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Chapter 4

Everyone stands in silence for what seems like an eternity, though it probably only was a couple of minutes. I dimly hear sirens approaching. I hear murmurs whirling around as someone is trying to figure out what happened to me. Someone put a brace on my neck and put me on a stretcher. They wheel me over to the ambulance.

“Can I go with her?” Nathan asks as he holds my hand. The driver said yes with no hesitation. They got me into the ambulance, with Nathan by my side watching over me. The doors close and the ambulance started moving with sirens a blaze to the hospital. On the drive there I didn’t feel so numb anymore.

The drive to the hospital didn’t seem that long, though my perception of time is not what it should be. The ambulance stopped, the doors fly open and I am being wheeled off to some place in the hospital. People were mumbling orders, procedures and what had happened to me. Nathan isn’t with me anymore as I get checked into the hospital. I am put into a room and have tests started right away checking my vitals, my head and to see if any real damage had been done to me from the impact. In my room one of the doctors told a nurse that he was going to talk to the guy who came with me. The doctor called him to my room and they talked about what had happened. From what I can tell by the doctor’s voice nothing serious happened.

“I would like to know if anything changes alright.” Nathan says to my doctor. He pats my leg letting me know he’s here.

“I will don’t worry. Now please follow me to fill out some forms. You can then wait for your friends in the lobby.” The kind doctor tells him as they leave my room. I can hear them talking to the admin person at the front desk for the forms. I must be the first room by the reception area to hear them. He filled out the forms and gave them to the doctor, who then walked away. I hear a vending machine pop out two items. A snack and a drink I imagine. The cold was diminishing from me now. I don’t feel too bad, just a bit sore. I try moving my toes, fingers, knees and elbows. Everything still works, which means no broken bones. At least good news starts now.

They take me to get my head scanned, then get my body scanned to see if I have any broken bones or internal injuries. Each scan didn’t take too long. Then brought me back to my room. I hear them telling my doctor that everything seems normal, that I was just a bit bruised and scratched. That I just need some rest so my body can heal on its own. But they think that I shouldn’t be on my own for a while. I close my eyes to try to rest, but for me it’s hard to relax in a hospital without drugs.

“So I heard that Mai got hurt in a football game. How is she Nathan?” Marekala asks finding Nathan in the waiting room and walks up to him.

“She is fine for now. They said she has no visible signs of any injuries. Which is good but other than that I don’t know.” Nathan tells her as she sits beside him.

“Okay. I hope she’s going to be alright.” Marekala tells him. A little while later everyone else gets here and sat down with Nathan and Marekala. I want to see my friends, to tell them that I’m fine.

“So how is Mai?” Delko asks right away, no small talk or beating around the bush with him. My doctor came in to check on how everything is. I have my eyes closed trying to rest, but not succeeding. He got my chart, looked through it, put it back and left my room.

“Mr. Harrison can I talk with you for a second please.” My doctor asks him. Nathan walks up to him. I couldn’t hear what they were saying because they were using hushed voices. They talked for several minutes. I could hear them parting ways.

“So how is she?” Marekala asks, since everyone else was probably thinking it.

“She’s going to be alright. She’s stable, with a slight headache and she is sleeping right now. When she wakes up I think it’s best if we only see her one at a time.” Nathan says slowly and calmly as the tension lightens.

“That’s great.” Kasai says overjoyed with relief.

“But there’s more, isn’t there Nathan? Do not leave anything out.” Amanda asks worried, but also a little more hostile than what is really needed for where we currently are. I’m not dead or dying so she should be happy.

“Yeah the doctor also said that she should stay at a friends for a while. Just to make sure that nothing serious happens and to make sure they didn’t miss something. It’s a precaution. It’s only because her head had been hit really hard. The doctor had said that she will be here for another hour at the most.” Nathan tells them. They probably think one hour isn’t enough time to make sure that I’m fine. But I am fine, nothing to bad happened to me. I’m lucky. Plus with all the tests they have done, I have been here for a while already.

“Some of you are going to have to leave because there isn’t enough room for all of you.” A kind nurse informed them.

“We’ll leave. Tell Mai we hope for the best.” Daniel says as the team gives their best wishes and leaves.

“I still feel like it’s my fault that she got hurt. I mean Mia is damn sneaky and Mai got hurt for that.” Nathan says. From the sound of his voice you can tell that he felt so guilty. He shouldn’t. I don’t blame him or anyone, it happens.

“Look Nathan, it’s not your fault. Don’t ever think that it is. We all understand Mia is a pain. She gets what she wants when she wants it no matter who it may be hurting. She started it we get it.” Marekala tells him, somehow knowing what had happened. I hope he listens to her.

“I still feel like it’s my fault too cause I didn’t get to her in time. If only I was a second sooner. She wouldn’t be here and we wouldn’t feel bad.” Delko says with a sigh.

“It’s neither of your faults. You got to stop beating yourself up for it.” Amanda says trying to cheer them up.

“I just want to see her smile again.” Kasai explains, sounding depressed.

“We all do and we will soon enough.” Marekala says trying to reassure everyone as best she can. She wasn’t there how would she know for sure. I feel fine yes but she didn’t see what happened.

“I hope she will be okay after this?” Ryan says as the chair crinkles under him.

“Plus if she doesn’t mom will be so broken to know her baby is gone.” Oliver says not really helping this situation. Yeah I doubt she’d be broken up. The doctor came into my room. He saw that I am awake and then took out my chart, looked at it then put it back. He came over to me and flashed a light in my eyes.

“How are you feeling?” He asks.

“I feel fine doctor. I know I have an hour left as a just in case. I am just a bit sore.” I tell him honestly.

“Well that’s good. For a fall you took you should be worse off. However I think you have a protector watching over you. I will let your family and friends know that they can see you.” He says smiling. He left my room and walked over to the waiting room.

“She will be fine if we think positive; she is looked after and she will get into her old routine soon enough.” Amanda states as the doctor approaches them.

“Mr. Harrison, Mai has requested to see you, her friends and family now. So please follow me.” The doctor asks as they all stand up and followed the kind doctor to my room.

“Whatever we do we can’t make a big deal of things alright.” Kasai explained.

“Okay.” They all agreed. Knowing that it’s probably the safest bet.

“Here’s her room.” The doctor says as everyone starts coming in. It didn’t take long for them to get in here to see how I am.

“Hey Mai, how are you feeling?” Nathan asks as he immediately sits by my head. Everyone else sat next to or across from him

“I’m doing fine. The doctors did some tests and surprisingly I wasn’t injured. Except for a few cuts and some soreness. They said for a hit I received I should have been paralyzed. But I somehow made it mainly hurt free. So yeah they said one more hour will be good enough since everything is fine. Oh and before anyone says anything I already know that Mia hates me for getting the job.” I explain to them with a smile. The job. It’s silly to think of it now because it means nothing for your future, it was to co-ordinate a class trip for school. She was furious when I got chosen to make all the details.

“It’s like you have a permanent force field around you Mai.” Marekala says as she also smiles widely.

“Look Mai your bro and I have to go do something’s so we’ll see you later okay.” Ryan says lightly patting my leg.

“Alright Ryan.” I smile as we all wave good bye as they left.

“Before we leave in roughly an hour, the doctor said that you should stay at a friend’s house for a couple of days. Just to make sure nothing is wrong with you and to keep an eye on you.” Kasai tells me just so I know what’s going on.

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