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Chapter 8

“Nathan I’m going to go shopping for some clothes and what not alright. I will be back in a few hours.” I inform him. I get my sneakers, sit on his couch in the living room and put my shoes on. He grabs his shoes and sat beside me.

“Not without me you aren’t. If you go alone how can I say that I’m making sure you’re okay?” He tells me.

“Alright, but don’t get skittish or awkward on me alright. I am going to need your opinion on some things.” I tell him so that he’s prepared.

“I promise. I will drive and since we will be out I will get groceries then.” He says.

“Agreed and I’m making spaghetti tonight then whether you like it or not.” I say jokingly. He smiles lightly bumping me. I bump him back. He nods so I get to make dinner. Nathan grabs his keys as we leave and we get into his jeep.

We drive in silence. Love driving in a small town, the trees are so nice when the leaves change color. Nathan places his hand on my knee and his thumb is stroking the side of my thigh. Where does Nathan stand on us? I mean we said what needed saying, yet it feels like we left something out. Where to begin on the topic of us? I looked at Nathan. He was smiling as he looked out the window. We get to the parking lot of the mall and park. It didn’t take us long to get here. We get out of the car and walk up to the mall, in more silence. Why did our conversation earlier have to make things awkward between us?

“Where would you like to start?” Nathan asks as we sit on a bench. I roll up the sleeves on my shirt as I look around.

“There’s multiple places I want to go. Let’s start with Aeropostale and go from there.” I say to him since it is one of the closest places that I want to go to. He nods, so we go there. We look around on our own. I see a sign for underwear, get four for six dollars. That’s an awesome price for it. So, I am going to get eight. I walk over to the clearance area, where they seem to have a lot on sale since summer is over and Halloween is almost here.

I pick out a few tank tops. I grab a pair of short shorts, a pair of jeans and sweat pants as well. I ask someone who works here to open a change room for me. They did and I got in. I place the stuff on the chair and I take my shirt off, as well as my pants. I try the shorts on and a tank top. It looks good. The tank top fits perfectly and the shorts aren’t tight but they aren’t loose either which is good. They fit wonderfully. I try on the next tank top and the jeans. The tank is good and the jeans feel wonderful. They fit nice, love the length of them and they are a tight fit all down the leg but it’s got stretch in them. I take them off to try the last tank top and sweat pants. They fit and are super comfortable. I take them off and put my clothes on; get the clothes and get out of the change room. I look around and see Nathan step out of another change room as well. He put his things on the rack since he didn’t want anything. As he did so I walk up to the cashier to pay. I wait in line as the other person in line is being helped.

Another cashier comes to help as the line is getting longer. So, I go to the cashier and place my items on the counter as Nathan walks up to me. The cashier rang in my items Nathan kisses my cheek. Sweet. I hug him. She puts everything in a bag. Nathan takes out his wallet to pay.

“You don’t have to pay Nathan I got this.” I tell him. He doesn’t have to pay it’s not his job to pay for me.

“Don’t worry this is on me alright. Please.” Nathan sincerely offers. I smile.

“Alright fine but only this one time.” I tell him as I give him a hug. He smiles back as he pays. She put the receipt in the bag, hands the bag to Nathan and we leave the store. After we left the store I put the receipt right into my bag.

“Thank you Nathan you didn’t have to do that.” I say to him as we stop so I cam hug him. Stunned a little he hugged me back.

“It’s fine, I like helping you.” He simply replies.

“Alright but later I will get you a drink.” I reply. He chuckles. We continue on to do Shoppers, American Eagle, Bluenotes, Roots, Aerie, H & M, Old Navy, Ricki’s, Winners and Payless Shoes. I get something from each store. We then head to Victoria Secret. Just as I was entering Nathan grabs my hand. I walk back to him as other people walk around us. He sighs.

“Is it alright if I sit out here?” He asks me as he looks around the store.

“Yes you can wait out here. I’m sorry I’m dragging you around everywhere. After this we can get something to eat if you want.” I say trying to make it up to him.

“Well after this we got to go get groceries.” He says. I forgot about that. Right I said I was making food tonight.

“Right. Well Food Basic’s is right here why don’t you go get everything we need and meet me right here since I’m probably going to take a while.” I tell him so he won’t be bored waiting on me.

“No I’m going to wait right here for you, I don’t mind. It’s only five o’clock.” He says smiling at me. So sweet of him.

“Alright Nathan thanks. I will try not to be too long.” I tell him as I put my bags by the bench. I hug him and give him a kiss on the cheek. I go into the store and grab a bag for the things I’m going to get. I look around seeing all the deals that they have. I pick a lot of underwear in different colors. I look at the bras and grab a few pairs that match the underwear and place them all in the bag. There is also a few other things I put into my bag as a surprise. I go into the change room and try everything on except the undies which I made sure are in my size. Everything fits and I’m going to get everything. I think I made good choices in what I chose, especially since a lot of things I need to throw out at home anyways. I pay and walk out of the store. Nathan looks tired.

“Hi cutie did you miss me?” I ask as I put my bag down and sit beside him.

“You actually didn’t take all that long. How about we bring these to the car and drive to Food Basics, then go back to my place.” He says as he gets up and grabs some bags.

“Sounds good to me.” I say picking up the rest of the bags. We leave the mall and put all the stuff into the car. Nathan drove us to the other side of the mall where we are going to get our food. We get out and go into Food Basics, each of us grab a cart. We start going down each isle grabbing things we need. Him for a general all over everything for the next little while. I start getting things for spaghetti and things I know I like and need. We go through the whole store and got everything we need so we go to the check out. There were two cashiers open so we take one each since no one is in line. We pay and left.

The car gets loaded and we head to Nathan’s home. We get back at seven thirtyish and we bring in everything we got today. I help Nathan put all the food away to where it belongs.

“The guest room downstairs is clean and ready if you’d like to keep your clothes down there.” Nathan says as he throws the food bags away.

“I will put them downstairs thank you. Look Nathan it’s late, I’m sorry but I don’t think I’m making any food tonight. I’m so sorry. I will tomorrow I promise.” I tell him as I bring some of the bags to the basement door. I grab more bags and bring it to the basement door again. Nathan brought the last couple bags to me. I smile. Thankfully Nathan helped me bring all my bags downstairs.

“It’s only eight. If you want we can go out to eat if you’d like?” Nathan suggests as he can probably tell that I’m tired.

“I’d like that. Let me change please. Can you throw down my things from your bed please?” I ask him smiling.

“Yeah no problem. Dress up I’m going to take you somewhere nice.” He replied. I nod and he head up to his room. I start to place my things in the dresser or closet and picking out what to wear at the same time. I hear the door and my things land on the ground. That was fast, but at least he’s letting me change in peace.

I pick out a thong and a dark blue dress that ends mid-thigh. There is only one strap going on my left shoulder and the zipper going up my right side. I also choose this thing from Victoria Secret. It’s a bra that has frill lace that goes just past my hips that match the thong, which is red. Nathan’s favorite color. I put on some lipstick and perfume as I place all my other things in the closet to hide from Nathan. I leave my hair in a ponytail because it’s easier for me to deal with. I put on my black knee-high boots, which has a little heel on them. I get my jacket and purse from the dresser as I go upstairs.

When I get to the main floor, I see that Nathan is in a nice pair of jeans, a blue button-down shirt and a blazer. He looks good. As I step through the door Nathan’s jaw drops as he sees me all dressed up. I blush at his reaction as I walk over to him. I sit beside him and cross my legs as I put my bag and jacket on the table.

“I have something to ask of you before we go.” I ask leaning towards him, with my chest out a little bit.

“Ask away.” Nathan replied.

“What are we? Just friends or are we something more now?” I ask hesitantly.

“I think we are something more.” Nathan replied.

“Good because if we weren’t then what I’m wearing isn’t appropriate at all.” I whisper in his ear, with a little giggle.

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