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Chapter 21

“Get comfortable. One of the maternity nurses will be right in.” The kind nurse says as we all get in. Eric helps her onto the bed. The nurse put the wheelchair outside of the room. From the cabinet she brings down a gown and a few blankets for the bed. The nurse hands her the gown and starts to put the blankets onto the bed. Nikki gets off so the blankets are covering the whole bed. Nathan and I leave the room with the nurse so she could get into the gown.

I shut the door behind us so they can have some privacy. The nurse takes the wheelchair to the elevator and go downstairs. I guess she told the maternity ward that Nikki is here, or else she probably wouldn’t have gone back to her job downstairs. Nathan heads to the main area on this floor, where the chairs, vending machines and reception are. I can’t get comfy. I pace in circles as we wait in the appropriate area. I hope everything is going to be okay with Nikki. I want to live with Nathan but what happens if I move in with him, sell my place and we break up? What if things don’t work out? What if we want a kid later on in life? We would need a bigger place. So many questions and no answers to any of them.

This is not the time to think about that. I am here to support Nikki and her child. But I want answers to my unanswered questions so I can help her. Where to start? Why are things so complicated now? I sit beside Nathan and hold his hand.

“Are you positively sure you want me to live with you? What happens if we have a big fight or we break up? What then. Or if we have a kid? Will there room be? There are so many things that we would have to consider before I agree to anything Nathan.” I say to him seriously thinking about our options.

“There is another bedroom on the main floor, if we were to have a kid. You just haven’t noticed it I guess. If we fight we talk about it and work through it together. If we break up then we have to make sure it’s not for the wrong reasons. Everything will work out.” Nathan says optimistic.

“How can you be sure?” I ask him worried.

“Trust me things will be fine. We just have to work together and things will fall in place when their supposed to.” Nathan says assuring me.

“I still have to think about it Nathan.” I tell him with a nervous smile. My stomach has butterflies and I’m very nervous. My stomach dropped. Without alarming Nathan, I quickly go to the bathroom and into the first stall. I went. I guess my nerves get the best of me sometimes. I wipe but when I stood up, I see blood in my urine. I exhale as all the pressure lifts off of my back. I have my period, thank you god. I grab a tampon from my purse and put it in. This makes things so much better now. We don’t have to worry about that one thing now. I mean we don’t have to have a kid. He could get sniped so we don’t have to wear condoms and have it feel wonderful. I flush and wash my hands. I am so ecstatic that things are going right now. I go back and sit beside Nathan happier than ever right now. He smiles at me as I sit beside him.

“Everything alright?” He asks me, wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

“Everything is perfect right now. I just got my period.” I tell him with a smile. His smile grew knowing that we lucked out this time. Thankfully though my period is only a couple of days. So we can celebrate in a few days. I notice Eric in the door motioning for us to come into the room. I motion to Nathan and we go into the room. Nikki looks uncomfortable. The nurse in here left as we came in.

“How are you?” I ask right away as I stand beside her.

“I’m alright I guess. A little uncomfortable. I can’t get the epidural because I am too far along. Which is surprising because my water broke not that long ago. But the nurse says that happens sometimes. So I am doing it the all-natural way.” Nikki says as she lifts the bed up so she can sit up a bit better. I wince a little as she tensed from a contraction. Eric is on her other side, holding her hand. Nathan sits down on the couch under the window. He is unsure what to do I guess. I hold her other hand as she has another contraction.

“Nikki breathe. Deep breathes. I don’t think the baby is ready to come out just yet.” I calmly say to her as she starts breathing deeply. It can’t be too long before she gives birth. It seems like the baby really wants to come out now.

“I will go get the nurse.” Nathan suggests. Eric nods his head. Nathan left the room and called the nurse. They both walk in and the nurse checks her.

“It looks like your fully dilated and the baby seems to be coming now.” The nurse says. She steps to the side and calls in the doctor. The nurse came back. “The doctor is on her way. On your next contraction you’re going to feel the urge to push. I want you to.” The nurse says as she sits at the end of her feet. Nikki braces herself. I grip her hand so she knows I wasn’t going anywhere. She looks up at Eric and me.

“You can do it Nikki.” Eric encourages her.

“Yes you can. Just breathe and you will do fine.” I say. She tenses and starts to push. She grunts with some pain. At the end of her contraction she sighed. The contractions are so close together. She starts to scream as she pushed the next time. She clenched hard on my hand as she kept pushing.

The door opens and closed behind me. The doctor walks up and onto the same side as Eric is. She stands by her feet as Nikki pushes really hard.

“Alright Nikki, your almost there your baby’s head is crowning.” The doctor says to her as she put on gloves. The nurse moves and the doctor sat down ready to help out. With a scream Nikki pushes really hard with the pain she is feeling. “Good job. Your baby’s head is out. One more good push and we can get the baby out. You ready?” The doctor asks.

“You can do this Nikki you made it this far. You can do it.” Eric says as he wipes some of her hair away from her face. I squeeze her hand so she knew that neither of us will leave. I smile at her as she looked at me.

“I’m ready.” Nikki softly said. With that she starts pushing really hard. When she stopped, she sighs loudly and there it is. The baby starts screaming. She did it. They take the baby to the table and start cleaning it up. They wrap the baby up and come over to Nikki with it in their hands.

“You have a baby girl.” The doctor says handing her to Nikki. I let go of her hand so she can hold her baby. She held onto her new baby girl. The baby is so cute. I let Eric stand where I am and I sit down beside Nathan. I rest my head on his shoulder, as I hold both of his hands. Some tears form in my eyes.

“You alright.” Nathan asks smiling for the new parents.

“Yes I’m just so happy I could help and her baby is so beautiful.” I tell him. He wipes the tears from my eye.

“I know. I’m glad we could be here for them.” Nathan says very happy. Eric sat on the bed beside Nikki and they both just look at their little creation. I wonder what they will name her. The doctors and nurses left the room so that we could have some privacy, after saying that if need to push the button.

“Nikki, Eric thank you for letting us be a part of this. We’re honoured.” I say to them as tears bubble up around my eyes.

“We are glad you could be here.” Eric says with a smile.

“We have decided on a name for her.” Nikki says. We stand up and walk over to the side of the bed to see them both.

“What is her name?” I ask curious.

“We decided to call her Mai after you.” Nikki says with a smile.

“That is so amazing Nikki. Thank you.” I say to her as I give her and the baby a light hug. I walk over to Eric and gave him a hug as well. Nathan gave him a hand shake and congratulated him.

“It’s our pleasure for all you have done for me when we were younger. I am glad to know you Mai.” Nikki says tearing up herself.

“I’m just glad I could help. I think we will leave now so the three of you can start bonding. If you need anything you can always call.” I offer to them with a smile.

“Thank you. See you around.” Eric says with a smile. Nathan and I left then. November 1st, 2014 at ten pm. So amazing. The miracle of birth is a fascinating thing.

We walk down to the car in silence as we thought about what we just saw. I don’t know if I could be a good mother. I think if I did I would adopt. I think I will get my tubes tied, that way I can’t get pregnant and I won’t get my periods anymore. I would have to talk to my doctor. I think I will do that.

“Nathan what would you think if I got my tubes cut?” I ask him as we drive back to his house.

“I don’t know. The means no kids then right?” He asks me looking a little concerned.

“Yes. I mean I don’t think I would be a good parent. I mean if in the future I want one I could adopt.” I say to him. He pulls into the driveway and stop the car without getting out.

“You’re twenty six and you want to get your tubes tied. Have you thought this completely through?” He asks as he looks at me.

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