waiter came up to us and hands us the menus.

“Hello my name is Derek. I will be your waiter today. Can I get you anything to start off with?” He asks as he took his pad and pen out.

“I will have a beer and my wife will just have water and a ginger ale.” Eric tells him. He then looks at Nathan and me.

“I will have a beer and my girlfriend will have a fuzzy naval.” Nathan tells him.

“Alright I will give you a few minutes to look over the menu and will be back with your drinks momentarily.” Derek tells us and walks away.

“Alright time to look over the menu.” Eric says picking up his menu. Everything on the menu looks really good. I wonder what I should choose.

“Is it possible to share the garlic bread or did you not want to share a starter?” I ask not sure what they want to do.

“I would love to have garlic bread.” Nikki and Nathan say at the same time. They laugh a little bit.

“So that sounds good then.” Eric says with a chuckle. We look over the menu in silence, deciding what we want to eat. Everything looks just wonderful. But I think I’m going to try the burger. It sounds good. I place my menu down. Everyone else is still reading it except Nikki. She is using the menu as a fan.

“You over heating sweetie.” Eric asks as he puts his menu down.

“Yes just a little. But I am fine I promise.” She says leaning over and giving him a kiss on the cheek. That is so adorable.

Nathan had put his menu down then and holds my hand. I smile to him and he smiles back. So cute. Our waiter came back with our drinks. He placed them on the table and takes out his pad of paper and a pen again to take our order.

“Have you decided on what you’re ordering? Or do you need more time?” Derek asks us.

We go around ordering what we want. We all want burgers except Nikki, but that’s understandable. He takes our menu and walks away, to place our order. I can’t wait to try the burger. It looks good and hopefully tastes good.

“So Eric you excited to become a Father?” I ask him.

“Yes I am. But I am also a little nervous as well.” He tells me.

“I’m sure you will do an excellent job.” I tell him trying to make him feel better. I know he will be an excellent dad. He cares a lot and has a big heart.

“I am going to go to the bathroom. Please excuse me.” Nikki says excusing herself.

“I will join you. Excuse us boys.” I say as I give them a smile and accompany Nikki to the bathroom. I stand in front of the mirror as she went. I apply some more lipstick. Nikki flushed and came out. She washes her hands. I guess with being pregnant you have to go more often.

“You sure you’re alright?” I ask her.

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