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Chapter 22

“Look Nathan, it’s an option for us so we don’t have to go through what had happened today. I wouldn’t get pregnant. I will still get my periods, but not pregnant. Isn’t that a good thing?” I ask him seriously.

“Yes that would be good but what if you want to have a kid in the future.” Nathan asks.

“My eggs will still be in me, we could take an egg out then and some of your sperm and have a surrogate go through the process for us. I really don’t want to have to worry about getting pregnant in the next five to ten years.” I say to him.

“I will have to think about this sweetie.” Nathan says a little unhappy.

“Look tubes tied are a permanent method of birth control. Would you like me to do something else, so I don’t get pregnant?” I ask him as I got out of the car. Why is he objecting about this? It’s a way for me to not get pregnant.

“Look it’s a serious procedure and I think you are just overreacting about what had happened today okay. If you’re worried just get birth control pills and they will work the exact same way.” Nathan says getting out too and walking over to me.

“Yes maybe a little overreaction but that’s a good thing sometimes. I will go talk to my doctor tomorrow then. I will ask to get the pills where I won’t get my period for three months at a time. This is a better option isn’t it?” I ask him. It takes affect after a few days.

“Yes, it’s a better option right now. Yes go to your doctor, get that prescription filled for maybe 3 years, or whatever time period you want and we will get it filled out tomorrow. If you want.” Nathan says. He is right that this is a better option. I’m being dramatic because I got scared today. The pill is definitely a better way to go.

“Alright. I will see my doctor tomorrow. I’m sorry for being over dramatic.” I say to him as I hold his hand.

“It’s okay. I was just as worried as you. I mean we have just figured out that we want to be together for a while. I really don’t want anything to screw it up right now.” Nathan says as we go into his house.

“Agreed.” I say as I take my jacket and shoes off. After how the day started, I am glad that we are agreeing and smiling like we had yesterday. I’m mostly just glad that things didn’t get nasty between the two of us. I will sit on the moving in thing for a few days and decide then. I really do enjoy being with him all the time and I think it will work if we move in. He can help me work on my writing and I could help him with whatever he does if he lets me. I’m just glad things aren’t stressful anymore. So happy for Eric and Nikki with their little girl. Nathan sat down on the couch and turns the TV on.

“Hey Nathan where is this second room you talked about earlier.” I ask him as I lean over the top of the couch.

“The door is the same colour as the wall. The handle is gold. It’s above the basement. The door is right by the bathroom door, but it’s on the wall across from my room if that makes sense.” Nathan tells me.

“Alright. I’m going to move my things from the basement to that room just because I don’t want you to see everything I got.” I tell him.

“Alright sounds good.” Nathan says not clueing in really why I’m doing this. I first go down the hall and find the door. I open it, turn the light on and look in. Wow it’s a beautiful room. It’s got light blue walls, a king size bed with some drapery going around the sides of it. There’s a nice big window showing the yard. There’s a nice big dresser and a big closet. Wow why isn’t he in this room I wonder.

I leave the room and go to the basement. I put all my clothes into the bags that I had them in and in a few trips, I bring the clothes into the spare room upstairs. I open the closet and stick some things in there but left out the more casual stuff by the dresser. I can’t believe I never noticed this room before. I can’t wait until Thursday, which is 2 days away now. That way my period will be done and I can celebrate the fact we didn’t get pregnant. But first things first. I have to go see my doctor tomorrow. It’s really late. I should get changed and go see Nathan. But before I go to bed I should shower first and put in a new tampon.

I take my dress off. I am in just my red bra and thong. Maybe I should shower now and go to bed. I am pretty tired and it is really late. I walk out into the main room, to see him still watching TV. I walk right up behind him and wrap my arms around his chest and kiss his ear seductively.

“I’m going to go have a shower before bed sexy. Would you like to come with me?” I asked him. He hums a little bit.

“I will join you in a few minutes sweetie.” He says looking up at me.

“Alright your loss then.” I say as I turn around and walk into the bathroom. I take my bra and thong off. I place them onto the counter. I put the box into the cabinet and go into the shower. I turn the water on and got my body wash out. I let the water wash away all the soap, when the door opens up. “I thought you weren’t going to join me.” I say, opening the curtain a little. It isn’t Nathan it was Delko. What the hell. I scream and shut the curtain. Delko jumped and left the bathroom right away. Why in the fuck is he here right now? I turn the shower off, put a tampon in and wrap a towel around myself. I walk out to the main room to see both of the guys sitting on the couch.

“What the fuck?” Was all I could say as I stood in front of the TV.

“Sorry, I forgot to mention that Delko will be staying here for the night because he had an argument similar to ours and needed a place to crash.” Nathan says with a very apologetic smile.

“I didn’t realize you were in the shower, I thought someone was just getting a bath ready. I didn’t see anything.” Delko says very sorry as well.

“I had a heart attack I hope your both happy. I will be sleeping downstairs.” I say to them as I head to the second bedroom.

“No you’re not because that’s where Delko is sleeping.” Nathan calls to me as I reach the door.

“Alright, then I will be sleeping in the spare room up here. Good night.” I say to them as I go into the room. I check my phone and there are no messages. How could he not tell me that Delko was going to be staying? I would have understood and said hi. I would have let him know that I was in the bathroom at least. That really isn’t cool to pull that on me. I need a good night sleep and forget about all the things that has happened today. So stressed. I will go see my doctor tomorrow and get the pills. That should be fun. It won’t take long for the pill to start working but taking a break from sex might be good. Should be interesting to see how long we go without sex.

I sigh. Why is it that of all days everything seems to hit all at once. The pregnancy scare, Nikki giving birth, getting my period, and Delko staying the night. There is something wrong with that. I need to relax. But what I need right now isn’t available because of my period. Ugh. I take my towel off and hang it on the back of the door. I look through my bags, found a thong and put it on. At least it’s something for the night. I undo my hair and go into the nice big bed. This room has a romantic feeling to it. Sadly I am the only one in it. I am thankful that I have my period though. Someone opens and closed the door.

“Mai I am really sorry that I didn’t tell you he was going to be here.” Nathans says as he walks up to the bed and sits on the left side.

“I forgive you. Just let me know next time. I guess that’s why you didn’t join me in the shower.” I say as I prop myself up onto my left arm as I faced him.

“No that’s not it. I just wanted to give you some time to yourself.” He explains.

“I see. Well that’s alright. It takes a few days for the pill to work just so you know. Good night.” I tell him as I roll onto my back.

“Alright. I figured it took some time. Good night Mai.” Nathan tells me as he lay’s beside me. I fell asleep quickly. I hope everything turns out for the best. The night came and went really fast. I awoke to the smell of bacon. I put on some small shorts and a tank top before I walk out into the main room. Delko is cooking in the kitchen. Nathan is sitting on the island as he is reading last Friday’s paper.

“It smells good in here what are you making?” I ask with a yawn. I stretch just as Delko turns around. He is just in his shorts. He is toned as well. But it’s too early for that right now.

“Bacon and pancakes. You hungry?” Delko asks mixing the pancake batter one last time before putting some onto a skillet.

“Yes.” I say as I sit at the island as well.

“I want to say again that I am very sorry for walking in on you in the shower yesterday Mai. I wouldn’t have done that if I knew you were in there.” Delko says very apologetically.

“I forgive you. It wasn’t your fault.” I tell him with a smile.

“Good breakfast is on its way. I will be out of here by noon because Mary has forgiven me.” Delko says happy.

“Good I’m glad.” Nathan says as he put the paper down and looks at me. He notices I didn’t sit right beside him like I normal did. I just woke up so it takes some time sometimes to wake up for me. Nathan moved two chairs down and sat beside me.

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