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Chapter 3

“Delko it’s so nice of you to join us.” The only other girl on the team named Samantha sarcastically says. Nathan, Mia and Amanda found a seat on the bleachers next to where Kasai is. Great she is here. Of all the people why did she have to come?

“This will be fun to watch.” Mia says putting a hand on the bleachers behind her, so her chest will stick out more. She is asking to get hit from someone.

“Yeah it will be.” Kasai agrees. Even from the field I can tell that they are all excited except for Mia.

“I can’t wait to see someone get hurt especially Mai.” Mia says with a grin. As her face lit up for a second.

“Why do you want to see her get hurt?” Kasai wonders looking over at her, confused to why she would say such a thing. Especially with all of my friends sitting around her.

“Because I don’t like her. She thinks she’s all that and can get whatever she want’s. But she can’t.” Mia tells her as she put a hand through her hair so that it would flow through the wind.

“You have no right to say that. She doesn’t get what she wants. She works hard to get what she needs. She’s a very kind and generous person. Just because you’re jealous of her doesn’t mean you can be mean to her.” Nathan calmly says to her as he glances at her.

“I’m not jealous of her. I’m just saying it’s stupid for a girl like her to play a guy sport.” She simply responds waving a hand at me then. How dare she say such a thing when she knows nothing about me.

“What exactly do you mean by a girl like her?” Nathan asks looking at her as the other two sat there ready to add anything if need be.

“A girl who is a stick, who is a girly girl and can’t play sports for shit.” Mia says fiddling with her nails as she then looks up at Nathan. It’s surprising how loud they seem, even though they aren’t that loud at all. She probably doesn’t even know that I can hear her.

“She can play sports and way better then you. Just because you didn’t let her on the cheerleading team way back when you were in high school, doesn’t mean she can’t play a real sport.” Amanda says glaring at Mia as she poked her in the shoulder. She moves her hand as she gives Amanda an evil glare. Amanda had rolls her eyes.

“Mai is not a stick; she is built like an athlete. She is not a girly girl and can play any sport way better than any other girl I know. I’d like to see you go out there and play. But no you’re too much of a girl and you’re scared. Next time think before you make fun of my friends.” Nathan says a bit pissed at her as the other team arrives. You can tell even from where I am that he is trying to restrain himself from hurting her.

“Great we’re playing against my brother’s team.” Eric groans looking at the other team. Apparently he wasn’t told who he would be playing against.

“Who is your brother?” I ask standing beside him and looking at the team.

“Jeff.” He simply replies pointing out the tallest guy over there. “So we have to have ten players on the field at all times.” Eric announces to his brother.

“Hurry up and pick your players little brother.” His brother Jeff calls back mockingly.

“So who’s the other three people playing?” I ask him now facing our players.

“Your two brothers Ryan and Oliver. Plus your friend’s brother Woody.” Eric says as we spot them walking over to us.

“Hey you guys.” I say giving both my brothers a hug as they put their stuff down and walk onto the playing field.

“Okay let’s get this game started.” Woody says, really excited. All the players get into position. Their team was all in the same colors and mine is not. They are on offense first, so we positioned ourselves accordingly.

“Shh the game is starting.” Amanda announces as they all go quiet on the stands. Once the ball is in play Woody intercepts the ball and ran down the field, scoring the first goal for us. The crowd had gone wild with joy, except for Mia who scowled. This happened another three times and we take a quick break. Their team and ours huddle separately to make a new plan.

“Okay the score is three to one us and we have the ball. How should we play it?” Ryan asks everyone in the huddle. Everyone is radiating heat from running so much. I think that some are even radiating sweat.

“Pass the ball to Mai, they will not expect it.” Johnny says quickly, as he looks over at me with a smile and a nod. I smile at the thought that he thinks I can do this.

“Okay.” The whole team agrees at once at the new plan. Every player gets in position again, to run the play we made. Someone suggested a break first. Everyone agreed as we go to our separate benches for water.

“Mia be nice to Mai. She did nothing to you to deserve you being an ass to her.” Nathan says looking at her with an angry face, just fed up with her putting me down. He only started to say something since we are on a short break.

“Yes she has. She’s got your heart and doesn’t even know it.” Mia murmurs as she stares in his navy blue eyes.

“What? I like her as a friend and why would you care?” Nathan asks looking back to the field of players.

“I do care because I like you Nathan.” Mia whispers in his ear as we started to get into positions. The game starts. Woody throws the ball to me, like we planned in the huddle and I catch it perfectly. I look up in the stands to see if my friends are watching. I see Mia and Nathan are kissing. I freeze right in my tracks, facing the stands and just stare at them in shock. My heart shatters into a million little pieces. I felt as if it has also been stabbed a hundred times over in each piece. I can barely breathe, as they take my breath away. I feel as though I’ve been frozen in this position.

“Mai move. Watch out Mai!” Delko screams for a player on the opposite team is headed towards me to tackle me for the ball. I drop the ball that I held in my left hand and I just let it fall to the grass not really caring for it now. Delko starts to run and try to hit the person before I got hit. I can hear him running closer. Why, why would she dare do this to me? Other people are scrambling or screaming about something.

“Mia stop. I don’t like you like that. You’re just a friend.” Nathan says pulling away a bit too late. Delko jumps, but is a second too late. Jeff tackles me and is unaware that I had already dropped the ball. When he gets up, I couldn’t move a muscle.

“Mai NO!” Kasai yells as she starts to run down the stands to be by my side.

“What happened?” Nathan asks so seriously. All Amanda could do was point to my motionless body on the field. People are crowding around me. Nathan ran down to me so fast that he is a blur and almost knocked over Kasai as he rushed to my side. Kasai straightened up again and kept going. I don’t know why they’re panicking. I couldn’t look that bad, even though I feel a bit numb.

“Mai say something.” Delko says standing over me blocking the sun from my face.

“Oww.” Was all I can stutter as Nathan walks up to stand by my side. He flinched at my pain.

“Mai how are you?” Nathan asks. I can’t respond to him no matter how much I’d like to reassure him that I’m fine. All they see is a tear roll down my cold, pale cheek.

“She needs help. Call an ambulance, hurry.” Kasai says standing beside Nathan and placing a hand on his shoulder. Johnny called right after she mentioned it. I used what little energy I could muster and roll onto my back. My body creaked and cracked making it sound much worse than it probably is. It didn’t hurt too bad, just numb. I can’t feel a thing.

“Mai don’t die on us. Don’t die.” Nathan says going on his knees beside me. A bit dramatic are we. Kasai’s hand falls to her side as Nathan goes down. I’m not going anywhere. There are still things I have to do, things to say. Especially to you Nathan, even if it’s not what you’re feeling. Don’t worry please.

“It’s my fault she got hit. If only I was a second sooner.” Delko says trying to explain. You can tell he felt responsible, even when it’s no one’s fault in particular.

“No Delko it isn’t, don’t think that. It’s my brother’s fault if any for hitting her so hard.” Eric says to Delko trying to get him to feel better about the situation.

“The ambulance is on its way.” Johnny announces as Delko walks away. Everyone gathered here wishes me good luck. Everyone starts to go fuzzy.

“Mai stay alive. You’ve always been so, so strong. I-I-I know you can make it through this. You’ve always, always been the one to cheer one of us up when we are down. You have always been able to make everyone happy or feel better even if you weren’t. You are so kind, caring and so strong, you never gave up, not once. Don’t give up now Mai. Don’t give up, you’re a fighter. I’m not ready to let you go yet.” Nathan says trying not to cry, even though the tears come down his face anyways. As I lay there Nathan holds me in his shaky arms and hugged me.

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