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Chapter 20

“Yes I am fine just tired. I will feel a little better after I eat something.” She tells me.

“Glad to hear it. It’s lovely outside for being November.” I say. It’s true with that little bit of snow on the ground makes things seem magical almost.

“Yeah it is lovely out for sure.” She says. We smile at each other. “Tell me about you and Nathan.”

“The day after we bumped into you on the street, we had talked about how we felt for each other. Now we are together.” I tell her casually dabbing my lips with a tissue to get the excess off.

“You’ve been together for roughly 2 weeks then. Have you been staying at his place this whole time after your injury?” She curiously asks me as she takes a seat on the chair.

“Yes I have been at his place for a little over a week. I have things to do at my place though so I brought that up earlier. With asking that of him he had asked me to move in with him. I mean earlier we had gotten in a slight fight and I told him straight up that I am treated like a guest there, not like a girlfriend. That I am downstairs and he is upstairs when we sleep. After saying that he asked me to move in. I have no idea what to do and if what I said made him say it either. It’s a bit confusing but I really do like him.” I tell her. I sit on the counter as I explain the situation to her. Well the best I can anyways.

“Oh I see. Well I would suggest to think about everything. Personally I think you want to live with him, despite whatever it was you were disputing. Why you think I know this? It’s because of how you talk about him. I see it in your eyes and hear it in your tone of voice. You want to stay with him no matter what the problem.” She tells me. How is it she can tell all that? I am talking evenly throughout our conversation. Plus I wasn’t talking about him much either.

“I will think about it. I really do want to stay with him. I know you’re right too. Now let’s go back to the guys before they think we left.” I tell her as I stand up.

“Alright and good for you. I can tell that you both love each other a lot.” She says as I give her a hand to get up. We walk out of the bathroom and to our table. We sit back down at our table. The garlic bread has come.

“I see you guys have enjoyed some of the bread without us.” I state, grabbing a few pieces for myself. Nikki took a bunch as well. I guess someone’s hungry. We eat in silence as the guys talk.

“So Nikki, Eric tells me about this romantic place in Haliburton, that’s called Sir Sam’s Inn. Is it as nice as Eric portrays it as or is he just yanking my chain?” Nathan asks as we nibble on the garlic bread. It looks as though Nikki is putting some into her bag for later. I snort a little laugh. I have no idea why I find that funny. Maybe it could be more or less because Nathan wants to know about a day spa. Nikki takes a sip of her ginger ale before she starts to talk.

“It is a magnificent place. So beautiful, calming and very relaxing. That’s where we had gotten engaged. I knew something was up with him when we woke up that day. I couldn’t put my finger on it of course until we sat down by the water front. I would love to go back there. Why were you guys talking about romantic places?” Nikki asks. I want to know that too? Why would they be talking about romantic places to visit? For two guys that is really weird.

“I was just telling him about where we had gotten engaged is all darling. Nathan was just wondering how we had met and stuff like that. So I had told him we met through a friend and got along instantly.” Eric explains to her. Sounds like a reasonable explanation.

“Alright that makes it sound less weird.” She replies smiling. Eric places his hand on top of hers. Nikki is looking off to the side as Eric gazed at her lovingly. Our waiter came and brings our food to us. It smells so good that it’s drool worthy. The burger looks so delicious.

“Thank you.” I say to Derek with a smile, as he places my food down. He smiles back and left. I see they placed the condiments on our table before we got to the table. It looks like I have a lot of fries. More then what I think I should get. That is very weird. My stomach growls as I smell that delicious scent from the burgers and fries. I put some ketchup, and mustard on the burger and some ketchup down for my fries.

“Hey sweetheart it looks like you have a ton of fries. I wonder why that is?” Nathan says seeing that I have like a good handful more than everyone else.

“I honestly have no idea hun.” I tell him with a shrug. He put some condiments on his burger as he ate a fry. He drops the fact that I had more fries and ate his burger. Nikki and Eric are already eating. I can’t blame them. The food looks amazing. I pick up my burger and take a bite. Oh my, this is the best burger I have ever eaten. I savor each bite of the burger. We all eat in silence for a little while. I am glad I chose it to eat. The fries look just as good.

“How is the burger Mai?” Nikki asks as she finishes her sandwich.

“To good to explain. How was your sandwich?” I ask. It’s true, it is hard to explain how good the burger is unless you have it yourself.

“Wonderful.” Nikki says nibbling on her fries. The fries do taste good. There isn’t much conversation after that. I guess the guys are really enjoying their food.

I start to rub my foot along Nathan’s leg. He smiles and looks at me, a twinkle in his eye. Love the way his eyes look when that happens. Eric fed Nikki a fry right when I fed Nathan one. That’s so cute to see them do that and kind of funny that we did it at the same time. Just as we are finishing our food our waiter came back to our table. I take a little sip of my drink. I haven’t had much of it yet.

“How was your meal and is there anything else I can get for you?” Derek asks us as he starts to gather up our plates. Nikki, Nathan and I all order dessert.

“I don’t want anything thank you.” Eric says. Derek wrote it all down and walks into the back with the plates. “Did you all enjoy the meal?” Eric asks as he uses the napkin to wipe his mouth again.

“It was so very good.” I tell him.

“I enjoyed it.” Nathan tells him.

“Everyone liked it and so did I sweetie.” Nikki says to him with a smile.

“I am so glad you all enjoyed it.” Eric says. I smile to him. Our waiter came back with our desserts. Oh they look delicious. Can’t wait to try it. He placed them down and walks away. I take a few bites of the pie. It is so good.

“Here Nathan try this.” I say to him as I got a piece on my fork for him. He ate it. He smiles.

“It’s good. Try this honey.” He replies. He got a spoonful of ice cream and fudge. I took the bite and ate it. Cold but good. I like this place it’s really good. It didn’t take long before we finish our desserts. Derek came back with the check. Eric put his credit card down. Derek went over to the register swiped it and came back with the receipt for Eric to keep.

“Here you go sir. Have a good night and hope to see you again.” Derek says as we stand up. Eric helped Nikki put on her jacket. After he did we all got our coats on. We leave the restaurant and head to our cars, which were parked beside each other. We stand behind the cars as we smile. I hug Nikki once more.

“I hope things get easier for you sooner rather than later.” I tell Nikki. We step away from each other. Nikki looks a little off. Eric noticed as well.

“Are you alright sweetheart?” Eric asks her, concerned. Nikki’s pants got a little darker.

“I don’t know. Either I just peed myself or my water broke.” She says. Oh boy. I smile at her.

“Nikki I think your water just broke. You got to go to the hospital. We will follow behind you and wait.” I say to her. She nods, looking a little scared. We all get into our cars. The hospital isn’t that far away. As we park, it starts to snow a little bit. I stand still by the open car door looking up at the sky. The flakes are big and come down slowly, making everything seem a little romantic. Nathan stands beside me and wraps an arm around my waist. I look at him with a smile on my face. My worries melt away. My fears are gone and everything seems so surreal. I close the door and we hurry behind Nikki and Eric into the hospital. I can’t stop smiling. I can’t believe a friend I have known for, what seems like forever, is having a baby. She is 26, just like me, and having her first kid. I can’t believe it.

We enter the hospital in a matter of seconds. There isn’t anyone in the waiting room or anywhere to be seen. That’s good. We all go right to the emergency room reception desk. Nathan and I hung back so they can talk to the nurse there. They tell her what is going on and another nurse immediately brought a wheelchair for her to sit in. Nikki looks like she is a little uncomfortable. But that could be from maybe the contractions, or the baby leaning in the wrong way. I hope she is going to be alright.

“Come on Mai and Nathan this way.” Eric says as he wheels Nikki in the wheelchair. We follow them, as he follows the nurse. We go this way and that to get to the elevator. We only gone up a floor or two to get to the maternity wing. The nurse brought us to a private room for her.

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