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Chapter 23

“Morning. When are you going to see the doctor?” Nathan asks me quietly.

“I was planning on going after I ate. Did you want to join me?” I ask him with a polite smile.

“Sure. If that’s what you want then I will gladly accompany you.” He says with his own smile. I nod my head. It didn’t take long before the bacon and pancakes are made. We all eat in silence. I finish first so I get up and go to the bathroom. Thankfully tomorrow my period ends and I can start the pill then on Sunday. I finish up and go into my room. I take my shorts and top off, then get dressed. I put on a pair of flip flops, grab my purse and go into the main room where the men are watching TV. Of course that’s what they are doing.

“I’m ready to go Nathan.” I say to him. He gets up and put on a pair of shoes.

“Where are you going at nine thirty in the morning?” Delko asks curiously.

“I decided sex here isn’t fun enough so, I’m taking him to my doctor’s office to do it there.” I tell him humorously.

“Doctor visit. Always fun. By the time you get back I will be gone so have fun.” Delko says with a wave good bye. Nathan drove us to my doctors which isn’t that far. We walk in and I tell the receptionist I didn’t have an appointment, I just wanted to get a prescription. She was very kind and told me to sit on a chair while the doctor is busy. We sit down and wait. No one is here so hopefully we are next. Five minutes later my doctor came out and calls us in.

“Thank you Ms. Dart for seeing me. We had a scare yesterday about me being pregnant. But my period came. So I was wondering if you could write me a prescription for three years for the three month at a time pill.” I ask her.

“Yeah that can be a scary thing. Yeah the pill is a good option to keep your mind at ease. So, you know it takes about a few days before it actually works. You could give it a week at most perhaps. So, if you are going to have sex use a condom alright. Please lay down so I can just give you a quick exam.” Ms. Dart asks me. I smile as I lay on the bed. She lifts my shirt up a little bit to feel my stomach. She smiles, so I guess it’s alright.

“Alright. I will write you that prescription. I am glad you’re being responsible about this Mai. I mean you’re what, twenty six? Most people your age wouldn’t consider this even if they had a scare.” She says as she hands me the prescription. “If it doesn’t seem to work or your having any side effects please come back to see me.”

“I will for sure. Thank you.” I say to her with a smile. She smiled back. We left and the waiting room had more people waiting in it now. We left the office without saying a word. Once we left the office he held my hand.

“That was easy.” Nathan says as we got into his car.

“Of course it is because protecting oneself is better than an accident.” I say to him as we drove to the shopper’s right around the corner from his house.

I walk in gave the pharmacist the prescription and he gave me three packs of the three-month pills. I pay and left with a smile. I now have 9 months of pills for now. It shouldn’t be too hard to wait for the pill to work. Well we could have sex but he would have to wear a condom, which isn’t a bad thing.

“You have it.” Nathan asks as he drove us back to his house. It looks like he got something from shoppers as well. He must have gotten it when I was waiting for my prescription.

“Yes. I have been thinking about it and I will move in with you Nathan.” I tell him as he parks in the drive way.

“Really. Oh my god thank you. I am so happy now.” Nathan says with a really big smile and he kisses me. I smile as he opens his door to the car. I open mine as well and we go into his house then. “So many things to plan now. Like when do we get your stuff moved in here, to redecorate so your things can be incorporated and selling your house?” Nathan says starting to think all these things.

“Yes there’s lots to do but we have time to get it all done.” I say to him. The next month and a half seemed to fly by because we were planning the move, which happened on November twenty fifth. That was a little scary because I never moved anywhere since then and of course I worried about something breaking. But nothing had thankfully. My home sold a day later and I will be getting a good chunk of money from that. We had also started incorporating my things into our home. My couch was added to the main area for more seating. We put my bed downstairs because Delko managed to break Nathan’s that one day he had stayed over.

Nathan had some renovations done to his home so that his bedroom is a bit bigger for a bigger closet and for a few of my things to fit as well, like my chair I had in my room. Now all my clothes fit into one closet that he had built for me. My table is under the window so if I wanted, I could do my makeup in the room. We managed to fit everything of mine into his house, without having to sell too much. The spare bedroom is now where I have my office. But it can also be used as a bedroom if needed. So many things seemed to have happened since November the forth. We had also had the date where Kasai met Dean. They didn’t seem to care that Delko, Mary, Nathan or I were there because they had hit it off. So happy for them. Now there’s four days until Christmas. He’s been asking about sex and I just keep putting it off. There’s just been so much going on.

“I told you that with everything that’s been going on it’s been just to hectic alright. We will soon enough ok. Now please hand me that ornament by your foot.” I ask him after putting a red ball onto the Christmas tree. I can’t believe we waited so long to decorate the tree. I’m surprised we’ve gone over a month without sex.

“Here. I know things have been hectic sweetie.” Nathan says with a smile. He wants sex I can understand I want to as well.

“I’m not saying it because I don’t want it. I’m saying it because I want to be careful. Trust me when the time is right I am going to surprise you with sex and you won’t be able to resist.” I tell him teasingly.

“Alright sounds good.” Nathan says accepting the terms. Plus it’s just been too busy as well to do it. Between his work and mine we haven’t had much time for that kind of fun. He really couldn’t wait. Christmas came and went. It wasn’t anything too special for our first Christmas together. We had gotten each other a few things. I got him a sweater, some socks and a picture of us. He got me a very revealing outfit, some sexy lingerie and a dildo. How sweet. New Year’s eve passed by and we couldn’t stay up until midnight because we were to tired form staying up late the night before. It seems like the holidays came and went really fast as February snuck up on us. The decorations had been put away by the middle of January and Nathan had only been called into work almost once a week since I moved in.

I never fully had my period in the past few months, it just seemed to spot now and again. But that’s normal. Today is the last pill I take until next Sunday. I took my pill and sat down beside Nathan on the couch.

“I just took the last pill for the first three months.” I tell him as he puts on criminal minds.

“So this mean your period will come some point this week and then you start your pills again on Sunday right?” He asks me.

“Yes. You remembered. Before I forget I have something special planned for Valentine’s Day next Thursday.” I say with a little giggle. I can’t believe he remembers when I have to take my pill. He has really surprised me the past few months. Taking everything in stride as I sold my home, moved in here and trying to readjust to my new life with him. He has been very supportive and kind towards me as it has been hard now and again because I was so use to having my own place.

“Sweetie you don’t need to do anything too special. Just being together will make Valentine’s Day good. The past three months seemed to have flied by with all that has been accomplished.” He says as he puts his arm around my shoulders.

“Yeah I know. They did fly by and they were also a lot of fun.” I say to him, smiling.

“It’s been a long day dear. Would you like anything before turning in?” He asks as he turned the TV off.

“No I’m good for now, but thanks for asking.” I tell him. We stand up and go into our room. I take off all my clothes, put them into the laundry basket and got into my pajamas. I lay on my left side and he laid right behind me, with an arm around my waist. I seem to fall asleep fast these days. I find it nice being able to sleep next to someone you like. The days and nights leading up to Valentine’s Day came and went really fast. Time does fly by when you’re not thinking about it or worrying about it. I have also been on the pill again the past couple days. Tomorrow will be our first Valentine’s Day since moving in together. Nathan got called into work today. Which is a good thing because I can get some of the cooking done today instead of tomorrow. I am making a strawberry rhubarb crisp for desert and I am making hummus from scratch for dinner. I hope he enjoys the food I am making. I don’t know if I am going to be his appetizer or if I should make a tray of something. Maybe I should make a snack in between diner and dessert. I will see tomorrow. Basically everything is planned out which is good. I will wake up tomorrow and make him some pancakes for breakfast.

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