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Chapter 24

He will enjoy that for sure. I wonder if I should have that shower today or tomorrow. I think I will have it today and if needed just have a quick one tomorrow. I check the pie and take it out of the oven. It’s done. Awesome. I put the dish onto a cooling rack and get out everything to make hummus. It really doesn’t take too long to do so I quickly make it and taste it. Needs some more garlic. I added a little more garlic, blend it together and tasted it again. That’s so good. I put it into a Rubbermaid container and put it into the fridge. I put the dirty dishes into the dishwasher and made sure everything was tidied up. Alright all I am waiting on now is the pie to cool down so I can put it in the fridge. Now I can go shower.

I check that the oven and stove is off, which they are thankfully. I then go right to the bathroom. I put my towel by the sink so I can easily grab it, I also put my brush and some elastics on the sink as well. I hope everything turns out well tomorrow. I finish up my hair and move to the body wash. I love the feel of being clean. I grab my razor and shave everywhere. So, I do what I need and turn the shower off. Towel dry my hair, get dressed and brush my hair. I braid my hair in the back but it always comes out a little crooked and going down my right shoulder. But what can yeah do. I put the laundry in its place and walk out to the main area of the house. I wear a pair of my casual short shorts and a tank top around the house when I’m doing things around here.

I check the pie and it cooled down enough for me to cover and put in the fridge. It looks and smells so nice. I hope Nathan likes what I made for him. After putting the pie away, I run the dishwasher, gather all the laundry up and run a load. I decide then to just vacuum and dust a little bit. When I put the vacuum away the dishwasher finished, so I put all the dishes away and wipe down the counter. I hear the washer beep, which means it’s time to switch it over. Good timing. I go downstairs and put the laundry into the dryer. I turn it on and go back upstairs. When I went back upstairs Nathan is standing in the kitchen, wondering what to do.

“Welcome home sweetheart.” I say to him as I close the basement door.

“Thanks hon. How was your day?” Nathan asks as I walk up to him. He put the mail on the counter and gave me a hug. I look at the time and it was three pm. Home early.

“It was good. How was work?” I ask him with a smile and a quick kiss.

“Nothing special. I don’t think they necessarily need my help this time. But what can I do, they pay me all year round so I have to go in the odd times when they call.” Nathan says with his own smile, just glad to be home.

“Alright. I got everything ready for tomorrow’s dinner. I even have breakfast planned out for you. I made dinner and dessert.” I tell him as I sit down on a chair at the island. I casually look through the mail. Fliers and junk mail. Fun.

“Well I’m sure I will enjoy whatever it is that you made. I invited some of our friends to come tonight for dinner if that’s alright. I will be ordering food, that way it won’t be too many dishes.” Nathan says as he stood in front of me. Cool.

“Who did you invite?” I ask him curious.

“Kasai, Mary and Delko. I hope that’s alright with you.” He asks.

“Yes that’s fine. You’re at least letting me now this time before hand which I appreciate a lot. So thank you Nathan. I should go change then.” I say to him with a hug. He nods and followed me into the bedroom. I wonder what I should wear tonight. Knowing him, he’s probably going to order pizza, so I don’t have to wear anything to fancy. I pick out a knee length black dress. It has a bit of a v neck and it goes to the knees. This will do, it’s not really dressy, but it’s not too casual either. I take my clothes off and quickly put the dress on before Nathan sees me.

“Oh there coming at around four thirty.” He informs me.

“That sounds good. Whatever you’re ordering we could order it before hand and have it delivered for when they get here.” I say to him as I walk over to him. I look into the mirror in his closet door and I think the outfit works.

“Sounds like a good idea. You look good.” He says as he looks over at me.

“Thanks. So do you.” I inform him as he gets a pair of jeans and a t-shirt on. He smiles at me. There is a knock at the door. Nathan grabs his wallet and walk out of the room. I can smell the pizza from here and it smells divine. I haven’t had pizza for a long time now. I walk out to him just as there was another knock at the door. He opens it and our friends are standing there with smiles on their faces.

“Welcome come on in.” Nathan says to them as he brings the pizza to the living room table. I guess he invited them over because it’s been a while since we all hung out. I wonder why Amanda isn’t here though. The three of them walk in, take their shoes off and walk into the living room as well. We give each other hugs as a welcome into our home. I still find it a little odd to call this my home.

“I love what you have done to the place Nathan.” Kasai says with a smile.

“Thanks. It hasn’t changed that much. There’s just a few more bits and pieces here with Mai’s things here now.” Nathan says with a chortle as he wrapped an arm around my back. I think that’s supposed to be a compliment.

“Yeah. For the most part I arranged everything to how you see it today. I’m glad you enjoy it. How are you guys?” I say to them with a smile.

“Oh where to start. Mary moved in with me as well. Other than that not a whole lot.” Delko says smiling.

“Yeah I am in a steady relationship with Dean now. We are really happy together. Thank you Mai so much for setting us up together.” Kasai says as she gives me another hug.

“Ahh I’m glad everything is going well with all of you. No problem Kasai, it’s my pleasure.” I tell her sincerely.

“I’m the one that made the call to see if he would go out with you. Shouldn’t I get the credit?” Nathan jokingly asks.

“Sweetie, you might have called but it was my idea.” I tell him with a hug.

“Alright.” He says giving in and laughed. Everyone starts to eat. It’s good. Mary and Delko whisper back and forth about something and she got red in the face.

“We have an announcement to make.” Mary starts to say to get all of our attentions. Once we all are paying attention, they were thinking about what to say next. Or at least how they want to phrase it.

“We’re getting married.” Delko says spilling the biggest news any friend could say. Oh my god.

“Oh my god. Congratulations.” Kasai says instantly standing up and giving Mary a hug.

“Congratulations.” Nathan and I say together. I get up right away as well and hug Marekala and Kasai. Nathan gave Delko a quick hug as well. She shows us the ring. It’s a silver band with a diamond in the middle and two tinier diamonds beside them going down the band. It’s beautiful.

“That is an amazing ring Marekala.” I say to her. I can’t believe they are going to get married.

“It’s stunning. Have you started the planning or set a date yet?” Kasai asks as we all sat back down.

“No we haven’t started anything yet. But I can’t wait to get started on it. It’s going to be a very magical day for sure.” Mary says finishing up her slice. I can’t believe it. It seems like yesterday that they told each other how they felt. It seems like only yesterday that they got together and started to date. They have only just moved in together; however, they have liked each other for most of their lives. I am so happy for them. The night seemed to have gone by fast. The pizza is mostly gone. I wrap up what is left, put it in the fridge and throw the boxes away. We said our goodbyes and they left. I feel like I’m radiating joy right now. I clean up the few cups in the living room and then went right to our room to change. Nathan is using the bathroom. Good, I can get into some comfortable pajamas. I throw on a random thong and a long nightgown. I didn’t bother to bring the sheets up onto me because I am feeling a bit warm. Nathan came in and laid beside me.

“Why are you not under the sheets? Aren’t you cold?” Nathan asks me as he got comfortable on his side.

“No I’m over heating a little bit.” I tell him laying on my side as well. We didn’t really talk much after that. I start falling asleep with my back to him, when he came up against me. What is he going to do? He starts kissing my neck as he traced my thigh. That’s nice, but I want to save this for tomorrow. I ignore him to hope he would stop. He didn’t so I push his hand away. He didn’t try anything again after that. I’m glad he didn’t because I want everything to go as planned tomorrow. I could hear him breathing slowly now as he fell asleep. I smile and drifted away as well.

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