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Chapter 7

“Cool. I guess it’s a good thing that we’re going to your house then. By any chance do you know what time it is?” I say smiling at him, trying not to sound too happy.

“Yes it is I guess. It’s ten fifty-five. It’s late you sure you want to hang with everyone. I mean I can tell them it’s too late to hang.” Nathan says looking at his cell phone as he smiles. We turn the corner onto his street.

“I’m tired but I think I can manage a little while.” I tell him with a smile. He nods his head. We arrive at Nathans house and go in. We take our shoes off and I go into the living room. I curl up on the couch, while Nathan lights the fire; put the marshmallows on the table as well as some chocolate when we hear Delko’s car outside. The four of them come into Nathan’s home, take their shoes off at the door and came into the fire lit living room.

“Sorry that we’re late you guys, Delko got us lost.” Kasai says as they find a comfortable place to sit. Nathan sits down beside me.

Delko sits beside Nathan. Marekala sat on the rocking chair and wrapped her legs beside her. Amanda and Kasai take a seat on either side of the fire place. I get up grab a marshmallow and a chocolate piece, then sit down. Everyone else got chocolate and marshmallows. I eat both in silence, as everyone else did. I roll up the sleeves on the sweater because if I take it off Nathan might want it back. I won’t take that chance. I rest my head on my open hand as I place it on the arm of the couch. I am zoning out from how tired I am. I guess being up eighteen hours and being at the hospital can do that too you.

I don’t know how long it took but all of the logs have burned out. The couch moves as somebody got up. I fell asleep slowly as someone leaves the house. I feel like I was floating all of a sudden and then I am laid down on feathers. Comfy.

The room spins around me as I twirl around on the dance floor. I place my gloved hand back onto Nathan’s open palm, as he wraps his other hand onto my back. We continue to dance even as the other guests slowly stop and watch us. I am so happy, this day couldn’t have turned out any better than this. Nathan and I leave the dance floor to rest for a few minutes. I find the hidden zipper on my dress and undo it. By doing so it changes my dress from full length, to now hit me mid-thigh so I can dance easier.

The lights dim to almost pitch black, when the lights came back on Nathan and I stand in the middle of the dance floor. He holds one of my thighs up by his and a song started to play that you want to dance sexy to. We start dancing oh so smoothly to it that all eyes are on us. We dance like this for several minutes until the song ends and when it did his arm is on my back as he dips me. With that he kisses me and we stand up.

With that I slowly start to wake up and hear someone rattling something in the closet. How did I end up here? I guess I was moved here last night. I stretch out a bit as I slowly wake up and look around. I wipe my eyes from my sleep. I see Nathan standing in the closet with the doors open and holding some clothes up. He is looking in his mirror to see how it looked. The only thing that made this a little weird is the fact that he is in his boxers. It’s a good sight but we’re not together so a bit weird.

“Good morning Mai. How did you sleep baby?” He asks me turning around to face me. He put some shorts on and put the clothes back into his closet. Damn he looks so good without a shirt on. I am on the side closest to the closet. Nathan walks over and climbs onto the other side of the bed.

“Good morning to you. What time is it? I slept well thank you. When did I get in here and why are you getting your clothes from here?” I ask him confused as I sit up. I’m still wearing yesterday’s clothes, ugh.

“Well it’s about two. You were really tired so I let you sleep as long as you needed. You are in my room and I brought you in here when you passed out on my couch last night. Don’t worry I slept on the pull out couch in the living room. Your bag is on the ground beside you, just so you know.” He explains to me. Makes sense I guess, but I would have taken the couch, I wouldn’t have minded.

“Thank you Nathan. I’m going to want to have a shower if you don’t mind. But after I eat. By the way what can I have to eat, I’m starving.” I ask him. I cross my legs, as he places a hand on my knee and points to the side table beside me. I look over to it and there is a plate of eggs, bacon, buttered bread and a cup of orange juice. I look back at him and smile, then notice that the same thing is on the other side as well.

“Yes you may have a shower after you eat if you want. I will show you where everything is after we eat. May I eat with you Mai?” He asks slowly. Of course I would like to eat with him. What a silly question. But I would definitely like a shower and get into something comfortable. I couldn’t help but smile at him. I take his sweater off, as I am too warm now.

“You can eat with me Nathan you don’t need to ask. You can lean against the wall if you want and sorry that I smell a little.” I tell him. I hope it isn’t too bad. He smiles at me as he leans against the wall beside me. I place my food on my lap as I take a sip of juice. We eat in partial silence. The food is good, I had no idea that Nathan could cook. I laugh to myself which had made him smile. I don’t know if he likes me in any way other than as a friend. I place my plate on the side table and I look at him.

“Nathan I have a serious question for you and I want an honest answer.” I quietly say looking at the blankets that lay on the bed as he looks at me.

“Ask away.” He calmly said.

“Well I don’t know if I should ask or not. But ummm…do you in any possible way like me more than a friend. Like more as someone you possibly see having any sort of long term relationship with or am I just a friend?” I ask completely and utterly scared that he has no feelings for me at all. He places his finger under my chin making me look into his navy-blue eyes. He smiles lightly making my nerves relax completely. He leans in and kisses me. I freeze a little not sure what to do. He then sat down in front of me.

“Mai since the first time I saw you I knew you were something special. I knew that I wanted to be your friend and then something more. I wanted to be with you, to stay best friends but be together you know. I just never knew how to ask or go about it.” He shyly said. He does like me, I smile.

“I’m so relieved to hear that you have the same feelings that I do for you. Whatever may happen between us, we will always be each other’s best friend. Is it okay if I have a shower now please?” I ask so happy. He nods and got up. I throw my legs over the side of the bed to look in my purse. I find my brush and hair elastics.

“I know this might not fit well but it’s the smallest thing I own. I know I probably should have thrown it away a while ago. I just haven’t done it yet.” He says apologetic for something that he shouldn’t be sorry for. I smile to him. He hands me a pair of jeans and a blue button-down shirt. He also brought me a towel. I get up and he walks me to the bathroom down the hall. He shows me how the faucet works.

“Thank you so much Nathan.” I say giving him a hug. He smiles awkwardly and walks away.

I start the water, put the things on the counter and undress. I get into the shower. I start to get my hair wet, as I look for shampoo. Okay he’s got shampoo and body wash good. I wonder what this means, are we going to be just friends or are we going to take this farther. I should ask Nathan, I also need to get a few things so I have to go shopping. Nice shampoo it smells so wonderful, like apples. Love the smell as it rinses through my hair.

“Nathan I have a question for you.” I call out to him. I hear him open the door a crack to hear properly.

“Yes.” He asks sounding a little nervous.

“Do you have a razor I can borrow by any chance?” I ask him as I rinse the body wash off of my body and turn the shower off. I grab the towel and wrap it around myself. I open the door fully to see him. He is frozen of course. “If yes you can get it for me if that’s easier for you.” I say slowly. He nods. He goes to the cabinet above the sink and hands me the only razor there. I can only guess he uses this razor for shaving his face.

“Thank you Nathan.” I say.

“Welcome and sorry.” He responds trying not to fumble his words as he walks away. I don’t know if he was embarrassed or confused about us that made him so shy. I guess will wait until another day. I shave what I need to, towel dry my hair and put my clothes on. I hope he doesn’t mind me using his deodorant. I comb my hair, clean all the hair up and then braid my hair behind my back. I open the cabinet to put the razor back and find his cologne. Calvin Klein, nice. I smell it, I guess when I smelled his sweater, I got this smell. I do like this, but he’s not wearing it now since it is here. Oh well, if he wants it he will get it. I hang the towel on the back of the door and walk back into his room. I put my clothes on the bed as well as my comb and grab my bag.

I walk into the kitchen where Nathan is putting the dishes into the dishwasher. I walk up behind him and sit on the counter that is directly behind him. He put the last few dishes into the dishwasher, put the soap in the slot and closed the door to it. He turns it on and turned around. He sees me sitting there and jumped because he didn’t know that I was sitting there or could be so quiet. I hop down off the counter and give him a hug because I didn’t mean to scare him. He hugs back. I look in his pantry and fridge and then the freezer. Not much here.

“Yeah I was going to go grocery shopping but then you got hurt so I can put it off for a few days.” He said. But I want to cook him something. Oh darn it.

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