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Chapter 5

“I’m hungry.” I say to them as my stomach grumbled loudly. I look at my stomach for a second then I looked around at my friends.

“Me too. But are you even listening to Kasai? You have to stay at one of our house’s for a couple of days.” Amanda tells me. Of course I was.

“Yes I was listening but if I don’t get some food soon I am going to be cranky and how am I supposed to choose who stays with me?” I wonder, raising an eyebrow. Of course I was listening but hunger comes first.

“Amanda, Kasai and Marekala can you please go get food for Delko, Mai and myself. From the cafeteria if you don’t mind, since they may not allow food from outside the hospital at this time. Please and thank you.” Nathan kindly asks the three ladies sitting across from him.

“Yes, Nathan we will get the food. Mai if you can’t decide who to stay with then we will decide for you, if that helps.” Marekala says just as nicely as Nathan.

“Thanks I’d like it if you can choose because I won’t be able to.” I tell her calmly. Mary nods her head to show that she understood. The three women left my room and head to the cafeteria. I hope there’s something good on the menu at this time of evening. I hope there is food in general. My stomach grumbles.

I looked around my bed for the flicker to the TV. It was on the left side table and I pick it up. I start flicking around the channels. I can’t decide which show to watch so I keep surfing the channels. Nathan and Delko are softly talking with each other. They leave my room suddenly. I stop flicking through the channels and it stopped on a music station. I keep the volume down so I can eavesdrop on the guys.

“Delko who do you honestly think should watch over Mai for a couple of days? I think it should be one of the girls, just because they live closest to Mai’s house.” Nathan says asking for his honest opinion. It is closer but what does that have to do with anything.

“Honestly man I know that you want to have her at your house to watch her okay. Just admit it. Yeah they may live closer but I know you want to get to know Mai better and this is how you do it.” Delko tells him. It sounds as if Delko is trying to persuade Nathan. Does he like me like I like him? Or is Delko just trying to get us together as a joke? What is Delko’s angle I wonder?

“Yes okay I want to be the one to watch over her. But I don’t know what to do. I think that Marekala would do a better job.” Nathan says honestly. I’m a person, it’s not too hard to help me out, it’s not like I am dog or anything. Maybe he doesn’t like me. I sigh. My heart sinks. I guess he just wants to be friends.

“Why does everyone think that she would do a better job at helping Mai? She might have plans with that James again.” Delko says his voice full of jealousy. That’s funny. He should have just told her how he felt from the beginning.

“Don’t worry if she has Mai there she wouldn’t go out. You’re jealous of him aren’t you? You shouldn’t be. You like her don’t you? It’s so obvious except to her, so don’t be jealous, she’s going to dump him.” Nathan says just figuring it out and stating it. It’s been obvious for so long now.

“I am so not jealous.” Delko says trying to convince him. I think he’s really only trying to convince himself. Poor Delko he’s hurting and in love but it’s not reciprocated. I sigh with how sad he must feel. I like Nathan but I don’t think he feels the same. Though apparently he wants me to stay with him. But I think it’s just a matter that he’s closest to the hospital. I couldn’t hear anything for a few minutes. There was some shuffling outside after the silence. It could be the girls with the food and giving the guys theirs.

“Why are you two out here instead of in the room with Mai?” Marekala asks shocked and a tad worried that the guys aren’t making sure I’m alright. She needs to stop worrying I’m fine. They just needed some time to think.

“We were just talking about who should watch Mai for the couple of days. I suggested it should be Nathan because he wants to get to know her better.” Delko explains. If I listen close enough I think I could hear Nathan getting red. Or maybe it’s him making funny noises.

“I can agree with that.” Amanda says as quickly as she could. What’s with her and the others making weird assessments or agreeing real fast.

“I want to but what if she needs something that I don’t have at my place?” Nathan agrees but said it worriedly. Why is he worried? Something must be up with them.

“That’s easy, take her out shopping. It makes people feel better to get something new sometimes.” Amanda suggests. I smile, she knows me so well.

“You agreed. Now let’s eat before the food gets cold.” Kasai says opening the door. The five of them then come in. I look at them and Amanda hands me a tray of food, as they all sit down, as we half listen to the music.

“Thank you Mandy.” I say as she put her tray on her lap. Some of them start to eat right away, not questioning what it is that they are eating.

“No problem Mai.” Amanda replies with a smile and pats my leg sympathetically. I smile right back.

“What time is it anyways?” I ask looking around for a clock and slightly poking my food.

“It’s ten pm and in about twenty to twenty-five minutes you will have been here for that extra hour.” Kasai says looking down to her right wrist.

“Sounds good to me. What exactly did you get for me?” I ask smelling it and held up the triangular shaped bread. It smells normal, I guess.

“It looks like a slice of pizza Mai.” Delko says taking a glimpse at the thing momentarily.

“It smells normal I guess. If you consider this normal.” I state as I start eating it. They however just shrugged and kept eating. Everyone finished eating several minutes later except me. I just nibble at this food, if you can call it that.

“So Mary didn’t you have a date with James earlier this evening?” Kasai curiously wonders as to why at ten pm she would be here with us. Odd. Everyone put there trays on the side table next to the flicker. Ugh it didn’t taste to good so no point eating it if it isn’t really edible.

“Yes but we rescheduled for a late lunch. He didn’t eat too much.” Marekala says.

“Do you like him?” Kasai curiously wonders as she curls a strand of hair around her index finger.

“I really don’t know. He’s nice and all but it’s only our first meeting. I don’t know too much about him.” Marekala says with a shrug of her shoulders. Ahh she doesn’t like him, you can tell with that shrug. She subtly looks at Delko with a look of fondness. I smile, so clueless those two.

“Just give him a chance okay. He really is a great guy.” Kasai says with a smile disregarding what happened with Mary.

“Whatever your answer is, you can say it later because I would like to go home and sleep.” Delko says as he yawns.

“Someone has woken up on the wrong side of the bed.” Amanda sarcastically comments as she smiles at him. Delko scowls at Amanda as my doctor comes into my room. The doctor looks at my charts and smile.

“So how do you feel this evening Mai?” He asks me still holding my charts. He looks around at my friends and smiles.

“I am doing well.” I tell him.

“That’s good. Alright everything is fine and you can go home now. Please take care and take it easy.” He tells me as he writes something down on the chart.

“I will. Thank you.” I say and he leaves. My friends stand up from their chairs. I get off the bed slowly and we leave my room. We walk to the main area which isn’t far from my room, and its pretty empty. We walk past the receptionist who said bye to us all and admitted some people. We politely said bye in return and exit the hospital. We walk into the hospital parking lot, where Delko parked and walk to his car.

“So what should we do? It’s only ten thirty at night.” Kasai wonders and asks a bit sarcastically. It’s late yes, but what should we do at a time like this other than sleep.

“I want to sit in front of the fire place while eating marshmallows.” Marekala says smiling at the thought of it. That does sound good.

“That sounds really good. But where will we go that has a fire place and some marshmallows. Also isn’t it a tad late to be doing this?” Amanda asks picturing it herself but is wondering if it should be tonight. Sure we are a bit tired but marshmallows and a fire place sounds good for a little while.

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