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Chapter 6

“We can go to my house. It’s never too late for a fire and marshmallows Amanda.” Nathan suggests and letting everyone know that he doesn’t mind the time. Everyone leans against Delko’s car thinking of the fire place scene for a few minutes.

“I can drive us to Nathan’s but someone is going to have to walk.” Delko says as he unlocks his door and opens it. He unlocks the rest of the car but he didn’t go in.

“Look I will walk since it’s my fault that we’re here at this time.” I tell them feeling guilty as I stepped away from the car to face my friends. One by one they all stand away from the car looking at me as if I am crazy. I’m not, it is my fault we’re here.

“Mai not this time. You take the ride since you’re technically injured.” Kasai says motioning towards the car.

“One of us will walk Mai you don’t want to get sick.” Amanda adds gesturing at everyone who can walk that’s beside her.

“I want to walk. Yes it might be cold but I can wear a sweater.” I insist not letting them have their way. Why am I just noticing that Nathan has my bag? Weird.

“Mai you don’t have a sweater you’re only in a tank top and shorts, so you are taking the ride.” Marekala insists.

“You know what guys Mai can and probably will argue about this for the rest of the night. So instead let’s do rock paper scissors and whoever loses will walk. Delko won’t participate since he is the driver.” Nathans says as he walks to my side.

“Okay. 1…2…3.” Amanda says as the five of us raise and lower our arms on each number, then our answer on the last one. Everyone looks around to see who has to walk. I notice, as did they, that everyone did rock except me who did scissors. Amanda sighs a bit dramatic.

“I lost so I will walk.” I say not surprised at all that I lost. Since I knew they do rock all the time.

“No Mai. You are not dressed to walk to Nathan’s on this cool October night. You are taking the seat in the car and I will walk.” Kasai says point blank.

“Why won’t you take the seat and let one of us walk?” Marekala asks stepping closer to me and putting a hand on my arm.

“I don’t know okay. I just prefer to walk and I get a little car sick sometimes.” I admit shyly to them as I scratch my neck.

“Well if you’re set on walking then I will walk with you Mai.” Nathan says as he takes a step closer to my side.

“Okay Mai. We’ll see you at Nathan’s house and sorry for pushing so hard.” Marekala says giving me a hug.

“I am sorry as well Mai.” Kasai and Amanda say together, also giving me a hug. They don’t have to be sorry.

“It’s okay you guys. I will be fine, since Nathan is coming with me.” I say as my female friends let go and look at me. Delko takes his seat as the women get in the car. Nathan steps closer so he is standing right beside me. We wave at each other and the car slowly drove away. Now I wish I hadn’t left my sweater at home. Its cold out, I think as I put a hand on my elbow.

“We better leave and get to my house, so that they won’t have to wait long.” Nathan says as we start walking in the direction of his house.

“Alright, I guess it’s a good thing that you don’t live far away.” I say smiling at him. Nathan smiles back as we cross the road and enter Victoria Park. I rub my arm. I didn’t know it gets this cold out at this time. Chilly. Nathan takes off his sweater and places it around my shoulders so it won’t fall down. How sweet of him to give me his sweater.

“Thank you Nathan, but won’t you get cold?” I ask as I had put my arms through the sleeves. Once my arms are in the sleeves, I zip up the sweater.

“I will be fine Mai, don’t worry about me.” Nathan explains putting his hands in his pockets. I put my hands in the pockets of Nathan’s sweater and smile to myself. His sweater smells so good. My smile grows and I slightly blush as I smell his sweater. It smells like his cologne. I cover my mouth as I yawn, as we exit the park. As I turn the corner to go onto the sidewalk, I accidentally bump into someone because I wasn’t paying attention.

“Sorry.” I immediately say looking up at the person I accidentally bumped.

“It’s okay.” The woman replies doing the same thing.

“Nikki is that you? You look really good, how are you?” I compliment her before she could answer.

“I’m great Mai. How are you?” Nikki asks me looking up at me to meet my gaze. Nikki is a bit shorter than me.

“I’m great, so when are you due?” I ask as I look at Nikki’s very round stomach as a million questions buzzed around my head and spewed that out first.

“Any day now.” Nikki responds as she puts a hand on her stomach and glancing down for a moment.

“When did you get married? Who is the lucky guy and where is he at, at this late hour?” I curiously ask as quickly as I can.

“I’ve been married for a little more than a year now and I’m married to the nicest guy. His name is Eric and he is just in the park getting a quick drink.” Nikki says updating me since we haven’t talked in forever.

“Ahh that’s good that you’re not alone and do you mean Eric Williams?” I ask curiously, just thinking of my friend.

“Yes how do you know him?” Nikki wonders tilting her head a little bit.

“An old friend.” I plainly say, but not saying anything more than that because it’s true.

“Speaking of friends, who is your friend Mai?” Nikki asks looking at Nathan. Astonished that I hadn’t introduced them earlier.

“This is my good friend Nathan. Nathan this is my old friend Nikki.” I say as I put a hand on his shoulder.

“Nice to meet you Nikki.” Nathan says trying to remember where he has seen her before. He just looked very puzzled.

“Nice to meet you too. You are so nice. I think I know you from somewhere. Maybe from high school. You have changed a lot since high school. But you have kept your athletically toned body well.” Nikki says looking him over.

“Yeah thanks and you have changed a lot too Nikki.” Nathan says kindly, now noticing her belly.

“Thank you.” Nikki says not really knowing how to take it or if he is joking or not. Nathans cell phone starts to ring in his pocket.

“Excuse me ladies.” Nathan says as he takes a few paces away from us and answers it. “Hello.” He says as he turns his back towards us.

“Mai is he your husband or boyfriend?” Nikki asks pointing to him as we talk softly so he doesn’t hear us.

“Rosemary Lane Mary.” Nathan tells her after figuring out who it was.

“No he is just my friend. But I do like him a lot though.” I tell her, glancing over at him and then back to Nikki.

“Well he defiantly is a keeper.” Nikki says as Nathan stands beside me again after hanging up.

“Who’s a keeper?” Nathan wonders, slightly confused as to what we’re talking about. We just giggle at his cluelessness at our conversation.

“It’s nothing Nathan trust me.” I assure him as I stop giggling and lightly touch his arm. I bite my lip a little. I can’t believe he is this clueless.

“Alright.” Nathan says not completely convinced and slightly suspicious all at the same time.

“We should get together sometime. I will talk with you later?” Nikki says.

“Yes we should and talk later bye.” I cheerfully say with a smile.

“Bye.” Nikki replies as we walk our different way. Nathan and I walk to the other side of the street. There is several minutes of complete quietness as we walk.

“Oh before I forget. The group and I agreed that you will be staying at my house until you feel perfect.” Nathan says telling me the news just so he wouldn’t forget.

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