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Chapter 25

I wake up at eight and it’s already the fourteenth. Good, I’m awake first. I think as I look at Nathan who is fast asleep still. I go right to the kitchen without changing. I get the pancake mix ready and start to make them on the stove. I get down two cups for orange juice and the syrup from the pantry. I hope everything goes well. The pancakes cook fast and as I got the last one done Nathan emerged from our room. I put some on two plates and brought them over to the island. I pour the juice and put it back into the fridge.

“It smells wonderful Mai. Thank you.” Nathan says as he sits down in front of one plate.

“No problem honey. Happy Valentine’s Day.” I say to him sitting down next to him.

“Happy Valentine’s Day to you too.” He replies after a mouth full of food. I smile to him. We eat breakfast quietly. It seems like a gorgeous day outside. However, today we will be spending a majority of it indoors. When I finish, I put my plate in the sink and go into our room. I grab what I am going to wear today and go into the bathroom. I lock the door for the first time, just so I can have some privacy. I turn the shower on for a quick rinse. I quickly shave where I missed yesterday. I look good now, so I turn the shower off and step out of it. I towel dry. I put it on the hanger on the back of the door and look at my clothes. It’s pretty revealing. If I walk out like this things could get naughty fast and I want to prolong it until the afternoon just because I want to be the appetizer before the main course. Or maybe dessert. I haven’t quite decided yet.

The top is a red half corset that ends before my belly button with a deep v in the top. It has no straps and has white hearts all over it. The bottom part is a skirt. It has some ruffles on the bottom so it doesn’t show too much. That is until you bend over because it goes up and you will see everything. So it really doesn’t cover anything at all. It’s red with white hearts on it as well. I will not be wearing any underwear today. So, if I bend over, he will see everything. I hope he enjoys the outfit as much as I enjoyed finding it. I put everything on. I put my robe on over it just so Nathan won’t get easily distracted. My robe only goes to mid-thigh so it should be interesting what he says.

I grab my pj’s and walk out of the bathroom. I put the things onto my bed, before I go back to the bathroom. I brush my teeth and use some mouthwash. I want to be minty fresh. I giggle a little at that. I look out the door to see Nathan still in his boxers. It seems like he is still eating some pancakes. I’m glad he enjoys them so much. I go out to the main area. Nathan got up and put the dishes into the dishwasher.

“You ready for the day babe?” He asks me curiously.

“Yes. I got everything prepared yesterday. So we can have a relaxing day today.” I say to him as I went into the living room. He follows me and we both sit down in front of the TV. I turn it on to A&E. Criminal minds is on, good. We quietly sat mindlessly watching the television.

“What are our plans for the day?” Nathan casually asks me as he wraps an arm around my shoulders.

“Not a lot. We relax and later we have dinner. Are you going to get dressed for the day?” I ask him trying to be casual.

“I will be shortly.” He replies with a slight eyebrow raise. He is curious about why I’m in my robe for sure. He will have to wait until later to find out. Plus, we somehow managed to not have sex for three months with everything going on. He then got up and went to our room. He was fast because a few minutes later he comes out in just a pair of loose shorts. He does look very handsome without a shirt on. His abs are amazing. But overall he is an amazing man. I am glad I am with him. I think he might have put that on, on purpose. But I can’t be sure. I’m glad he is comfortable now.

I open the top of my robe a little bit to expose some of my chest and shoulders. But not enough to see the top of my shirt. This way it looks as though I naked. Even though I’m not. The top surprisingly made my breasts look bigger. He might enjoy that. The day seems to be going by fast because it’s already noon. I guess aimlessly watching a criminal minds marathon can make the time go by fast.

“What are you thinking about?” I ask him on a commercial. I lean against the arm rest and place my legs on top of his. With doing that, the robe at the bottom moved a bit to suggest that I may not have pants on. He didn’t look so he didn’t really notice.

“I’m thinking about what’s on under your robe and what’s for dinner.” He says as he then looks at me with a smile.

“I bet you want to know both. But you have to only wait for one of those answers. Which would you like to know now?” I ask him curiously. I bring my legs behind my bum.

“I want to know what you’re wearing.” He says as he turns to face me. Of course he chose that option. I stand up in front of him and teasingly took my robe off. I undo the rope slowly and let it fall to either side. I push each half to the side just as slowly to reveal my outfit. I let it fall to the ground. He looks me over and smiles. I turn around for him to see the whole outfit. But he has no idea that I am not wearing any underwear, yet.

He stands up and got the couch to fold out into the bed. I guess he doesn’t want to take this into our room. He comes over to me and kisses me. I hold his neck as I kiss him back. We didn’t do anything right away which is nice because it shows me that he’s not with me just to have sex. It’s refreshing to know that. He pulls me to the bed and he got me to lay down beside him. I can tell that he wants me, but I am glad he is waiting.

We are laying sideways on the bed. My hand is under my head for support as I watch the TV. This feels really comfortable. I bend my knees so I am steady on the bed. Nathan is laying right behind me. His knees were right behind mine. The only difference is he is propping himself up on his elbow to watch as well. I’m surprised he hasn’t tried anything yet. He seems to be the master of control right now. Who knows though, it could just be a façade. He wraps the top arm around my stomach and traced it for a while. He brought that hand up to my breasts. He tenderly, yet kind of teasingly squeezed my boobs. He is going to have to try harder than that right now. I had to show him my outfit. Why couldn’t I have just showed him one part and make him work for it that way. Too late now. I move his hand to his own side and he didn’t protest.

He starts kissing my shoulder and neck. He brushes my short hair off to the side as he does this. That does feel nice. His hand is placed on my stomach as he nibbles on my ear a little bit. Being against him like this feels so nice as he kisses me. I close my eyes. I roll over to face him and kiss back. We start making out and as we did so I roll on top of him. He didn’t seem to care. As he rolled on his back we are now laying the proper way on the bed. Well he is, since I’m on top of him. I could feel him smiling. I stop and look at him. I smile.

“I love you Nathan.” I tell him earnestly. He has a big smile now.

“I love you as well Mai.” Nathan says back. I blush as I hear him say it for the first time. Hmm should I be the appetizer or should we end the day with a bang? I don’t think it really matters. I can’t believe he loves me. I couldn’t help but smile at him. I hug him. He sat up and hugged back. He means so much to me and to hear those words makes it all worth it. Appetizer for sure now. I got him to lay on his stomach for a message. I sit on his bum and start at his shoulders. I work my way down his back. When I finish just above his bum he is very comfortable and calm. I’m glad he lets me massage him. When I sit to the side he got up onto his knees.

“Please lay down so I can give you a massage my dear.” He offers me with a smile. I lay down where he is in the middle of the bed. He sat more on my thighs since he is taller than me. A new episode of Criminal Minds came on as he starts at my shoulders. Mmm it feels so nice to get a message. I’m surprised he hasn’t noticed that I’m not wearing any underwear. He undoes the zipper on the side and pushes it off to the side so he could do my back. He slowly works his way down. He works the most on my lower back, just above the bum. Something is on his mind for sure but he won’t say just yet. When he finished he leaned against the back of the couch. I carefully sit up and sat next to him.

“What’s on your mind Nathan?” I ask him. He had a bit of a straight face on.

“It’s nothing. Just thinking what Mary’s wedding will be like.” Nathan says with a forced smile. I don’t doubt that he is thinking about that. But there’s something else on his mind for sure. It’s a bit odd that he started thinking about something serious on a day like this. Especially at a time like this as well. I hope he is alright. I hope I didn’t do anything wrong.

“It going to be spectacular for sure. I wonder who they are going to choose for best man and maid of honor.” I say as I bring my legs up behind me. He nods his head distracted. I sit on him. I had my back to him so I can watch the TV. If he wants to talk about it he can and it will be the only way to get me off of him. Nathan didn’t say anything. He just watched the TV. Well he watches the best he could. I’m not going to pry it out of him. He’s always tried to deal with a problem first and only after he can’t get the answer will he ask someone else.

I wish there was something I could do to help him get out of the little slump he is in. This is not what I pictured Valentine’s Day to be like. I get off of him and go around the bed to get my robe and the top part of my outfit. I will let him muddle over his problem before I try anything. I go into our room, take the skirt off and place it in the closet with the top. I will put a nice frilly red bra on with the matching thong. I hope he likes this, if we have sex later. I put on a kind of see through black top and a pair of jean shorts. If anything we will at least have a good meal anyways. That is if he is up for eating. Love hummus and strawberry rhubarb crisp. I left the bedroom and went into the kitchen. I turn the oven on for it to heat up a bit. That way the crisp can be warm when we eat it. I take it out of the fridge and take the aluminum off the top. It smells good. I had put it on a low level so it won’t burn the pie. I did undercook it a little bit just so I could warm it up and let it finish up now. Hopefully I don’t mess it up. It’s two thirty in the afternoon. I can’t believe how fast today seems to be going. Especially since we haven’t been doing anything but watch some stuff on TV.

The pie won’t take that long to heat up and cook the rest of the way. I wonder if we should have the hummus now. It won’t hurt to get it ready and then ask if he wants to eat. I go into the fridge and grab the cheese, a red pepper, pickles and a tomato. I put it onto the counter and then grab the pita from the bread drawer. I grab a plate from the cupboard and place it on the counter by the food. I got a knife out from the drawer and place it onto the cutting board. I rinse the pepper and tomato. I open the pita up and took out several of them. I got scissors and cut the pita into triangles before putting it onto the plate. I close the package and put it back into the bread drawer.

I open the pickle jar, took two out and put it on the lid so they can drain. I put the tomato and pepper onto the cutting board. I cut the tomato into cubes and put it on the plate. I cut the pepper into strips and put it onto the plate without the seeds. I then cut some slices of cheese and put it on the plate as well. I got the pickles and cut them into four pieces each and put it on the plate as well. I put the lid back on the pickles, put saran wrap on the cheese and put them back into the fridge. I cleaned the knife and cutting board so there isn’t any mess. Even though it’s early sometimes having a semi big meal now is better than before bed. I check the pie and it looks to be done, so I turn the oven off and take the strawberry rhubarb crisp out. Time for it too cool down a little. I then go to the fridge, got the container of hummus out, took the lid off and walk back to the living room.

I notice that Nathan is curious as he watches me walk over with food in hand. I place it in the middle of the bed so I can climb on. He smelled the hummus and it looks like he was in heaven. He smiles to me, pulled me close and kisses me. He seems to be a bit better now as he let go. I got comfortable sitting beside him with the food in front of us.

“I hope you’re hungry.” I ask him with a smile.

“I am and it smells good darling. I don’t know which smells better the hummus or the dessert.” He says loving the smells in here.

“I am glad you like the smells of it sweetie. Let’s eat.” I say as we grab some food and dip it in the hummus. It tastes so good. I should make this more often. I grab a piece of pita dip it into the hummus and fed it to him. He did the same thing with the pickle. I kind of teasingly slid my mouth around it and licked off the hummus. I could tell he was enjoying this. I bit the end of the pickle off. He ate the rest of the pickle without any hummus on it. I eat some more of the hummus on the pita and pickles. I’m glad I made it yesterday it lets the food set nicely and lets its all combine in a way that making it the day of doesn’t give. Unless its dessert for the most part. We fed each other as well until we ate all the food I prepared to bring out. I nibbled the last of the cheese as I smile to him. He lays back on the bed with an arm behind his head. It wasn’t a lot that I prepared for dinner but I think I will be good for a while.

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