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Chapter 2

“I don’t have a problem with you personally. I do however have a problem with how you get people together. Yeah I like seeing a friend happy. But I’d also like all my friends happy instead of just one and making another sad.” Amanda tells her getting mad. She stands up abruptly as well to be face to face with Kasai.

“Guys don’t be like this. Yes it was wrong for Kasai to do this. But Amanda you don’t need to get mad every time something happens to a friend. I know Delko alright, he will be fine. He just needs to blow off some steam. Okay, so stop arguing about this.” Nathan says to the two of them as they glare at him for separating them. I don’t think he knows what really happened here. It looks as though he is in his own world when things went wrong.

“Fine instead of arguing I’m going to do this.” Amanda says slapping Kasai. I quickly grab Amanda’s arms and hold them behind her back. I don’t want her to hit Kasai again. Nathan just stands by the couch, trying to stay out of the way.

“Amanda can you just apologize and be nice so this doesn’t go any further.” I ask as I tighten my grip on Amanda as she squirms a bit.

“Let’s see…no because she hurt a friend.” Amanda angrily says trying to fight my grip, which is getting her nowhere.

“Why can’t you just accept that Marekala will be happy and Delko will get over it? I mean just because you aren’t happy and in a dead end relationship does not mean you can hurt others.” I tell her trying to make a point.

“Thanks for holding her Mai.” Kasai says. Right when I looked up after sneezing, I see Kasai punch Amanda in the face, really hard. I can feel it through Amanda as I tried not to get hit by her head rolling back.

“Shit that hurt. Mai let go.” Amanda says shaking her head, just as my grip loosens the tiniest bit. She noticed and break’s free from my grip.

“It isn’t a dead end relationship because he proposed to me. I said no to him because he is sleeping with his receptionist and thought I didn’t know about it.” Amanda says angry at herself now for letting that happen.

“I am sorry that happened Amanda, but violence does not solve anything here. Why can’t you just say sorry and be good again?” I seriously ask taking a step back and to the left so I can look at the girls fighting. I can’t believe Matt would do that to her. No wonder she is so angry.

“Too late.” Amanda says misdirecting her anger now towards me. Oh crap why is she directing it to me? I freeze at the thought of her punching me. Nathan saw that, stepped in front of me and takes the hit for me. I shriek.

“Nathan NOO!” I shriek as Amanda takes a step back from her punch with a smirk on her smug face. With the force that had hit his back, he had to take a step forward to keep himself steady. He places a hand on my arm so he wouldn’t fall over.

“I’m fine. It wasn’t that bad. It didn’t hurt.” Nathan lies to me as he stands straight up looking into my jade green eyes. He’s taken hits before with playing a lot of sports but this seemed different. He shook his head to show me that he was alright. Though he knew I can tell that he was in some pain, even if no one else can tell.

“Why defend her? She’s weak, with no one who cares for her. She’ll always be alone.” Amanda says coldly, hurtfully, so full of emotion that can’t go anywhere but here. Why does she have to be like this? It isn’t going to get her anywhere or help the situation at all.

“You sound like my god damned mother when my dad was protecting me. I hate my mother for what she has done.” I say hurt as Nathan stands beside me, so we both can look at Amanda. My eyes blur with tears that are on the cusp of pouring out. The only thing stopping it is Nathan’s arm around my back and elbow like a protective shield.

“See your wrong Amanda. Mai does have people who care about her and she’s the one who held you back. She’s a stronger person then you are. Physically, mentally and emotionally. Just because your parents abandoned you at birth doesn’t mean you have to take it out on others.” Kasai says defending me, as Nathan wipes the tear from my cheek. It’s just nerves.

“If you don’t let people see the real you, then you will lose sight of you too.” Nathan adds. Squeezing my arm to remind me he isn’t going to leave.

“If you just ask for help you will get it. You are the weak one. Just open up a bit more.” I say shaky. Finishing the train of thought.

“But I’m scared and I do not want to get hurt anymore.” Amanda admits reluctantly, looking off to the side. Speaking from her heart finally.

“I think that right now you need to be alone.” Kasai says putting a hand on Amanda’s left shoulder.

“Do not touch me.” Amanda says in such a way that made your spine shiver. Kasai immediately removed her hand. The three of us leave after that without another word.

“I hope she’s going to be alright.” I wonder out loud as we step out onto the front porch.

“Mia?” Nathan says as this girl walks by. The brown haired girl looks at him as he said her name.

“Oh hey Nathan. It’s been a long time, how are you?” The girl named Mia asks him, smiling like there is no tomorrow. I scowl at her. I could see her glance up here and has a twinkle in her eye with the attention she’s getting.

“I’m fine and how are you?” Nathan asks as he walks over to her and gives her a quick kiss on the cheek. I get mad at her as he did this kind gesture with her.

“Mai are you okay?” Kasai asks as I glance over at her as I raise eyebrow.

“Yeah fine.” I snapped as the muscles in my face loosen as we walk to the sidewalk. Does she really even have to ask?

“Mai there you are. I wondered where you were. I have a question to ask you?” A tall male with auburn hair, some freckles and deep chocolate brown eyes asks.

“Hey Eric, what’s your question?” I ask recognizing who he is, as I walk with him.

“Great I get to walk home alone. Glad I live close.” Kasai sarcastically says as we all walk in different directions.

“Well I was wondering if you’d like to play a game of football with some friends.” Eric asks rushing through what he wanted to say, as he makes sure he didn’t forget anything.

“Who’s going to be playing?” I ask excited to play a game that I have loved all of my life.

“You know them. Johnny, Daniel, Chris, Samantha and I believe Delko might play as well. I think you know him quite well. There are some other players but they don’t really play.” Eric explains to me seeing if he missed anything. But he didn’t. So we got some cheerleaders then.

“Okay I’ll play with you and by team you mean we play against ourselves or against a whole different team?” I wonder as I had place my hands in my pockets, making sure my bag is on my shoulder.

“We are playing a different team. But I think you might have met them before. I haven’t been told who the other team is yet. There are girls on that team too so don’t worry. We’re playing at four thirty today. I invited your friends to watch us play today.” Eric tells me so I know that everything is fair and even. Plus, he thought ahead by inviting my friends. Nice touch.

“Cool so where are we playing at?” I ask him excited as I look at him. This is going to be so much fun.

“We are playing at Dieppe Park.” Eric replied. That isn’t far from my house at all.

“So is the team going to meet there for a practice because I haven’t played since high school? By any chance is it tackle?” I ask excitedly.

“Don’t worry Mai were already late for practice. We should hurry. Yes it is tackle.” Eric announces to me as I smile. Can’t believe after the morning I had I get to have some fun.

“Okay and the park isn’t that far from here anyways.” I inform him as we quicken our pace. We get to the park not too late that almost everyone was already there.

“So this is the team?” I ask as we get onto the playing field. I put my bag by our team bench. I quickly put my shoulder length hair into a pony tail.

“Yeah why?” Eric wonders as he raises an eyebrow. I smirk so he knows I’m not being rude, and just curious.

“No reason just someone could get hurt that’s all.” I respond looking at the team and lack of equipment. We all get acquainted.

“Let’s practice a few times before the other team gets here.” A guy named Daniel says looking at his watch. So we got into a rough position for practice. After a few runs Delko shows up.

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